Why You Need to Be Advised in College

When it comes to college you can’t do it on your own, and thankfully you don’t have to. Colleges have advisors that are there to guide you throughout your educational experience, and planning out your education is a collaborative effort between both you and them. Ever tried to read through your college catalog only to end up frustrated and confused? Lucky for you, it is an advisor’s job to know everything about that book and how it applies to you as a student. While it is your responsibility to follow the rules and procedures outlined in it, your advisor can help you understand and apply them. Depending on your university, you may be required to see your advisor every semester or just one a year, but it is important that you see yours often. Don’t be afraid to make an appointment because when it comes to your schedule and degree plan you need to be advised.

You need to be advised about your schedule. Planning out your class schedule each semester can be overwhelming, and you want to make sure that you are not overlooking a class that you need or a requirement you must meet. With only a few class times offered for each course and limited spaces in each one, it can be difficult to find a way to arrange your schedule so that you can fit everything in. An advisor can help you with your academic progress and carefully plan out your schedule each semester to make sure that you keep moving forward in your education. When that one class that you need to take in the Fall has been full since registration began in the Spring, an advisor might be able to find a way to squeeze you into it or suggest an alternative.

You need to be advised about your degree plan. If you are confused about what courses you need to take or are not sure about whether or not a course fulfils a certain requirement, an advisor can help. It is their job to know everything about your degree plan and help you to understand it. They can let you know the expectations of your program and help you to set goals in order to meet those expectations. Whether it is noticing that you are missing that extra elective or applying that class you took over to summer to your degree audit, advisors are there to help you keep track of your progress and graduate on time.