Scholarships Can Help Parents Attend Online Colleges

Women who have taken the time to raise their children at home have typically been removed from the workforce for a number of years. This can make it difficult to earn a job once a mom finds the time to embark on a new career. Online colleges can help individuals obtain a postsecondary education from the comfort of their own homes and prepare to dive into the job market.

Recently, Ashford University, Iowa announced that it has awarded 50 full-tuition scholarships to stay-at-home moms who share the same goal of finishing their schooling. More than $2 million has been given to recipients over the past three years as a part of the Project Working Mom program.

“The overwhelming response to Project Working Mom was astounding,” said Jane McAuliffe, president of Ashford University. “Online higher education helps people achieve their goals, and it’s an honor to have provided the resource for 50 of them to attend Ashford University.”

A recent Babson-Sloan study found that approximately eight out of 10 students who attend online colleges are working toward bachelor’s degrees. Many of these individuals are finishing their schooling with the help of financial aid and scholarships after taking the time to raise their families.