10 Seriously Impressive DIYers

Whether you want to save money, get creative, or just create something that’s perfectly customized, DIY can be the way to go. Yet even thinking about taking on a major DIY project can be intimidating, especially if you don’t have a lot of experience making things on your own. While you’re not going to become an expert overnight, you can find a lot of inspiration and guidance from other DIY enthusiasts online, some of whom have completed projects that show that you can accomplish just about any kind of DIY job if you put your mind to it, create a budget, do your research, and watch a whole bunch of instructional videos. From fashion, to home decor, to serious home renovations, these DIYers showcase some amazing and impressive skills that any aspiring do-it-yourselfer should check out.

  1. Sherry and John Petersik

    This dynamic DIYing duo walked into their first home knowing little about what it takes to do renovations, yet through hard work, determination, and more than a few trips to Home Depot, they’ve redone not one but two homes, becoming some of the most popular DIY bloggers on the web in the process (Young House Love is their site). Fans of DIY should check out their blog to see how they turned a dark and dated kitchen into a light and airy space, by painting cabinets, replacing appliances, and opening up a few walls. Even better, the Petersiks often try to stick to a strict DIY budget, helping even those with little to spend on renovations get some ideas on how to complete the job.

  2. Mitchell and Sherry Radford

    Home theater seats are something you don’t really think about making. For most of us, those fall pretty easily into the “must be bought at a store” category, but not for Mitchell Radford, of South Carolina and his wife. This couple built and designed their entire home theater themselves, including a pretty impressive DIY seating project. Mitchell and Sherry built five theater seats by hand after finding pictures online of the construction process of much more expensive store bought chairs online. They managed to make each chair for just $475, nowhere near the $3,000 asking price of the model chairs.

  3. Erica Domesek

    Erica runs the crafty, DIY-filled blog called “P.S.- I Made This…” and as you might imagine, it features a few things she’s whipped up around the house. Projects run from the fashion-forward, like a color-block purse, to the seriously quirky, like a pair of Catwoman-inspired shoes. Erica’s motto is, “I see it, I like it, I make it” and she encourages readers to adapt the same attitude, reinventing the hottest fashion trends at a much lower price point. Most of her featured projects are simple to make and can turn even the least crafty person into a DIY designer.

  4. Grace Atwood

    You can learn more about Grace Atwood and some of her amazing DIY projects through her blog Stripes + Sequins. Grace offers loads of fashion-focused DIY projects on her site, some of which are pretty darn impressive and fabulously fashionable to boot. She’s got everything from color-blocked journals to leather bows to statement necklaces, some of which would cost a pretty penny to get in stores but that can be made through her instructions for just a few bucks. What’s best about the site is that many projects are directly inspired by the work of big name designers, letting us regular folks score runway-ready looks without the wallet-breaking price tag.

  5. Greg of The Petch House

    Think your DIY project is a lot of hard work? You probably don’t have much on this DIYing homeowner, who is renovating a Queen Anne Victorian home built in 1895 without much help from outside contractors. The home had been divided up into apartments and was covered in asbestos siding — 5,300 pounds of it to be exact. Since Greg bought the home in 2005 it has undergone some major changes, all of which you can see on his blog, including getting all new siding, removing an addition, and dealing with smaller but still essential elements like heavily painted moldings. Greg’s house is still a work in progress, but it’s impressive nonetheless that he’s brought it as far as he has in just a few years, returning it to its former glory.

  6. Jennifer Stanwick

    Jennifer and her husband, called the HandyMan on their blog Rambling Renovators, took on a hefty project when they decided to renovate their Toronto 1950s ranch home, but the results so far have been pretty darn impressive. So much so that Jennifer made an appearance on The Nate Berkus Show to give fans a look at her DIY stylings and the progress they’ve made on their four-year project. Head to their blog to see their updated kitchen, modern dining room, functional office, and restful bedrooms, all renovated and decorated beautifully. The Stanwicks are truly an inspiration to any family looking to give an old home new life.

  7. Mandi Gubler

    Mandi Gubler, of Utah, has also paid a visit to The Nate Berkus Show, as she is affectionately known as the “MacGyver of DIYers” for her innovative, fun, and budget-friendly approach to renovation projects. Mandi shows DIY wannabes how to spray paint, retool, and reinvent all kinds of thrift store and salvaged finds as well as sharing her decorating and general DIY tips with readers of her blog. Check out her gallery of before and after pictures to see some of her best and most impressive DIY projects so far.

  8. Melissa of The Inspired Room

    If you’re looking for a little DIY home decor pick-up for your home, consider checking out the work of Melissa, from Washington, at the blog The Inspired Room. She shares a little bit of everything on her site, from fun holiday projects to outdoor space renovations to quick fixes for problems around the house. Everything is cute, modern, and generally pretty budget-friendly. She even offers a special DIY section on her blog where you can learn how to make a wide variety of things for your home, including some pretty impressive-looking roman shades, a pendant light, and pallet paneling.

  9. Cathe Holden

    Cathe Holden shares her amazing DIY projects through a site called Just Something I Made, which is full of, well, things she’s made. Cathe is a graphic designer by day but a crafter and flea market aficionado in her off time, which makes for some pretty amazing DIY projects. She uses her design savvy and love of DIY to bring readers some seriously inspiring ideas, on projects both small and large. From organizational ideas to fabulous wall decorations, visitors to her site will find a wealth of impressive DIY ideas that just can’t be missed (and a few mouth-watering recipes, too).

  10. Justin and Cassity

    Justin and Cassity run a blog called Remodelaholic, and that’s just what the two of them are if you spend some time looking through their posts. They joke that their idea of a date is ripping out a wall, but that may not be too far from the truth, as they have done a heck of a job with home renovations, redoing three houses to date. Even better, they try to reuse, recycle, and repurpose as much as they can with each project, saving money and creating a sustainable space at the same time. Take the time to browse through the posts on their site. If you don’t emerge wowed, you might be pretty much impossible to impress.