100 Excellent, Educational Twitter Feeds

Twitter offers a real-world education, right at your fingertips. It is a wonderful tool for collecting information, much of it educational. You can find educators, librarians, museums, and more on Twitter. Read on, and you’ll find 100 of the most educational feeds on Twitter.


Here are Twitter’s professors, teachers, and other educators.

  1. @therefore: Read @therefore’s tweets to learn about emergent communications and new media. Dean Terry (@therefore) has work that has been published by notable news and media sources, such as the LA Times in California and CNN.
  2. @mweller: @martinweller is an Open University professor.
  3. @drkent: Check out @drkent to learn about classical composition.
  4. @ProfCarol: Carol Dickson-Carr is a part time economics professor in Dallas, Texas.
  5. @levarburton: LeVar Burton of Reading Rainbow is an actor, director, and educator.
  6. @lessig: @lessig offers a look into the posts of a Canadian law professor.
  7. @hermida: You can learn about integrated journalism and new narrative styles from Alfred Hermida.
  8. @vargasl: Learn about marketing communications from Lauren Vargas.
  9. @coolcatteacher: Vicki Davis from Camilla, Georgia is a classroom pioneer.
  10. @jonbecker: Jonathan Becker discusses technology and educational leadership.
  11. @hmason: Hilary Mason can teach you about computer science and new media.
  12. @BarbaraNixon: From Arkansas resident @BarbaraNixon, you’ll learn about public relations.
  13. @tp_da: Thomas Pliel is a public relations educator at Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences.
  14. @paulawhite: Paula White from Charlottesville, Virginia tweets about gifted resources, Apple, STAR, and more.
  15. @Justale: Alessandra Tussi twitters about teleworking, marketing, and productivity, which may be of interest to students getting an online bachelor’s in Sales and Marketing.
  16. @metromediaqueen: Tricia Thomas’ Twitter feed is all about Photoshop, arts, graphic design, and video production.
  17. @patrickstrother: You’ll learn about advertising and public relations from Patrick Strother, who tweets from Minneapolis, Minnesota.
  18. @paulbradshaw: Paul Bradshaw tweets about web design and online journalism.
  19. @courosa: Alex Couros teaches educational technology at University of Regina.
  20. @stevekatz: Check out Steve Katz to learn about educational technology.
  21. @elemitrt: Tina Coffey discusses resources for instructional technology.
  22. @berniedodge: Bernie Dodge offers information about educational technology.
  23. @jmilles: James Milles is a professor of law at SUNY University at Buffalo Law School.
  24. @doctorious: From Matthew Gilbert, you’ll learn about English, IT, and business communication.
  25. @billgx: Check out Bill Genereux (KS) to learn about digital media and computers.
  26. @jayrosen_nyu: Jay Rosen is a journalism educator at NYU.
  27. @lauranicosia: Laura Nicoia’ is the Director of English Education at Montclair State University.

Libraries & Librarians

These Twitter streams represent librarians and important libraries.

  1. @librarycongress: Find out what’s going on at the Library of Congress from @librarycongress.
  2. @jessamyn: Jessamyn West is a rural librarian geek.
  3. @yalsa: From @yalsa, you’ll learn what’s happening with the Young Adult Library Services Association.
  4. @pfanderson: P.F. Anderson is an emerging technologies librarian.
  5. @Librarian: Check out @Librarian to look at libraries in a different way.
  6. @sljournal: The School Library Journal will tell you about news and book reviews for children’s and young adult reading material.
  7. @heyjudeonline: Check out Judy O’Connell to learn about library and information services.
  8. @glambert: Greg Lambert is a law librarian in Houston.
  9. @LibraryJournal: @LibraryJournal offers library news, book reviews, and more.
  10. @LJBookReview: From @LJBookReview, you’ll find book news and book reviews from Library Journal.
  11. @kenleyneufield: You can learn about the social web from this community college librarian.


You can learn a lot from current events-stay on top of everything with these Twitter feeds. Students with an online journalism bachelor’s may want to make note of these feeds as well.

  1. @BreakingNewsOn: Follow BNO News on Twitter, and you’ll learn about news as soon as it happens.
  2. @educationweek: Follow @educationweek to get American education news.
  3. @cnnbrk: By following @cnnbrk, you’ll get the latest in breaking news.
  4. @CNETNews: Check out CNETNews for a steady stream of tech updates.
  5. @giraffes: @giraffes offers updates on anything and everything to do with giraffes.
  6. @nprnews: On @nprnews, you’ll find the top news stories from NPR.
  7. @weather: Check out @weather to get the latest weather news.
  8. @CDCemergency: Learn about emergency preparedness from @CDCemergency.
  9. @SkyNews: Find breaking global news out of London from @SkyNews.
  10. @EcoInteractive: The Eco Preservation Society will help you learn about wildlife conservation and reforestation.
  11. @BBCeducation: On @BBCeducation, you’ll get details about news and education in the UK.
  12. @space: You’ll find space and science news from @space.
  13. @EducationInfo: Education Info offers what’s new in the education and job sectors.
  14. @bbcbreaking: BBC Breaking news offers the latest developments from the UK.
  15. @edu_tweets: @edu_tweets finds and posts interesting educational links.
  16. @nytimes: Get loads of the latest news from @nytimes.
  17. @whonews: You can learn about new developments from the World Health Organization from WHO News.
  18. @science: Follow @science to get the latest in science news.
  19. @foxnews: On Fox News, you’ll get a direct line to the latest happenings around the world.
  20. @EarthquakeNews: This Twitter feed from the USGS Earthquake Center will keep you up to date on earthquake happenings around the world.
  21. @googlenews: You can find breaking news stories and updates from Google news on @googlenews.

