Better off Bachelors: Why a Bachelor’s Degree is Your Best Bet

In today’s competitive, highly-educated business world, some college degrees end up being worth more than others. Trying to decide which is the right degree for you to pursue can be confusing, daunting, and entirely too full of options. In trying to determine the best degree to pursue, there is a myriad of factors that go into what’s best for you. A PhD might sound like a trophy you want to strive for, but do you need it? Picking a degree entails weighing out the potential risks, rewards, and returns on the investment. What degree will yield the best return for you? If the cost of a certain degree is only going to cost you in time and debt in the long run, the title may be far outweighed by the overall cost. Ultimately, a framed certificate hanging on your wall does no good if you’re paying for it through the nose for years to come. Like Goldilocks trying to get her hands on the most temperate batch of porridge, so do young people seek the most sensible degree to pursue. Where does the data point? Not too cold, not too hot—a Bachelor’s Degree appears to be just right.

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