50 Delicious Meals You Can Make on a Hot Plate

When you’re in college, or even a new graduate, chances are you’re not cooking in a designer chef’s kitchen. The reality is that your cooking tools are probably more likely to involve a mini fridge and microwave, but if you’re really lucky, you just might be able to use a hot plate. With a hot plate, you can make just about anything you can create on a traditional stove top, making this kitchen tool super useful and versatile for those low on space and budget. Pick up a few pots, pans, and even a wok, and you’ll be rocking out these delicious meals from even the tiniest of kitchens.


Breakfast foods on the hot plate are great because they’re not only delicious for breakfast, but you can eat them for dinner and even lunch, too. Bust out these awesome recipes on your hot plate whenever the mood strikes you.

  1. Fluffy French Toast

    This recipe for french toast uses flour, so it’s fluffier than most.

  2. Bacon & Egg Breakfast Grilled Cheese

    This egg sandwich is so good and easy to make that you just might be skipping the drive thru to stay home and use your hot plate.

  3. Cannoli French Toast

    Stuff your french toast with ricotta cheese and confectioner’s sugar for a really impressive hot plate breakfast.

  4. Banana Pancakes

    These healthy pancakes are easy to make, and very tasty!

  5. Green Eggs & Ham

    Dr. Seuss lovers will also enjoy this egg dish with tomatillo salsa and chopped ham.

  6. Pumpkin Stuffed French Toast

    You’ll be ready for fall with this tasty pumpkin french toast you can make on your hot plate.

  7. Skinny Omelet Recipe

    Cook your eggs crepe style in this recipe for a fancy and healthy breakfast, lunch, or even dinner.

  8. Sourdough Pancakes

    Use sourdough starter for these extra light pancakes that will melt in your mouth.

  9. Cocoa Guinness Pancakes

    Whether it’s St. Patrick’s Day or not, these Guinness pancakes are a delicious hit for breakfast and beyond.

  10. Bananas Foster French Toast

    If you have a double hot plate, you can fire it up for french toast on one and bananas foster topping on the other.

  11. Baby Spinach Omelet

    With spinach and Parmesan cheese, this egg dish is healthy, enticing, and easy to make on your hot plate.


Having a tiny, nearly nonexistent kitchen is one thing, but eating vegetarian complicates things even further. Not to worry, though, these awesome meals can be fired up in a flash on a hot plate.

  1. Shakshuka

    Garlic, jalapeno, tomatoes, and lots of eggs come together in this filling, delicious meal.

  2. Garden Fresh Stir Fry with Seitan

    Highlight seitan’s texture and taste in this veggie-packed stir fry recipe for the hot plate.

  3. Hot Plate Tofu

    Throw egg tofu, mushrooms, onion, and garlic together with seasonings for this easy hot plate tofu. Add chili and minced meat if you don’t want to go veggie.

Pasta, Rice & Noodles

Carbs seem to be a college staple, from mac and cheese to ramen noodles. Ramen and mac can make for a good meal, but you don’t have to stop there. Go beyond the usual by preparing these tasty meals on your hot plate.

  1. Ginger-Mango Couscous

    With 30 minutes and a little chopping, you can prepare this mango and ginger couscous for dinner. Substitute vegetable stock instead of chicken, and it becomes a vegetarian meal, too!

  2. Mixed Roasted Veggies and Pasta

    Eat healthy and delicious with this roasted veggie and whole wheat pasta recipe.

  3. Shrimp and Pasta

    Add frozen shrimp to your pasta in this recipe for a healthy, easy to prepare meal.

  4. Creamy Stovetop Chicken Pasta

    Enjoy this chicken pasta recipe with cream sauce and vegetables for a no-fuss hot plate meal.

  5. Stovetop Chicken Parmesan

    Instead of using an oven to create chicken Parmesan, this pasta makes it easy to get the flavor without all the fuss. It’s also a cheaper alternative, stretching the servings of a pound of chicken.

  6. One Pot Macaroni and Cheese

    This classic mac and cheese recipe with a twist has a dash of nutmeg and mustard powder. Put bacon bits, tomatoes, or breadcrumbs on top for fun toppings.

  7. Stovetop Pasta Marinara with Broccoli and Chickpeas

    Broccoli and chickpeas are the stars in this pasta recipe. It’s vegetarian and can be made gluten free with gluten free pasta spirals.

