Online Education is the Future


Employment in the healthcare field is predicted to increase by approximately 22 percent over the next eight years, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. As more job opportunities arise in the industry, individuals may be able to find a new job if they are able to acquire a postsecondary education. Online colleges give working professionals the opportunity to earn a degree at their own pace.

Recently, Advanced Colleges of America (ACA) announced that it will introduce a new platform to host internet-based courses for students who are interested in learning more about the healthcare industry. The Individual Learning Platform will offer a variety of online classes to individuals who are looking to specialize in specific aspects of the field.

“By offering online courses, in conjunction with up to 21 weeks of on-site physician supervised clinical externships, ACA provides students with a unique program of study as they prepare to enter the healthcare industry,” said Michael Bronder, director of North American operations for [the platform].

More than 4 million students nationwide were enrolled in internet-based classes during the 2008 academic year, according to a report by the Babson Survey Research Group and the Sloan Consortium.