A great way to save money after you graduate is to start saving money in your very own home. At home, you should try to cultivate financial habits that will save you money, either directly or indirectly, and you should make changes around your home that can help you save money as well. In fact, something as easy as keeping a jar around for loose coins can work in your favor. You simply have to commit to saving money at home.

One way to save money at home is to evaluate all of your goals, both long term and short term. Balance them against each other and see what can be limited in order to save yourself money to achieve other goals. This could be as simple as only eating out once a week instead of three times a week in order to reach your goal of staying in shape. If you can, combine life goals with financial incentives; in a sense, you'll be killing two birds with one stone.

Another thing to consider is that you should use the internet for research purposes so that you can discover ideas to save money. There is a vast network of blogs and websites devoted to living frugally and saving money around the house. They offer ideas that range from inexpensive recipes and cleaning solutions to reviews of various companies that you can hire to perform maintenance on your house. Don't hesitate to access these sources in your pursuit of saving money around the house.

For example, many of these sources will tell you that you'll want to make sure your home is not a money pit, but rather a money vault. In other words, whether or not you own or rent, you can save money by doing a few simple things around your home. If you own your house, make sure you have kept the house maintained and in good shape. This means checking the air conditioner and furnace, for example, to make sure they are efficient. Also adjust your habits inside the home: only leave lights on when you need them and keep the thermostat a few degrees warmer or cooler than you would really like. By being economical with your power and water usage, you can save some money each year.

If you're a renter, you can certainly do much of the above to save money, but you can also save money around the apartment by leaning heavily on your landlord to absorb the costs. Some will go so far as to change light bulbs in your apartment in order to keep a tenant happy. If you find something wrong in your apartment, such as a drafty window, request that your landlord fix it, otherwise, you'll see that money on your utility bill.

The important thing to remember about saving money at home is that all it takes is a quick adjustment of attitude and then a commitment to change one thing at a time. Once you've begun saving money, it's easy to keep going. The hard part is getting started.

For more ideas about saving money, check out the EnergySavers site and this PDF of 66 Ways to Save Money, which has a section on saving money in the home.


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