50 Best Blogs for Celtic Culture & History

The Celtic and Gaelic world stimulate the fascination of individuals and groups globally because of its ancient history and unique cultural mores. Whether a student, professional, descendant, or just an American hoping to spout off a few trivia points come St. Patrick’s Day, the following blogs shed some great light on the civilization’s past, present and possible futures regardless of where you are learning from: Rhode Island, New Hampshire, or Tennessee. Do keep in mind that a significant number of amazing blogs exist beyond these, each with their own unique voice to contribute to the conversation. Browse what they have to say for a broader look at the rich legacy of the Celts.

Arts and Crafts

  1. The Model: Contemporary art buffs with an interest in Ireland need to bookmark The Model and stay abreast of their latest exhibitions, news and research.
  2. Virtual Existence: Denise Rusche keeps an amazingly vibrant resource for art and culture buffs hoping to absorb the lush creativity Ireland has to offer.
  3. irishartblog.com: Explore Ireland’s vibrant art scene, which embraces its heritage without always feeling obligated to make constant references.
  4. John O’Reilly/JOR: Art aficionados who recognize graffiti (residents of New York City perhaps?)and other forms of guerrilla and street creativity should stop by here for some stunning photos. Fine art pieces also make frequent appearances.
  5. Irish Street Art: Not all Irish art is comprised of lovely, intricate knots and crosses! Stop here to check out the latest in murals and graffiti designs decorating the lovely little island.
  6. Inky Wrists: The weird, the wonderful, the wonderfully weird and the weirdly wonderful all receive plenty of commentary at this whip-smart arts blog.
  7. Scannain: Cinephiles should flock to Scannain for the latest movie news, gossip and trends from all around Ireland.
  8. Stone Art Blog: Earthy mediums like stone and plants become achingly beautiful designs, many of them inspired by the ancient Celts.
  9. The Bogside Artists’ Blog: Politics has inspired many an Irish artist, and this collective produces some incredible, internationally-recognized murals.
  10. Irish Craft Update: Both Irish craftspeople and those who enjoy their wares can hit up this resource for all the latest news and views on Celtic creativity.

Dance and Music

  1. The Celtic Music Fan: Keep track of the lovely, lively music from “Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Cornwall, Brittany, Isle of Man, Galicia [and] Asturias” with this passionate, highly informative resource.
  2. Marc Gunn: Originally from Austin, TX, the enjoyable Marc Gunn blends traditional Celtic and American rhythms into lush, gorgeous compositions — and offers up downloads and an essential podcast for fans.
  3. Gone Feising: Authored by a Utah blogger, Gone Feising caters to adult fans and practitioners of Irish dance, with plenty of excellent opinions and stories sparking discussion.
  4. IDM Blog: Multiple bloggers weigh in on everything about Irish dancing, music and culture — but mostly the first two subjects.
  5. Fiddlefreak Folk Music Blog: Traditional Celtic folk tunes only comprise part of this blog’s content, which allows music buffs a neat way to compare and contrast different styles.
  6. Scottish Dance Theatre: Follow this amazing company’s blog for news, opportunities and events relating back to traditional and modern Scottish dance.
  7. Celtic Music at Music Scotland: Whether wanting to listen to or play traditional Celtic and Scottish music, this blog and website both likely offer something interesting.
  8. Music Road: Explore Irish, Scottish and folk tunes from around the world through the incredibly enlightening, award-winning Music Road.
  9. liveIreland: liveIreland overflows with blog posts, downloads, reviews and plenty more involving the performing arts both traditional and contemporary.
  10. Four Strings: Read about fiddles — specifically the hardingfele — and their role in crafting beautiful Celtic (specifically, Irish and Scottish) music.

