10 Ways Siri Can Help You Finish Your Homework

Homework is every student’s responsibility, but sometimes, it helps to have an assistant. That’s why Siri is so awesome for homework help. Whether you need a push to get started, the answer to the square root of 144, or comic relief, Siri’s there for you. Read on to find out some of the best ways Siri can lend a hand when it comes to getting your homework done.

  1. Set reminders to do your homework:

    This one seems obvious, but it’s worth pointing out: Siri can remind you to do your homework. But these are not simple reminders that hang over your head all day only to be ignored (and subsequently forgotten). Using Siri, you can set reminders to pop up at an appointed time, or even better, when you arrive at a particular location. It’s perfect for automagically pulling up your to-do list when you sit down at the library or get back to your dorm room, and a great way to make sure you’re remembering to do homework when you’re actually ready to do it.

  2. Locate the books you need:

    Siri can help you zero in on the books you need to study. Identifying books you can check out at your library or download online is a snap, and you don’t even have to type to do it, making your first step in research hardly a step at all, thanks to Siri.

  3. Get a quick view of what you have to do:

    Siri is great for staying organized and on top of your schedule. If you’re juggling multiple assignments, it’s easy to forget what needs to be done when. Enter Siri. As long as you keep all of your to dos on your Calendar, she can tell you what you have left to do when, if only you ask. You can even ask for a specific time period, asking, “What do I have left to do this week?” and she’ll bring up a list for you to work from.

  4. Find images with Wolfram Alpha:

    Siri has the hookup with Wolfram Alpha. Not familiar with Wolfram Alpha? Get ready to be impressed: it’s the ultimate place to access the entire knowledge of the world. You find visualizations of just about everything just by asking Siri. Want to know what a groundhog looks like, or see the state flag of South Carolina, North Dakota, or Hawaii? Siri will have an answer ready for you in about five seconds or less.

  5. Ask questions:

    Beyond images, Siri’s Wolfram Alpha engine can answer all of your questions, including the square root of anything, state flowers for Arizona, Arkansas, Delaware, etc and information about all of the U.S. presidents. You can also find definitions, so there’s no excuse for misspelling or misusing a word: you don’t even have to type to find it!

  6. Get help with math questions:

    Siri + Wolfram Alpha isn’t just useful for images and information queries, it’s perfect for math homework as well. Use Wolfram Alpha for help understanding math concepts, checking answers, and even doing calculations. Siri can even do calculus!

  7. Use Siri to dictate text:

    With Siri Dictation, you can simply speak what you want entered into text, and Siri will type it for you. It’s the perfect solution for moments when inspiration strikes, but you can’t stop to write, or even when you find it easier to dictate while your hands are full of books.

  8. Dictate annotations with Siri:

    Take dictation a step further and put Siri to make notes on PDFs, whether they’re books, class handouts, or your syllabus. Need help getting all of your paper into PDF form? There’s an app for that. Siri can dictate all of your annotations, so it’s easy to take notes, and even find them again when it’s time to review.

  9. Set timers for productivity:

    If you have trouble focusing on homework for long periods of time, let Siri help you out. Make a goal to work for 20 minutes straight, and use Siri to set a timer. She’ll let you know when time is up and it’s time to relax. You can set a timer for that, too, of course, and she’ll give you an alert to get back to work.

  10. Take a humor break:

    Siri really is the ultimate homework assistant. When you’re feeling burnt out and found everything you could possibly want to know on Wolfram Alpha, there’s still more she can do. What is it, you ask? Siri can offer comic relief. Just try talking to her, she’s quite clever. Questions like, “What’s the meaning of life?” and “Who let the dogs out?” can give you a grin when you need it most.