The Complete List of Scholarships for Online Students

Virtually every scholarship is available to online students; most awards don’t restrict their recipients to traditional courses. But there are many that are made just for online students, created to support non-traditional and distance education. Ranging from $100 to $10,000 (or more), these online student scholarships are certainly worth checking out. Know of an online student scholarship we missed? Be sure to share it in the comments.

  • Online College Scholarship Program:

    Each year, offers $1,000 to two distance learning students taking courses from programs headquartered in the U.S. This means any student living in the U.S., whether an Arkansas resident or a Hawaii native, are eligible. Awards are based on both merit and need, and they can be used for any qualifying online university.

  • Maxwell and Doris King Scholarship:

    Offered by the University of Florida, the Maxwell and Doris King Scholarship offers $950 to students pursuing a Leadership Educational Administration Doctorate in Higher Education Administration. The award is based on scholastic merit.

  • World Campus Students Scholarships:

    Penn State offers a number of scholarships for online and distance “world campus” students, including the Jane Ireland Student Fund, the Fischer Family Scholarship Program, and the Trustee Scholarship Program. To qualify, students must complete requirements such as: nine credits in the World Campus program, a 3.0 (or higher) GPA, a personal statement, a letter of recommendation, and use the funds for a World Campus undergraduate degree program.

  • Dawn Drake Excellence in Distance Education Scholarship:

    Offered by the University of Wisconsin-Platteville, this scholarship is available to degree-seeking distance education students at the school. The award is $500, and it is based on academic achievement and a one-page essay.

  • Project Management Institute Educational Foundation Scholarships:

    The PMI Educational Foundation offers two full tuition scholarships and one partial tuition scholarship to online students of the University of Management and Technology. These include a full tuition scholarship for an online Doctor of Business Administration, a full tuition scholarship for an online Master’s Degree Program, and partial tuition scholarships for UMT online undergraduate and graduate degree programs.

  • Colorado Technical University-Online Division Only Scholarship:

    Students who are interested in online courses with Colorado Technical University can earn a scholarship of $2,000, applied as a tuition credit over their entire program. Selection is made on merit, and awardees must meet admission requirements, maintain full-time status, a 3.0 GPA, and other scholarship requirements.

  • Saint Mary of the Woods Distance to Campus Scholarship:

    Saint Mary of the Woods distance education students can make the step to a campus learning environment with the Distance to Campus Scholarship, provided they have completed at least one year in the distance education program.

  • Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship:

    Qualifying members of the National Phi Theta Kappa organization can enjoy a $1,000 scholarship, renewable for up to three years. Recipients must maintain at least a 2.0 GPA and satisfactory academic progress.

  • Central Community College Student-At-A-Distance Scholarship:

    Central Community College in Nebraska offers up to six $500 scholarships to distance education students each year. They’re available to current students who have completed at least six credit hours of distance education. The award is shared in two equal disbursements each semester, provided the student maintains eligibility requirements.

  • Kansas State University Diversity Scholarship:

    Kansas State University has a Bachelor’s Degree Completion Program, providing scholarships to distance education students from historically under-represented populations. This scholarship provides $1,000 to participating students in the Fall and Spring semesters. Students must be from a historically under-represented group, demonstrate financial need, and have a minimum GPA of 2.5.

  • Kansas State Division of Continuing Education Scholarship for Distance Education Students:

    K-State distance education students can win scholarships ranging from $900 to $1,200 for use in a continuing education degree program. Preference is given based on financial need, and students must be enrolled in a minimum of three credit hours to use the scholarship.

  • University of Edinburgh:

    The University of Edinburgh has a variety of scholarships for online, part-time postgraduate programs, including the Animals Asia Scholarship, the Edinburgh Global Online Distance Learning Master’s Scholarship, and the Edinburgh Global Health Academy Distance Learning Master’s Scholarships.

  • Lowell Scholarships:

    With a Lowell Scholarship, middle and high school teachers and high school students can win money for a Harvard Extension School course each term. The scholarship covers 50% of their tuition and is applicable for both undergrad and graduate work.

  • Ted Pohrte Distance Learning Scholarship:

    Established in memory of Ted Pohrte, this scholarship is available exclusively to distance learning students in the Dallas Community College District. The award offers $225 per semester for qualified students.

  • Fischer Family Scholarship for Continuing and Distance Education:

    Available exclusively to continuing and distance education students at Penn State University, the Fischer Family Scholarship offers recognition and assistance to outstanding undergrads with a demonstrated need.

  • Mary Cone Barrie Scholarship:

    Created in honor of Mary Cone Barrie, this scholarship offers an award to distance and continuing education students who are embracing a path of lifelong learning.

  • Bemidji State University:

    Bemidji State University distance learning students have several scholarships available: the Edward Gersich Distance Education Scholarship worth $500, and the Gladys McKinley Distance Learning Scholarship, the Michael McKinley Distance Learning Scholarship, as well as the Northern Minnesota Distance Learning Professional Scholarship, all worth $1,000.

  • Simmons Family Foundation Scholarship:

    This scholarship is available to single parents pursuing distance education-related programs in rural Utah through the Emma Eccles Jones College of Education and Human Services at Utah State University. There’s $20,000 in funds available, and all single parent distance students are encouraged to apply.

  • Empire State College:

    Distance learning students at Empire State College can apply for two different scholarships: the Morton Bahr Scholarship and the Dr. John M. Beckem II Scholarship. They’re both offered for students who are accessing the college through distance learning and require a brief essay.

  • St. George’s University MBA Program Scholarship:

    The MBA Program Scholarship at St. George’s is the easiest to earn: all you have to do is get accepted to the MBA program. Upon acceptance, all students receive this scholarship, which reduces tuition by 30%.

  • Florida State College Open Campus Scholarship:

    Online education students at Florida State College can apply for a $300 scholarship from the school. The application includes an essay, and students must be enrolled in at least six online credits.

  • Franklin University Distance Learning Scholarship:

    Students in Michigan community colleges are eligible to receive a distance learning scholarship from Franklin University. This award is for $500, and is offered to students who have taken at least one distance education course.

  • Thomas L. and Jane D. Russell Distance Education Scholarship:

    Offered to students at SUNY Potsdam, the Thomas L. and Jane D. Russell Distance Education Scholarship is designed to encourage students to take courses through distance education. Students must have completed at least one distance education course, and preference is given to Crane School of Music majors.

  • Gemological Institute of America:

    Studying diamonds in school? The Gemological Institute of America offers a variety of different scholarships to its students, ranging from the $450 ColorMasters Scholarship to the $2,500 R. Harder Gallery Scholarship.

  • Berklee Music Celebrity Online Scholarship Program:

    Thanks to the support of celebrities, Berklee Music is able to offer a total of 16 $1,400 scholarship awards to promising online students. Students must be recommended by an instructor, have a GPA of 3.7 or higher, and of course, be an online student.

  • Support a Students Scholarship for Single Parents:

    Single parents who are enrolled in an accredited online post-secondary institution are eligible to receive this $10,000 scholarship. It offers money to help pay for non-tuition living expenses including rent, childcare, books, groceries, and utilities.

  • Auxiliary Services $100 Distance Learning Scholarship:

    Need help with books? Virginia‘s The Old Dominion University Auxiliary Services $100 Distance Learning Scholarship can make a dent in your bookstore bill.

  • The Edelweiss Fund:

    Created for University of Wyoming Outreach School students, the Edelweiss Fund is created to help new and non-traditional students better afford education. Preference is given to new students, female non-traditional students, and single others.