  8. Fried Rice

    Many variations exist on this classic, but this one has green onions, mushrooms, eggs, and shrimp.

  9. Thai-Peanut Ramen

    Combine vegetables, thai peanut sauce, and ramen noodles for this hot plate meal that’s ready in about 8 minutes.

  10. Oriental Stir Fry and Noodles

    With lots of vegetables and nuts, this stir fry is as delicious and healthy as it is easy to make.

  11. Tuna Casserole Ramen

    With egg, ramen, tuna, and cream of mushroom, you can make a hot plate tuna casserole for less than $1.


Sandwiches are of particular interest to college students, because you can eat them on the go, whether you’re headed to class or on your way to a party. Put together these grilled sandwiches for a warm, filling meal.

  1. Easy Cuban Sandwich

    Pile on the meat, cheese and condiments, and grill this sandwich on your hot plate for a warm, satisfying meal.

  2. Spinach Pesto Grilled Cheese

    Using spanakopita pesto and grated gruyere, you can grill up this cheese sandwich on your hot plate.

  3. Green Goddess Panini

    With tons of green herbs and spices, this salad-inspired grilled cheese is one of a kind.

  4. How to Make a Perfect Grilled Cheese Sandwich Every Time

    Make this perfect grilled cheese sandwich, and serve with tomato soup for great comfort food from your hot plate.

  5. Blue Buffalo Grilled Cheese

    Combine blue cheese with shredded chicken and red hot sauce to make a smokin’ sandwich with buffalo wing flavor.

  6. French Dip Panini

    Heat up roast beef in this skillet sandwich.

  7. Grilled Cheese with Arugula and Truffle Oil

    Follow this recipe to make the fanciest grilled cheese you’ve ever eaten.


When you’re away from home on a cold day, you may find yourself missing your dear old mom’s cooking. Instead of feeling sorry for yourself, whip up one of these tasty soups.

  1. Creamy Roasted Root Vegetable Soup

    Use leftover root vegetables, or steam up fresh ones for this spicy, creamy soup.

  2. Curried Butternut Squash Soup

    Get your veggies and fruit servings in with this soup that features butternut squash, apples, onions, and perhaps best of all, curry.

  3. Tortilla Soup

    Fry up tortilla strips, and throw them into the pot with onions, chiles, and shredded chicken for this classic soup.

  4. Creamy Mushroom Soup with Cheddar and Andouille Sausage

    Enjoy sausage and mushroom in this cheesy, smoky soup.

Fish & Meat

Enjoy fish, shrimp, chicken, beef, and even pork, all with recipes you can put together on your hot plate.

  1. Pad Thai

    Peanuts, shrimp, and noodles are the stars in this Thai restaurant favorite you can make in a wok on your hot plate.

  2. Sesame Crusted Ahi Tuna with Spicy Carrot Sauce

    As a former small space living Londoner, Amy Powell shares this recipe for ahi tuna, which she chose both for its flavor and low potential to leave a lingering fish smell in her living space.

  3. Gambas a la Plancha

    Follow this pan grilled shrimp recipe with plenty of spice and lemon for flavor.

  4. Aussie Beef Burgers

    Pile on the toppings with this Australian style burger featuring egg, onions, and beet.

  5. Mexican Steak Salad

    Bring sirloin steak together with salad staples for a hearty, healthy treat.

  6. Grilled Steak Skewers

    Ginger, onion, and vinegar turn plain round beef steak into tasty kabobs in this recipe.

  7. Meat and Potatoes Grilled Salad

    Grill your potatoes and meat together with this simple recipe.

  8. Lettuce Cups with Stir-Fried Chicken

    This fresh recipe is great for hot plate cookers watching their carbs.

  9. Chicken Broccoli Vegetable Saute

    In just one skillet, you can prepare this chicken broccoli meal with carrots and mushrooms.

  10. Citrus Grilled Chicken Recipe

    Marinate chicken in orange and lemon juice with honey, and do a quick grill for a flavorful main dish.

  11. Maple Pork Medallions

    With maple syrup, lemon juice, and spices, you can marinate and bring out the natural sweetness of pork medallions.

  12. Sweet and sour pork

    This recipe brings pork, vegetables, and sweet sauce together for a full, delicious meal.

  13. Cream of Mushroom Pork Chops

    Brown pork chops on your hot plate, and add cream of mushroom soup for a hearty gravy sauce with this recipe.