Clever Cubicle Hacks to Make Your Workday More Bearable

After an individual graduates with an online degree, they may be lucky enough to land a job. Stepping foot in a new office and meeting new people can come with excitement and new opportunities. An office is typically full of cubicles that are intended to give employees a designated workspace. However, four gray walls can create a bland, boring atmosphere and take its toll on an individual after eight hours. Despite the excitement that comes with starting a new job, a dreary desk can hinder an individual’s motivation. There are a few cubicle hacks that workers can take into consideration to make their personal space productive and inviting.

  1. Add a door. Not all office cubicles may come with a door to keep out noise and unwanted distractions during the work day. Installing one may seem antisocial, but productivity should be a priority. Individuals can explain to any co-workers who have inquiries that they are just trying to make their cubicle more personal and motivating as a workspace. Cubicle doors are also easy to install. By pulling the shade-like addition with a little tug, individuals can put up and take down the temporary barricade on a whim.
  2. Keep it clean. Bringham Young University researchers recently discovered that a clean work space is an uplifting one. By making sure a cubicle is in tip-top shape, individuals can make the area feel comfortable. Experts say that scents play a large role in the cleanliness effect as well. Some products, such as Windex, seem to put workers in a better mood.
  3. Stay organized. Another way individuals can maintain their mental wellness while they sit in a cubicle for eight hours each day is by making organization a priority. Folders scattered around the work area can cause stress and possibly hinder productivity. Workers are encouraged to take a look around their space and reconsider those filing cabinets and drawers. Sorting paper into hanging folders may seem like a tedious process, but it can save professionals time in the long-run and reduce their anxiety.
  4. Consider a plant. Flowering plants are not likely to flourish under dim office lighting, but there are other types that can add appeal to a cubicle and still provide a calming effect. Jade and fern plants are commonly found in the workplace because they can survive under fluorescent bulbs. A variety of indoor plants are also no more than three feet in height, making them easy to tuck away in the corner of a cubicle without consuming a large amount of space. Individuals should look for varieties that shed rarely to avoid cleaning up unwanted leaves.
  5. Buy a Betta fish. Having a companion can help workers avoid the loneliness that comes with being isolated in a cubicle. Betta fish are ideal because they require little maintenance and space. The pet can be kept in a small bowl on the corner of a desk or side table for entertainment throughout a long day. Bettas only require a feeding every one or two days and a water change approximately twice a week. Like all living creatures, they require attention, but not enough to interfere with productivity.
  6. Don’t be afraid to decorate. Many people are willing to put a few picture frames on their desk, but a cubicle should be treated as a personal space that is worth enhancing. Individuals are encouraged to look for desk pieces that can add flair and excitement to an environment. Whether it’s an unusually-shaped paperweight or a sculpture, having pieces of interest in a cubicle can make it a more inviting space to return to every weekday.