Museums & Facilities

Museums are great educational sources, even when they are on Twitter.

  1. @Smithsonian: The Smithsonian Institution is the world’s largest museum complex.
  2. @lifeandscience: The Museum Life+Science encourages followers to be curious and ask questions about the world.
  3. @NASA: Check out @NASA to get news from NASA.
  4. @StarEcoStation: The STAR EcoStation is an award winning non-profit environmental education and exotic wildlife rescue center.
  5. @mysticseaport: Mystic Seaport is the nation’s leading maritime museum.
  6. @jodrellbank: Jodrell Bank is home of the world’s third-largest steerable radio telescope and the MERLIN National Facility.
  7. @sciencemuseum: The Science Museum brings science to life and life to science.
  8. @DesignMuseum: If you’re into contemporary design, be sure to check out @DesignMuseum.
  9. @philamuseum: The Philadelphia Museum of Art is one of the largest art museums in the United States.
  10. @whitneymuseum: The Whitney Museum has one of the world’s foremost collections of contemporary American art.
  11. @asianartmuseum: The Asian Art Museum is the largest museum in the western world devoted to Asian art.
  12. @TheMuseum: The Childrens Museum of Ontario shares fun facts and imagination tweets.
  13. @BigCatRescue: Through @BigCatRescue, you can learn about ending the breeding, trade, use, and abuse of big cats.
  14. @V_and_A: This museum in London is one of the world’s greatest museums of art and design.
  15. @houstonzoo: Find out what’s happening at the Houston Zoo from @houstonzoo.
  16. @mediamuseum: The National Media Museum is devoted to film, photography, TV, radio, and the web.
  17. @Exploratorium: The Exploratorium museum will fulfill your curiosity.
  18. @TheWomensMuseum: The Women’s Museum offers history of heroines and stories from 1500 to present day.
  19. @cincyartmuseum: The Cincinatti Art Museum has a huge and diverse collection of art.
  20. @brooklynmuseum: The Brooklyn Museum is one of the oldest and largest museums in the country.
  21. @hmns: The Houston Museum of Natural Science offers tweets that focus on science news and more.
  22. @henryartgallery: The Henry Art Gallery is Seattle’s oldest art museum with the newest ideas.
  23. @cmhouston: The Children’s Museum of Houston is a Playground for Your Mind.

Learning Resources

Follow these Twitter users to learn about medicine, marketing, and more.These users contribute information that can be valuable to students pursuing an online bachelor’s degree in Health Care.

  1. @AllergyNotes: Ves Dimov, MD offers information about allergies on this Twitter feed.
  2. @BJMendelson: Brandon Mendelson shares information about cancer.
  3. @DrJennifer: Dr. Jennifer Howard is a licensed psychotherapist.
  4. @dannynic: Read Danny Nicholson’s tweets to learn about Whiteboard.
  5. @SwampSchool: Marc Seelinger shares information about wetlands, environment, real estate, and green issues.
  6. @dianadell: Diana Dell shares learning games and more on her Twitter feed.
  7. @GrammarBlog: Learn about grammar with a dash of humor from @GrammarBlog.
  8. @designmeme: Check out @designmeme to learn about media studies.
  9. @chrisbrogan: Follow Chris Brogan to learn about social media, new marketing, and education.
  10. @SlideMagnet: From @SlideMagnet, you can learn about public speaking and presentation.
  11. @BernardHarris: Dr. Bernard Harris is a former astronaut working to change US education.
  12. @eduguru: @eduguru will teach you about web development and marketing for education.
  13. @TEDTalks: @TEDTalks shares ideas worth spreading.
  14. pbsteachers: You can find grade school learning and teaching resources from @pbsteachers.
  15. @_enlightenment: Enlightenment Media is an online degree enlightenment education blog.
  16. @LearnHub: @LearnHub shares lots of great links for education.
  17. @MarketingProfs: Read Ann Hadley’s Twitter feed to get updated about marketing education.
  18. @GrammarGirl: Mignon Fogarty wrote a NYT bestseller about grammar.
  19. @donorschoose: Through Donors Choose, you can help provide public school funding.