What You Need to Do Before Your Exam

In college each grade you receive in class counts significantly, particularly exam grades. In most classes you will only have about four exams, which means each one is important and can either help or hurt you. If you want to make sure each exam contributes positively toward your final grade, here is what you should do.


Before you take your exam you need to make sure that you have the right supplies. Every professor is different and has different preferences when it comes to teaching styles and grading processes. They also have different preferences when it comes to the way they want you to take their exams, including the materials you bring to it. Most professors will let you know in class the specific materials they require you to have to take the test. If your professor neglects to mention this is class, check your syllabus it might be listed there. Because all tests are different, they may specify what kind of writing utensils, bluebooks, or scantrons you need to successfully complete it. Making sure that you have the correct materials on hand before the test will save you the embarrassment of having to interrupt the class and ask if anyone has an extra scantron because yours is the wrong color. Also, make sure that you are able to concentrate the day of the test by having the right food in your refrigerator. Eating well in the days before the exam will ensure that your body is getting the right brain food it needs to absorb information, as well as the energy to stay up studying.


Before your exam you need to study, ahead of time. If you want to do well on an exam in college you should not wait until the night before to catch up on the reading for it. Spacing out your reading and learn information in smaller chunks, this will help you to better understand and remember it. Along with reading material, make sure that you go over lecture notes and review the main concepts that were discussed in class. Also, take note of important vocabulary, people, events, and theories that may come up on the exam. If you know that the exam is going to cover about 3 chapters in your book, begin studying a week beforehand and focus on half a chapter a day. This will ensure that you fully process the information and store it into your long-term memory and not just the short term.