70 Useful Links for Celebrating Black History Month

February is Black History Month, and although black history is important year round, this month is an especially good time to study the subject. Whether you’re interested in Civil Rights, slavery, African American contributions, or biographies of famous African Americans, you can find so much online regardless of where you are from – New Jersey, Colorado, Minnesota. Read on to find 70 links that offer insight and information for Black History Month.


Find out how to celebrate the history of the month, and more.

  1. How to Celebrate Black History Month: This article explains how you can learn this Black History Month.
  2. Celebrate Black History: Biography has a seemingly endless supply of Black History resources.
  3. African American History Month: Find out about events, collections, and more on this site.
  4. Celebrating Black History All Year Long!: This article offers suggestions for celebrating Black History throughout the year.
  5. The History of Black History: This article explains how Black History Month came to be.

History, Biographies & Famous Firsts

Peek into history with these links.

  1. Black History Timeline: See an interactive journey through history on this timeline.
  2. Biographies of Famous African Americans: This collection offers biographies of some of the most notable African Americans.
  3. 350 Famous African Americans: Celebrate Black History by reading about these famous African Americans.
  4. Famous Firsts by African Americans: See African-American firsts in government, the Oscars, Miss America, and more.
  5. 101 Fast Facts: Check out broken records, inventions, and more in this Black History fact collection.
  6. Notable Speeches and Letters: Read these notable speeches and letters by African Americans.
  7. African-American History Timeline: Here you’ll see black history from slave trade to Affirmative Action.

Exhibits & Libraries

The Library of Congress and other organizations offer a wealth of knowledge in these exhibits and collections.

  1. African American Odyssey: In this collection, you’ll see rare and unique items in African American history.
  2. The Frederick Douglass Papers: Read the papers of this 19th century African-American abolitionist.
  3. African American Pamphlets: Peruse this pamphlet collection to see works from authors including Booker T. Washington and Frederick Douglass.
  4. Buffalo Soldiers: Read and hear the stories of the Buffalo Soldiers who served in the 92nd Division in Italy.
  5. African American Band Music & Recordings: See arrangements of songs written by African Americans in this presentation.
  6. Baseball and Jackie Robinson: See Jackie Robinson break the color line and more.
  7. The Church in the Southern Black Community: Check out these texts to see how Southern African Americans were a part of Protestant Christianity.
  8. Shaw Memorial: This memorial honors Robert Gould Shaw and the Massachusetts Fifty-Fourth Regiment.
  9. The African-American Experience in Ohio: See this collection for manuscript, images, and more resources that share black history in Ohio.
  10. Abraham Lincoln Papers: The Emancipation Proclamation, second Inaugural Address, and more are on hand in the Abraham Lincoln Papers.
  11. The African-American Mosaic: Use this resource guide from the Library of Congress to study black history and culture.
  12. Tour: African-American Artists: See the highlights of the National Gallery of Art’s collection of works from African American artists.


Videos and more share highlights of black history.

  1. A Century of Black Cinema: A Century of Black Cinema offers insight into the contributions of African Americans in film.
  2. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.: Man of Peace in a Time of war: See interviews with Jesse Jackson, Colin Powell, and even Dr. Martin Luther King himself in this documentary.
  3. Adjust Your Color: Petey Greene’s story is told in this documentary.
  4. The Blues Live On: Study the people and places that shaped the blues genre in The Blues Live On.

Open Education

Take these courses to get a better understanding of black history.

  1. An African American Physicist: Find the experiences, strategies, and personal accounts of an African American physicist.
  2. Creole Language and Culture: This course takes a look at the Creole language and culture.
  3. Retaining African American Teachers: This module explains how African American teachers can be retained through mentoring, reflection, and journaling.
  4. A Personal Account of Efforts to End School Segregation in a Southern School System: This article takes a look at the importance of the Brown decision.
  5. Faith and the African American Experience: Take this course for an introduction to the African American faith experience.
  6. The Civil War and Reconstruction: This class focuses on the military and technological aspects of the Civil War.
  7. Writing Early American Lives: Gender, Race, Nation, Faith: Study American ideas of race between 1550-1850.
  8. American Authors: American Women Authors: This course studies authors in the Harlem Renaissance and beyond.
  9. Riots, Strikes, and Conspiracies in American History: Study important moments in American and African American history.
  10. Writing About Race: Read the works of writers of color and beyond in Writing About Race.
  11. African American Quizzes & Crosswords: Try these quizzes and crosswords to test your knowledge of African American history, leaders, and more.
  12. African American Composers: This course focuses on vocal repertoire and performance by African American composers and concert artists.
  13. Slavery, Violence, and Exploitation in 19th Century US Literature: Learn about US anti-slavery literature and more in this module.
  14. Hip Hop: Learn about the political and aesthetic foundations of hip hop through this course.
  15. Ragtime: Check out this module for a brief history of ragtime music.
  16. Treatment of Blacks and Response: Study the treatment of blacks in this module.
  17. Ethnic and National Identity: This course offers an introduction to the cross cultural study of ethnic and national identity.
  18. African American History II: African American History II takes a look at the African American experience from the Civil War to the 1980s.
  19. Sisters in the Academy: Sisters in the Academy discusses black women’s relationships with each other.
  20. Challenges Facing Black American Principals: See some of the challenges that black American principals face in this course.


These links focus on the period of slavery.

  1. From Slavery to Freedom: In this collection, you’ll read from African American authors and others who wrote about slavery.
  2. History of Slavery in America: This timeline will help you learn more about slavery in the United States.
  3. Born in Slavery: Born in Slavery has slave narratives from the Federal Writers’ Project.
  4. The Emancipation Proclamation: Read this important document that was an integral part of ending slavery.

Desegregation & Civil Rights

Visit these links to see the struggles of Civil Rights and desegregation.

  1. Segregation Timeline: This resource from Google takes a look at segregation in the US.
  2. Remember Segregation: This site asks you to remember segregation on Martin Luther King Day and beyond.
  3. With an Even Hand: With an Even Hand examines Brown v. Board at fifty.
  4. The Rise and Fall of Jim Crow: Study a century of segregation in The Rise and Fall of Jim Crow.
  5. Segregation in America: Segregation in America explores a century of tears and triumph.
  6. Voices of Civil Rights: This exhibition shares personal stories, histories, and photographs in Civil Rights.
  7. Civil Rights Timeline: This timeline offers a look into Civil Rights milestones.
  8. Desegregation.com: This site is a source for information on the African American Civil Rights Movement.
  9. Civil Rights in the United States: Check out this encyclopedia page for an overview of US Civil Rights.
  10. Central High 57: Study the Little Rock Central High events on this site.
  11. Civil Rights Movement Heroes: Here, you’ll read about important figures in Civil Rights history.

For Kids & Students

These links are especially useful for kids and students.

  1. African American World for Kids: Send e-cards, play games, and more in African American World.
  2. Books for Celebrating Black History Month: Read these books with your kids for Black History Month.
  3. A Day in the Life: African American Boy: This history game studies a day in the life of an African American boy born in 1853.
  4. The Black Past Quiz: Find out if you remember these Black History details.
  5. Embracing Black History: Parents can find out how to celebrate Black History Month with their children in this resource.
  6. Five Lessons in Black History: Use these lesson plans for your students or kids.
  7. Famous African-American Coloring Pages: Print out these coloring pages for kids to learn about famous African Americans.