The 25 Best Resources For Finding Nonprofit Jobs

Finding a job that helps you make ends meet is great, but finding one that helps you make a real, lasting difference in the world can be even better, especially for those who have always dreamed of a career in the nonprofit or social services sectors. Luckily, there are a number of incredibly useful sites on the web that can help you network, share your resume, and find nonprofit job openings in your area. We've shared 25 of them here so you can get your nonprofit job search started on the right foot and hopefully find a job that lets you make a positive impact on the world and your community.


    Idealist is perhaps one of the best places to start your search for jobs in the nonprofit sector. The site offers a wealth of listings that currently points job hunters to more than 8,000 job openings worldwide.

  2. Opportunity

    If you're looking for a job that offers you more than just a paycheck, make sure to check out Opportunity Knocks. The site focuses on job searches in the nonprofit sector, allowing users to post their resumes, search for work, save their results, and even take advantage of other career resources.


    If you're qualified to work in the upper echelons of a nonprofit, then this site should be one of your first stops. It's full of great jobs for executives and directors at nonprofits around the nation.

  4. CareerBuilder Non-Profit & Social Services Jobs:

    CareerBuilder is not only useful for finding corporate jobs, it can also help you to land a nonprofit job. Take advantage of the portal the site offers for thousands of job listings.

  5. The Chronicle of Philanthropy Jobs:

    When you're done catching up on all the latest philanthropy news, head to the Chronicle's jobs section to start looking for a great nonprofit job.

  6. Nonprofit Jobs Cooperative:

    Several nonprofit management centers from around the U.S. work together to pool job listings on this site, making it an excellent place to look for the latest openings for nonprofit work.


    Lumity hosts this site, which allows you to hone in on a particular state or area for your nonprofit job search.


    You can search through postings from nonprofit organizations on this basic site, allowing you access to dozens of great positions in places all over the U.S.

  9. Young Nonprofit Professionals Network:

    You might not find job listings here, but learning more about this organization should be an essential part of your job hunt, as the networking opportunities it offers are invaluable.

  10. Encore Careers:

    While this site is focused on older adults, the job listings it hosts can also work for those who are younger and looking for meaningful work.

  11. Philanthropy Journal Jobs:

    Philanthropy Journal isn't just a great read, it's also a smart place to look for nonprofit jobs.

  12. Council on Foundations Job Search:

    The Council on Foundations offers a useful career center that boasts job listings, job alerts, and the ability to post your resume.

  13. NonProfit Job Seeker:

    Find out how to connect with recruiters and nonprofit employees through this site. You can also look through numerous job listings by title or state as well.

  14. Craigslist:

    Craigslist may not be the first place you think of when looking for a new job, but it's actually home to a wide range of nonprofit listings.

  15. Dot.Org.Jobs:

    Through this search portal you'll find listings for jobs at big and small nonprofit organizations all over the U.S.

  16. BridgeStar:

    Head to this site to look for jobs and board positions at a wide range of nonprofit organizations.

  17. Commongood Careers:

    Not only will you find job listings on this site, you'll also get access to great career advice, articles, and a referral program.


    execSearches is another website focused on finding people for top positions in nonprofit organizations.

  19. Philanthropy News Digest Careers:

    This Foundation Center site offers hundreds of job listings, including some with organizations like the March of Dimes, PETA, and Feeding America.

  20. NYTimes Social Impact Career Center:

    A collaboration between Monster and The New York Times, this website is full of great career advice, inspiring interviews, and, of course, a nonprofit job search.

  21. Independent Sector Jobs:

    Independent Sector can help you learn more about nonprofit groups throughout the U.S., as well as offering job listings and board positions.


    On this site, you'll simply choose a state and start looking for a job that will help you to change the world.

  23. Nonprofit Oyster:

    You can create a profile on this site that will let you showcase your resume and research for new jobs. You can also create job alerts so you'll know right away if something in your area of interest comes up.

  24. SimplyHired Nonprofit:

    Use this job search tool to help you sort out the best jobs at nonprofits in the U.S.

  25. City Limits:

    Live in New York? Want to? This site can help you to find a great job in the nonprofit and civic sectors within the Big Apple. There are a number of similar sites for other cities in the U.S., so be sure to check out any that apply to areas you'd like to live.