Why Your GPA Matters

Your GPA is more than just a number and it can affect many things throughout your college education in either positive or negative ways. Colleges and degree programs often have minimum GPA requirements that you have to meet and if yours is not high enough it can affect your present and future circumstances. When it comes to college your GPA matters, regardless of where you go to school – Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma – because it can prevent you from being accepted into certain degree programs, registering for specific courses, and receiving financial aid.

Your GPA can prevent you from declaring a major. Many universities set minimum requirements that must be met before a student is eligible to enroll in certain degree programs. Harder degree programs have higher GPA requirements because they want to ensure that the students they admit into them are able to handle the classes they will have to take. If you are planning on becoming an accounting major and have a 2.75 GPA, you are going to be disappointed when you realize that the acceptance into the business school is going to require that you have a minimum GPA of 3.0. It could take you several semesters before you are able to raise it high enough and therefore delay your graduation date.


Your GPA can delay your enrollment in specific courses. It is not uncommon for courses to have perquisites, which are necessary qualifications you meet have before you can enroll in a course. Sometimes these qualifications include a minimum GPA you must have before you can take the class. If your GPA isn’t high enough to enroll in the course, you may have to delay taking it or choose to take another course entirely. But if the course is required for your degree plan and you cannot enroll in it the semester you need to, it could also delay your academic progress.

Your GPA can affect your financial aid eligibility. Most merit-based scholarships have minimum GPA requirements, so a few points could be the difference between whether or not you qualify for it. These types of scholarships generally have these types of requirements in order to ensure that the students receiving the money are deserving of it. When it comes to financial aid, students need to realize that it’s not free money and that they earn it by being hard working students. Keeping up your GPA is important because it can help you to earn money for college that you otherwise are unable to.