History and Politics

  1. BLETHERSKITE: Scottish history, clans, mythology and more come alive at this exceptionally detailed resource — including a useful map!
  2. Irish Roots Cafe: Irish history buffs with genealogical ties (or even a general interest in lineage) will find this exhaustive blog a fascinating, engaging read.
  3. Blether with Brian: BBC’s Brian Taylor sends readers dispatches from the front line of Scottish politics, with occasional bits of current events and news from other spheres.
  4. Irish History Podcast: Both a podcast and a blog, anyone wanting to know about Ireland from ancient times up until now should consider this website an essential bookmark.
  5. Islay Natural History Trust: Drop by the official blog of Port Charlotte’s Natural History Center for the latest news on one segment of Scotland’s rich environmental heritage.
  6. Pue’s Occurrences: Multiple contributors educate visitors on almost every nook and cranny of Irish history imaginable.
  7. Scotland.com: For travelers, Scotland.com’s blog hits most of the excellent historical sites they could ever hope to visit.
  8. Irish Election: As the title states, this fascinating read covers a wide spectrum of topics relating to Irish political opinions and results, with a smattering of news and current events.
  9. Edinburgh Legal History Blog: University of Edinburgh’s School of Law presents a blog covering exactly what its title promises. Stop here for some intriguing insights into Scottish politics and legalities.
  10. Politics Blog at Irish Times: Courtesy of the Irish Times, anyone curious about the political climate of the Emerald Isle has a place to explore updated news, views and insights.
  11. FMRSI: Medieval and Renaissance scholars and hobbyists wanting to learn as much as they can about Ireland’s history during the periods need to bookmark FMRSI and browse its comprehensive archives. And read its current content, of course.

Language and Literature

  1. Bitesize Irish Gaelic: Learn the complexities of the Irish language in small, easily digestible chunks posted almost every day.
  2. Cowag: The Manx language, one of the many under the Gaelic umbrella, struggles as much as Irish, Scottish and other related tongues. Stop by Cowag for some quick lessons and news on preservation efforts.
  3. A big blog of Irish literature: So far, the proprietors of this blog have posted 77 lovely poems by Ireland’s (and Irish-America’s) most notable writers and thinkers.
  4. From the Balcony, A Publisher’s Blog: A Belfast-based publisher offers up critique on media trends and topics impacting the nation, offering up some provocative reads and insights as well.
  5. JJQ: University of Tulsa’s James Joyce Quarterly showcases the iconic Irish writer’s undeniably massive impact on literature — and popular culture as a whole.
  6. Celtic Myth Podshow News: Discover how ancient Celtic and Druidic tales have shaped the Gaelic-speaking world and infused themselves into the literary canon.
  7. Poetry Ireland Guest Blog: Keep up with some of the nation’s most talented and influential poets, writing in both English and Irish.
  8. Scottish Writers’ Centre Blog: The Scottish Writers’ Centre posts about its latest events and the individuals involved in keeping the literary scene vibrant and intelligent.
  9. Richard W. Strachan’s Blog: The eponymous Glasgow writer shares his thoughts on the creative process, inspiration, publishing and other subjects related to Scottish literature.


  1. Celtic Culture Blog: Genealogy, history, Druidism, tattoos art and more collide into one interesting read for fans of Celtic culture.
  2. Foot.ie: Irish football lovers band together to rant and rave about everything related to their lively favorite sport.
  3. Anamchara: Anyone with a fondness for studying religions should check out this blog on ancient Celtic wisdom, Christian mysticism and their intersections.
  4. Temple Bar Cultural Trust: Step inside Dublin’s ultra-hip neighborhood and learn all about its great culture and intriguing events.
  5. le craic: Head to le craic for a regular dose of Irish pop and internet culture, commentary, news, technology and more.
  6. Twenty Major: Both a forum and a blog, Twenty Major makes for delightfully fun, sometimes deviant reading worthy of its awards and honors.
  7. Aran Islands Ireland: Explore the exciting (and sometimes freezing!) Aran Islands through stories, news, arts and some absolutely stunning photographs.
  8. All Ireland Travel: Anyone planning a trip to Ireland may want to consult this blog for excellent tips and tricks on where to go, what to do and how to enjoy it all without stopping.
  9. Irish Food Bloggers Association: Yes, the Irish eat more than just corned beef, cabbage and babies. Keep up with this blog to find out what.
  10. Photowalk.ie: When dreams to visit Ireland fizzle away, this scintillating blog offers up amazing photos to explore and pique the imagination.