2009 Studies Proved that Earning a Bachelor’s Degree Online is Beneficial to Students

Studies from the Department of Education revealed in August 2009 that for many students, ranging from the age group of children to adults, online education was more beneficial than ordinary schooling.  The studies came to this conclusion after students of every age were tested on their retention levels as well as their ability to independently function on their studies.  In every instance, online education was the leading contender.

The small statistical difference which the studies have indicated is monumental in its conclusions because this revealed that students learning through unconventional methods could achieve a higher ranges of test scores.  While there is only a slight difference between online education and traditional education test scores, many professionals have theorized that online education will expand sharply over the next few years but will not completely take over traditional classroom settings.  Recent years have additionally expanded the online education industry as newer technology has allowed online classes to teach lessons better than they were previously able to.  Earning a bachelor’s degree online has additionally become more prominent as online colleges have become more widely accepted throughout the career world.

Online education has additionally expanded through the use of the internet and social networking programs which have brought students together in ways that earlier courses were not able to do.  Bachelors degrees require years of study, but the ability to earn a bachelors degree online, from home, is a monumental change in schooling.  Teaching students the importance of individuality within their studies is an important part of education in general, and online education stresses this belief even more since most online students are forced to learn ideas and lessons on their own, rather than relying on other students’ ideas.

Since technology has evolved to the point where we are able to completely accept online education as comparable to classroom teachings, we can only speculate how much online classes will affect our future notions of education.  Earning a bachelors degree online is becoming more and more prominent within the older student community and is even becoming a viable option for recent high school grads who must continue working after graduation.  The easy accessibility of online classes has made it easy for students to work at the same time as they enroll in classes and has therefore jumped in prominence in recent years.  Bachelor’s degrees have increased in recent years solely as a result of the easy accessibility of online classes and will continue to increase as we strive for a better-educated population.