What College Admissions Look For

With colleges only having so many spots for new students every year, gaining admittance into one is becoming harder and harder. When it comes to applying for college there is no certain thing that you can do to make sure that you get an acceptance letter. But you can increase your chances, by knowing what college admissions look for and making sure you have those things on your application.


College admissions look for good grades. If you are a good student in high school, chances are you will probably be one in college as well. For universities, good students mean higher retention rates as well as higher percentages of students who graduate on time, two things that will positively affect their reputation. Remember that grades are important and some schools may even accept students based on high GPAs or SAT scores. It is likely that admissions departments will take a comprehensive look at all of your academic record throughout all four years of high school. It is important for them to see that you have been able to consistently make good grades. If you are worried about a few bad grades you made during your freshman year, don’t stress out too much. Admissions departments also take into consideration if you have been able to steadily improve your grades or how hard a class was that you took. Don’t worry that you made a B in Chemistry instead of that A you really wanted, admissions counselors know that it was harder for you to make that B in a science class than an A in an elective.


Admissions departments want to see a well-rounded student, which means not only having academic abilities, but the ability to contribute to your school and be a leader. Admissions counselors want to see that you have been involved in extracurricular activities that have allowed you to apply your knowledge and skills and develop your talents. Students who are able to demonstrate commitment to organizations by investing their time and effort to them will look better than students who just went home after school. Extracurricular activities will also give you the opportunity to accomplish things that will set you apart from your peers, such as organizing school events and activities. It is also important that admissions counselors not only see that you were involved in extracurricular activities but that you were able to be a leader in them. Being able to put leadership roles on your college application can demonstrate that your best qualities and help you stand out among your peers.