Common College Do’s and Don’ts

Dating in college can sometimes be more complicated than completing your calculus final. But it doesn’t necessarily have to be. There are some common relationship and dating mistakes that you can avoid to make the experience a little less difficult. Continue reading below to learn the common do’s and don’ts of dating in college.

This first point might be a given, but clearly not everyone has received the memo because it continues to be one of the main reasons friendships burst into flames. How to keep your friendship in tack? Never date your friend’s or roommate’s ex. Even if you ask for special permission and they say they are fine with, be warned that they are probably just testing you. And you will fail that test if you think your friend or roommate is actually giving you his or her blessing. This isn’t always the case, if your friend or roommate only dated that person for a small period of time they might actually be ok with it, but this is rare. So it’s best to stay loyal and date someone else to avoid problems. There are plenty of people to date on campus besides your friend’s ex.

While on the subject of friends and roommates, it’s also best never to compare yourself with people you know or live with. For example, if your roommate happens to go out on dates most Friday nights, don’t be hard on yourself because you’re not. Your time will come. And until then, go out and have a great time with your other single, dateless friends. Who knows, you might even meet someone special during your outing.

If you are the one that is in charge of picking a place to take your date, remember that you don’t have to spend an enormous amount of money that you don’t have to impress your date. Try coming up with an idea that is fun, and most importantly cheap, like hitting up an arcade, taking them to grab a slice of pizza or escorting them to a school sporting event, organization formal, or a free campus concert. If you were asked on the date, it’s also equally important to understand that funds for college students are extremely low. So don’t get moody if they take you somewhere that isn’t fancy. You may even suggest splitting the bill and going Dutch.

Lastly, it’s probably best to avoid friend requesting the person you are interested in on social networking sites like Facebook. This is because it can do more damage than good to relationships, especially if you happen to get jealous very easily. Any suspicious statuses or posting of photos with or comments from or to the opposite sex can create a number of unnecessary problems. It could be the reason why the relationship ends before it even begins.