Your Cell Phone Is the Bane of Your Professor’s Existence

With the exception of students cheating on exams, nothing makes college professors cringe more than a student’s annoying cell phone going off in the middle of a lecture. It’s bad enough if your cell phone ring is merely a ring, but ringtones mean you could have some Katy Perry or Michael Jackson blaring though the classroom, distracting the entire class. No matter how much you love Thriller, if you want to get a good rapport going with your professors in college—and show that you’ve grown up a bit since high school—now is the time to be respectful with your cell phone in college classrooms.

Letting your cell phone ring in class is not only a sign of irresponsibility and disrespectful of your instructors, but toying with your cell phone in class can have a negative effect on your classroom performance, according to a recent report by The Boston Globe. The article reported on a University of New Hampshire survey of about 1,200 New Hampshire college students in which half of all students polled said using their cell phone in class impeded their concentration and affected how much information they were able to take in from their classes.

As today’s smart phones get more and more advanced, students have more and more ways to get distracted in class. There are games you can play by yourself or with friends, music you can decide to plug into, eBooks you can read from your phone and YouTube videos to watch. Students can even shop online using their phones. The best bet for easily distractible or tech-obsessed students is to tuck your phone away on silent in a purse or backpack where you won’t be tempted to check status updates on your favorite social network or return recent text messages from your friends.

Finally, another thing to be careful of with cell phone use in class is the risk of being accused of cheating during exams. Most professors require their students to keep their cell phones out of sight during quizzes and tests. If you refuse to comply, you could automatically fail the exam or be asked to re-take it, whether or not you used your phone to cheat. The mature decision, unless you happen to have a job where you must be on call, is to keep your cell phone tucked away in class for your own good.