70 Seriously Awesome iPhone Apps for College Students Abroad

No matter how much you love your school, studying abroad can give you a break from the campus bubble. It’s a popular choice for many students who want to explore life on their own, learn more about a different culture, and boost their resume in an invigorating, fun way. While you take classes to satisfy your bachelor’s degree, you’ll also have time for travel and adventures. Let these awesome iPhone apps keep you organized, safe, and packing light.

Maps and GPS

Avoid getting lost — or looking like a tourist with a fold-out map — with these apps.

  1. City Maps 2Go: This map app doesn’t rely on an Internet connection, so you don’t have to rely on 3G or wi-fi to navigate around London, Cape Town, Stockholm, Sydney, Tokyo, Moscow, Frankfurt or other major cities.
  2. FlytoMap GPS – All in One: Get maps and GPS for parks and lakes in the U.S. and in the EU.
  3. Smart Maps – Paris: Students going to Paris can use this offline map, which includes offline search, bookmarks, pins and points of interest, GPS, and saves you from roaming charges.
  4. My Maps: Create your own list of maps by downloading them to this app, which lets you view them offline.
  5. Mobile Maps Europe: This is an expensive app, but could be a going away present from your parents. Get voice-guided maps for all the maps by Tele Maps, and also get alerts about speed traps, find parking and restaurants, and even use the crowd sourcing camera to see if anyone is about to pick-pocket you.


Record photos, video and travel notes with these journaling apps.

  1. Trip Journal: This highly rated journal allows you to share real-time updates, store photos, take notes, geo-tag photos and video, and manage multiple trips.
  2. iGeoJournal: Create itineraries, slideshows and take voice notes to track your trip. This app even syncs with Facebook.
  3. Countries Visited – World Travel Log: Keep track of the countries you’ve visited and add names of friends who went with you with this app.
  4. Off Exploring: This free, off-line travel app gives you a web address for your family to keep up with your travels.
  5. TripSnap: This app automatically geo-tags your photos and lets you add captions, then connects to your social media accounts for sharing.


Here you’ll find translators, dictionaries and more smart language tools.

  1. Language Translator: Enter text to translate into or from English, Japanese, Czech, Greek Korean, Polish, and a lot more.
  2. iTranslate: This popular — and free — app offers voice support.
  3. English – Spanish Language Translator Phrasebook: Helpful for students going to live in or just visit Spanish-speaking countries, this phrasebook will actually teach you Spanish, as well as translate.
  4. Arabic Language Buddy: Speak or type in English to get Arabic translations, which you can see and hear.
  5. WorldNomads.com travel guides: These guides will give you basic language support and translation when you’re just visiting another country or have a layover. Some of the 25 languages supported include Italian, Chinese, Khmer, Nepali, Greek, Turkish, German and Swedish.
  6. iTrans Language Matrix Lite: This app boasts "crystal clear audio" and a simple interface for translating Italian, French, Spanish, Russian Portuguese, Cantonese, Mandarin and English.


Find taxis, flights, metro stations and more here.

  1. Metro Maps: This light app gives you maps of subways around the world, in places like Munich, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Vienna, Paris, Athens, Prague, and more.
  2. London Tube Maps: This color-coded map of the London Tube gives station alerts.
  3. Train Schedules Europe: Find train schedules and connections, anywhere in Europe. You can also bookmark favorite routes and stations.
  4. Call a Bike: Find bikes to rent in Germany with this app.
  5. hayTrafico Lite: If you’re studying abroad in Spain and plan to do a lot of driving, download this app to view traffic cameras and get updates.
  6. Airport Guide – iFly: Get information for over 600 airports, including closures, terminal maps, restaurant and dining guides, flight status, layover ideas, wifi spots, and more.
  7. Flight Status – Live Flight Tracker: You can track flights leaving and arriving from over 4300 airports worldwide, view flight paths, get airport weather forecasts, and find restaurants, hotels and other amenities near airports.
  8. Metro Paris: Keep up with the Paris subway with this app, which also uses GPS and can help you find the closest station.
  9. Kayak: Find good deals on trips around the world with this popular airline app.
  10. Tokyo Metro: Navigate Tokyo’s subway system here.
  11. AllSubway: Find maps for subway systems in Beijing, Prague, Montreal, Hanover, and more.

Travel and Attractions

These apps will help you discover points of interest in your study abroad city and in the other towns you visit.

