Online Courses and Your Future

An individual who is interested in entering the field of anthropology may need to obtain a postsecondary degree to earn the job they want. Attending an educational institution can help prepare an individual for a career in this industry and increase his or her chances of finding a high-salary position.

Recently, Ashford University, Iowa announced that it will begin offering a bachelor of arts degree in cultural anthropology for individuals who are interested in learning more about the field. Students who enroll in the program will learn about globalized business practices and how other cultures operate around the world.

“I am pleased to see that the college of liberal arts has developed this program,” said Rebecca Wardlow, program director of Ashford’s College of Education. “It’s rich in cultural studies and diversity, and highly innovative in its approach. Students who major in cultural anthropology will gain an awareness of global citizenship and be well prepared to understand social and cultural differences.”

Individuals will also be able to concentrate on a wide variety of topics while earning their degree, including urban studies and anthropological theory. Individuals will be able to work at their own pace through a series of internet-based courses.

Online education enrollments now surpass traditional college enrollments by a five-to-one ratio, according to the Sloan Consortium.