How eReaders Can Help You Stay on Top of Academics

After enrolling in a traditional or online college, it is important to take the necessary steps to prepare for coursework. Postsecondary education classes vary in difficulty, but studying has to be a priority in order to achieve good grades. Most professors require students to purchase the textbooks that are necessary for the class. However, these books can add up on top of tuition costs and can be difficult to tote around for studying purposes. For individuals who have recently enrolled in a postsecondary institution, this might be the perfect time to invest in an eReader. Devices, such as the Kindle and Nook, are ideal for leisure reading. However, they can also make the studying process more efficient.

Mobile gadget owners who use devices, such as the Android and iPhone, can to download eReader applications. Through these apps, individuals can download eBooks at a price that may be cheaper than the physical copies. Tablet computers might also come with the same capabilities as smartphones, allowing students to read required text straight from the device. Here are some of the most valuable resources to individuals during the college years.

  1. Apple iPad. The iPad was deemed one of the most revolutionary Apple products of the decade by many when it was released in April 2010. Not only did it bring similar gaming from the iPhone and iPod Touch to a new level, but it changed the way individuals thought of tablets. Similar to the iPod Touch and iPhone, owners can download applications from the App Store or reading purposes. The Amazon Kindle app and Barnes and Noble Nook app are both free for the iPad, excluding the price of eBooks. With the tablet, students can read required books and study on-the-go. The iPad sells for $499 on the official Apple store website, but its benefits can outweigh the price in the long run.
  2. Apple iPod Touch. For individuals who aren’t interested in spending half a grand but would like to indulge in an Apple product, the iPod Touch is a cheaper solution. Similar to the iPad, owners can download eReader applications from the App store to meet their reading requirements outside of the classroom. The Kindle and Nook apps are also available on the device, as well as other eReader programs, such as iBooks and Google Books, for free. The iPod Touch gives users the advantage of having a device with all of the benefits of an iPhone and iPad without the wireless contract.
  3. Amazon Kindle. Students who want a simple eReader without the bells and whistles of applications may want to invest in an Amazon Kindle. The device retails for approximately $139 on the Amazon website, which is cheaper than its Apple counterparts. Individuals can pay extra for the option to have free Wi-Fi and 3G connection on the go, giving students the opportunity to keep up with their studies while away from the classroom. Easy accessibility allows users to download eBooks with the connection whenever they need to brush up on their studies. The Kindle can also be used to read daily newspapers and magazines.
  4. Barnes and Noble Nook. For $149 on the Barnes and Noble website, students can purchase the Nook if the Kindle does not meet their needs. Its paper-thin design makes it convenient to tote around while on the move. Similar to the Kindle, the Nook has a battery life that can last for days. For individuals who prefer to pull all-nighters to cram in their studies, this device is ideal with its crisp text and back-lit screen. More than 2,000 different eBooks can be downloaded wirelessly from the device in seconds.