50 Delicious Pinterest Recipes for College Cooking

Cooking for yourself in college can be a challenge for a variety of reasons. Many students have limited time, resources, and equipment, and college dorm rooms aren’t really set up for serious meal making. Yet there are recipes out there that can be easy and fast for college students to make. Pinterest is a great place to look for and collect these kinds of recipes, and we’ve given you a head start here by pulling together recipes that will help you whip up everything from a late-night study snack to a serious meal, no matter where you live – Connecticut, Colorado, Kansas – doesn’t make a difference! Read on to learn how to become the envy of all your college friends with these amazing, easy, and delicious recipes.

Savory Snacks

Indulge your salt tooth with one of these great recipes.

Photo Credit: Your HomeBased Mom

  1. Quick cheese bread: This cheese bread is easy to make and looks positively delicious, with big chunks of cheddar cheese throughout.
  2. Cauliflower poppers: You never knew cauliflower could taste so good! Try out this recipe for a super healthy snack you’ll love to eat.
  3. Ham and broccoli pizza pockets: Forget about store-bought pizza pockets. Make your own and select the toppings when you use this recipe.
  4. Spiced fries: Stay in and have delicious french fries at home with this recipe.
  5. Microwave potato chips: Turn a boring potato into delicious chips when you follow this simple recipe that can be made in your dorm room.
  6. Tomato and basil crostini: Want to impress your study buddies? Whip up a batch of these hors d’oeuvres.
  7. Baked parmesan tomatoes: These tomatoes are the perfect accompaniment to a meal or make for a stellar late-night snack.
  8. Homemade mozzarella sticks: Transform a package of string cheese into delicious mozzarella sticks with the help of this very simple recipe.
  9. Bagel chips: Save money by making your own bagel chips. Just follow the basic instructions listed on this pin.

Sweet Treats

Looking for a dorm- or apartment-friendly dessert? Try one of these pinned recipes.

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  1. No-bake cookies: You don’t even need an oven to whip up these amazing cookies that mix coconut, cocoa, peanut butter, and oats.
  2. Dorm room fudge: You can make this tasty fudge in only minutes, and without much more equipment than a bowl and a microwave!
  3. Microwave applesauce: Make your own healthy applesauce for a hearty snack by following this very simple recipe.
  4. Microwave chocolate chip cookie: You don’t need an oven to bake this yummy chocolate chip cookie.
  5. Yogurt drops: These simple snacks are healthy, easy to whip up, and may just satisfy your cravings for sweets.
  6. Fruit salsa and cinnamon chips: Chips and salsa doesn’t have to be savory. Use this recipe to create a sweeter but just as delicious take on the snacking staple.
  7. Key lime pie: This simple recipe will have you enjoying Florida-worthy key lime pie in minutes.
  8. Peanut butter bars: No oven? No problem! These rich peanut butter bars are no-bake.
  9. Cinnamon mug cake: Using this recipe, you can make an impressive single-serving of cake in only minutes using your microwave. Who needs an oven, anyway?
  10. Oatmeal pumpkin pecan cake: Made in the microwave, this cake is a perfect fall dorm room treat.


Start your day off right with one of these great breakfast recipes.

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  1. Eggs for one: Check out this pin for great egg recipes perfect for the single college student.
  2. Banana graham muffins: A banana for breakfast never looked so good! This recipe combines bananas, graham crackers, and cinnamon for a delicious morning meal.
  3. Scallion pancakes: These savory pancakes work great for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.
  4. Rice cooker frittata: Make a super brunch at home using just a rice cooker, a few eggs, and veggies.
  5. Minute muffin: You can make this tasty blueberry muffin right in your microwave, ideal for students who need to get up and get ready quickly.
  6. Breakfast casserole: Whether you want to treat yourself or you’re cooking for guests, this simple recipe is sure to delight (and maybe even impress).

Main Courses

Whether you’re sick of dorm food or just want to try your hand at cooking, these recipes can be a great place to start.

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  1. Chef Boyardee Ravioli Lasagna: Have a can of Chef Boyardee lying around your dorm or apartment? Then you can make one of these fancier college-friendly dishes, including this super easy lasagna.
  2. Chicken casserole: Casseroles by nature are pretty easy to throw together, and this delicious recipe is no exception.
  3. Philadelphia rolls: You don’t have to go out to enjoy awesome sushi. Learn how to roll up an impressive dinner at home from this recipe.
  4. Potato cheddar chowder: This dorm-friendly recipe will help fill you up and keep you warm on a cold night.
  5. Mason jar meals: Use mason jars to make up some healthy and delicious lunches in advance. When it’s time to head out, just grab a jar and go!
  6. Chicken and avocado salad: A few fresh ingredients combine to make a seriously tasty and easy-to-prepare salad that’s perfect for lunch or dinner.
  7. Italian sausage soup: If you’re in the mood for soup, you won’t do much better than this easy, meaty recipe.
  8. Crock pot lasagna: You don’t need an oven to make lasagna. Instead, follow this recipe that will help you cook up the Italian classic in a crock pot.
  9. Cheesy vegetable chowder: This crock pot recipe for broccoli chowder will leave you full and with plenty of leftovers.
  10. Slow cooker enchiladas: Make envy-inducing enchiladas right in your crock pot when you follow this easy recipe.
  11. Lazy chicken and dumplings: Don’t put hours of work into making chicken and dumplings. Instead, check out this recipe that will make a similar tasting dish in a crock pot.
  12. Oven-baked chicken fajitas: This fajita recipe is incredibly simple to make and as an added bonus is also very healthy.
  13. Pesto pasta: This pesto pasta looks and tastes amazing, and even better, is low-cal.

Microwaved Meals

Dorm dwellers and inexperienced chefs alike will appreciate these quick and easy microwave recipes.

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  1. Microwave tilapia: Turn some tilapia filets, butter, garlic, tarragon, and vinegar into an amazing meal in just four minutes with this recipe.
  2. Chicken tortilla pie: Your friends won’t believe you made this delicious Tex-Mex meal in a microwave.
  3. Risotto: Risotto sounds complicated to make, but not when you follow this microwave-friendly recipe.
  4. Dorm room Thanksgiving: If you have to spend Thanksgiving at school, use this recipe to turn your microwave into a Thanksgiving feast-making machine.
  5. Ciabatta bread veggie pizza: These pizzas are easy to make ahead and pop in the microwave when you’re hungry.
  6. Ratatouille: Think a fancy French dish like ratatouille can’t be made in a microwave? Think again!

College Staples

Learn how to make better versions of your college favorites from these recipes.

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  1. Poverty pasta sauce: This super cheap recipe for pasta sauce can help you make a lot of meals for not a lot of money.
  2. Crockpot chili: What game day would be complete without chili? Make it up in your dorm for all to enjoy while you watch your college team.
  3. Homemade mac and cheese: Sick of Easy Mac? Make an upgrade to this tastier macaroni and cheese recipe.
  4. Veggie ramen: Ramen is one of the most classic college staples, but you can use this recipe to give your ramen a healthier update. Don’t worry; it will still taste good!
  5. Ramen hacks: If you want to take your ramen even further, check out this pin for 30 awesome ways you can give your ramen a bit more pizzazz.
  6. Microwave pot pie: You could buy pot pies in the freezer section, but why not make your own? They’re simple and delicious as this recipe will show you.