What You Want to Look for In a Major

Some people know what they want to major in before they even graduate high school, while others get to their sophomore year in college and still aren’t ready to commit. The thought of investing countless hours and immeasurable effort into a major can cause you to feel a lot of pressure to pick the right one. Depending on what school you go to major choices may be broad or limited, but no matter what your options are it is important to carefully consider each one. If you are starting to feel the heat don’t worry too much, just remember when it comes to looking for the right major you want to find one that reflects your personality as well as your passions.

You want to look for your personality in your major. A person’s personality is comprised of a set of distinctive traits that determine their behavioral and emotional characteristics. Your personality influences many things in your life, such as what interests you, what kind of people you are drawn to, how you think about things, and what you are good at. It also influences what you would most enjoy learning about and excel academically in, so it makes sense that you would want to make sure that your major fits it. During your major exploration take some time to really examine yourself and figure out your strengths and weaknesses, personal preferences, and likes and dislikes. Think about how all of these things would not only relate to a major, but a career. Are you good with people, love a challenge, and enjoy promoting things? A major in public relations may be a good personal fit for you. If you are good with numbers, enjoy analytical thinking, and love solving problems, you may do well as an accounting major.

You want to look for your passions in your major. With all of the time and money that you will be spending on earning a degree, you need to make sure that you care about it. Take the time to think about what things you do that make you the happiest, you lose track of time doing, or that you just can’t do enough of. One of the most challenging things about getting an education is having the determination to see it through. One way to make sure that you don’t give up is to find a sense of purpose in what you are studying. Purpose equals passion, and the more passionate you are about your major the more likely you will be to find joy and success in it.