  1. Qwiki: Get quick facts from Wikipedia about the place you’re currently visiting: perfect for country hopping, road trips and day trips.
  2. Lonely Planet City Guides: Get all kinds of city guides from Lonely Planet for your iPhone, including London, Moscow, Berlin, Copenhagen, and many, many more.
  3. GlobeMaster: GlobeMaster is an offline travel guide for 1400 cities and also comes with utilities like tip calculators and unit conversion.
  4. GayCities: Get guides to gay-friendly attractions, bars and cities here.
  5. World Travel Guide Offline Deluxe: This app shares itinerary suggestions for top world cities as well as off-the-beaten path adventures. Add notes and use the phrasebook to enhance your trip experience.
  6. foursquare: Get to know a city better by following people in a city, so that you can learn about great places to hang out.
  7. Adventurer: Connect to some of the most breathtaking natural attractions in the world, via satellite images, GPS, Wikipedia and Britannica facts and trivia, and more. Includes battlefields, national parks, historic sites, castles, holy sites, and monuments.
  8. Attractions in China: Attractions you can learn about and find via this app range from ancient sites to natural wonders to city monuments.
  9. What’s Next?: Get suggestions for what to do next based on your location.
  10. UK Attractions: Discover castles, gardens, royal palaces and other attractions in the UK with this app.
  11. OZ Planner: This app is a great tourist package to Australia, educating you on popular events, shopping, dining, tourist attractions, hotels, and more.
  12. Most Visited Attractions: Learn about the 50 most visited attractions around the world, like Pompeii, the Pyramids of Giza, and South Korean mega-parks.
  13. Brighthouse Labs Sights: Brighthouse Labs has developed "Sights" apps for virtually every major international city, from Monterrey, Mexico, to Antwerp, Belgium, and more.
  14. Sydney Vouchers: Get travel deals and coupon alerts in the Sydney area.
  15. About Delhi: Look up hotels, restaurants, attractions and weather in Delhi, India.

Dining Out and Entertainment

Embrace new foods and nightlife with the help of these apps.

  1. VegOut: Find vegetarian restaurants and ratings around the world.
  2. Where to Eat?: This restaurant finder lets you choose from 45 different cuisines and 30 food types. It also includes an international GPS feature.
  3. Foodspotting, Inc: Get food recommendations from Anthony Bourdain, use the visual guide to view photos of food before you choose a restaurant, and find what restaurants are closest.
  4. Zagat To Go: Take Zagat ratings with you with this app, which also lets you reserve tables, search neighborhoods, and more.
  5. CheckPlease Lite: Since tipping abroad is much different than in the U.S., use this app to make sure you’re not being gauche with your check.
  6. OpenRice: Find yummy spots to chow down in Hong Kong.
  7. Escargo: This French to English app translates over 1,800 French food terms and menu items.
  8. Penang Street Food: If you’re going to Malaysia, this is an awesome app for finding the best and closest street food in Penang.
  9. iPairings: Studying abroad is often when students learn more about wine and wine pairings. Use this pocket guide to help.
  10. BlackBook Guides: Movers, shakers and jetsetters connect to give you insider tips about VIP deals, the best clubs, free drinks, skipping lines, and more. Cities supported include Madrid, London, Dubai and Tokyo, plus many others.
  11. Hi Shanghai: Learn about the best places to hang out in Shanghai with this app, which also comes with taxi cards to tell your driver in Chinese where you want to go.
  12. World’s Best Bars: This GPS-powered app lets you search bars by name or neighborhood.
  13. Hello Vino – Wine Recommendations: Learn more about wine by getting recommendations based on your answers to questions about occasion, meal/food, country/region and pairings.
  14. Urbanspoon: Urbanspoon now supports Melbourne, Sydney and London restaurants.


Don’t leave anything behind when you have these apps to remind you of important items.

  1. Packing Lis: Manage multiple packing lists and to-do lists for your trips.
  2. Pack Free: Keep track of items you want to pack and have already packed — and even group them into bags so that you know where to find stuff.
  3. The Backpacker Checklist: Get tips on what to pack, plan where to get items you need for your trip, and remember which bag you put everything in.

Homework and Organization

Stay organized and on top of your schoolwork.

  1. Smart Trip: Use this app to organize your study abroad trip or a vacation once you’ve already moved. You can get trip ideas, packing tips, transportation tips, and more.
  2. WorldCard Contacts: Keep up your networking as you travel abroad. This app saves images of business cards so that you can keep all your contacts in your phone.
  3. To Do: This is a very simple to-do list that you can use to remember homework assignments, errands, and more.
  4. InClass: This app organizes your crazy schedule, lets you take video, audio and photo notes, share notes and check-off assignments.


From university rankings to conversion tools, here are more apps that will enhance your study abroad experience.

  1. World University Rankings: If you want to enroll in a foreign university, start your research with this app.
  2. The International Student: You’ll get news stories and information relevant to study abroad students here.
  3. Converter: Convert temperature, length, speed, data, area, time and volume.
  4. Google Earth: Look up maps and corresponding Wikipedia articles with this app.
  5. AppBox Lite: This bundle includes a currency converter, tip calculator, unit conversion, holidays, and a Days Until app.
  6. Postman: Create and send virtual postcards.
  7. Currency Exchange Rates Pro: Compare over 220 different currencies.