Earn Your Doctoral Degree from Home


Many adults who want to advance their careers are inclined to finish their schooling. However, it can be difficult for individuals to earn a degree while they are working a full-time job. Online colleges allow individuals to take courses at their own pace from the comfort of their own homes – whether you live in Oregon, Connecticut, Hawaii, or New Jersey.

Recently, St. Thomas University in Florida announced that it will begin offering distance learners the opportunity to earn a doctorate in leadership and management through a series of internet-based courses. Within two years, students will be able to complete the program and graduate with the credentials that are necessary to advance in their careers.

University provost Gregory Chan says that the program will prepare industry professionals to apply leadership skills to their working environment. Students will learn organizational management skills that they can apply to design, evaluation, research and policy development. The program is designed for individuals who already have experience in the field, but are looking to expand upon their knowledge to move up the career ladder.

Online education enrollments now surpass traditional college enrollments by a five-to-one ratio, according to the Sloan Consortium. Working professionals continue to take advantage of internet-based programs to earn degrees.