Top 100 Gender Studies Blogs

By Megan Jones

Whether you’re pursuing a degree from a top-tier college in women’s studies or taking a few online courses to slowly work towards a degree focused on gender, you can find a number of great blogs online that can supplement your learning experience. Here are a few that we’ve put together that deal with a large range of gender related issues. Here you’ll find blogs that range from defining what it means to be feminine or masculine to understanding your rights under law concerning gender and sexual orientation.


These blogs address a wide range of gender-related issues.

  1. Gender Pop: This blog analyzes issues of gender in science and culture. An especially helpful resource for students pursuing an online bachelor’s in Social Science.
  2. Difference Blog: Here you’ll find regular posts on news items related to gender differences and sex, from a fairly scientific perspective.
  3. Feminist Theory and Gender Studies: The International Studies Association maintains this blog that documents their research, conferences and ideas.
  4. Women and Gender Studies Blog: Written for a gender studies class, this blog addresses a number of gender issues in popular culture.
  5. The Gender Agenda: Want to know how women fit in in the business world and how gender impacts work? This blog documents the thoughts and experiences of Cleo, an employee at Price Waterhouse Coopers in Houston.
  6. Gender Equivalence: Here you’ll find discussions of gender and the struggle to attain gender equality, from the point of view of a man.
  7. DevActivism: This site isn’t devoted solely to gender, but readers will find a number of articles that address gender issues worldwide.
  8. Engender Truth: The aim of this blog is to discuss gender issues and help men and women to see past their differences.
  9. Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood: While some may not agree with the biblical viewpoint on gender it’s only fair to include it in the discussion of gender issues to get a balanced view. The Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood is headed by Dr. Randy Stinson from Lousiville, Kentucky.
  10. Gender in Norway: See how gender issues have played out in Norway through the posts on this blog. Find additional information on other social and political topics as well.
  11. Below the Belt: This blog attempts to deconstruct ideas about gender especially in relation to masculinity/femininity and sexuality.


These blogs take a feminist point of view when it comes to discussing gender and political issues.

  1. Feministing: Authored by Amy S. Choi from Brooklyn, this blog was designed as a place for women to share their thoughts and feelings about issues that affect their lives.
  2. I Blame the Patriarchy: Here you’ll find gender issues explored from a distinctly anti-male, pro-feminist point of view.
  3. Feministe: This multi-author blog is one of the oldest feminist-run blogs on the Web.
  4. The Curvature: Check out this site to get a feminist perspective on all things political and cultural.
  5. Donna Darko: Give this blog a visit to read about politics, gender, class and race.
  6. The Feminist Underground: From feminist movie suggestions to what your legal rights are in job interviews, you’ll find loads of female-geared information here.
  7. Girls Can’t What!?: Ever been told you couldn’t do something because you’re a woman? This blogger can sympathize and explores all the great things that women can do as well as other issues of gender equality.
  8. Feminism 101 Blog: Learn the basics of feminist thought and theory from this blog.
  9. Feminist Review: Here you can read reviews of pop culture products from a feminist point of view.
  10. Women in Media & News Blog: This blog features “fifty women blogging on media coverage of women and a range of social, cultural and political issues every day.”
  11. Broadsheet: Check out this section of that discusses issues relevant to women and gender.
  12. Feminist Philosophers: Explore feminist thought through the discussions provided in the posts on this blog.
  13. Fourth Wave Feminism: This collaborative blog explores issues of sexuality and gender in the present day, and helps explore the ways in which women are still disenfranchised in many ways around the world.


These bloggers are professors, students and researchers interested in gender and women’s studies.

  1. Home Cooked Theory: Home Cooked Theory is the blog of Melissa Gregg, a research fellow in gender, media and cultural studies in Brisbane Australia.
  2. Rachel’s Tavern: This blog addresses race, gender and sexuality from a sociological perspective and is written by sociology professor Rachel.
  3. Gender Studies at FMU: These students at Francis Marion University in South Carolina write about a number of gender and women’s studies topics on this blog.
  4. Glass Ceiling U: This blogger isn’t an expert in women’s studies but has opted to create her own women’s studies program. Check out her blog for updates and commentary.
  5. To Delight and Instruct: Here you’ll find the blog of Horace, a professor of English, Gender Studies and Writing.
  6. Gender, Race and Philosophy: The Blog: Check out this blog to read the viewpoints of scholars and philosophers on gender-related issues.
  7. Nick’s Flick Picks: This blog is written by a film and gender studies professor. While it’s mostly just for fun, you’ll find some good information as well on some great movies to watch.

Gender Identity and Sexuality

Check out these blogs for interesting reading on the topic of gender identity and transgender individuals.

  1. enGender: Blogger Helen Boyd has plenty of experience trying to understand and accept those who are transgendered– her own husband is part of the transgendered community. Check out her blog for insightful and helpful commentary and information.
  2. TRANScend Gender: Check out this site to read posts from a number of blogs that focus on gender, transgender and sexuality.
  3. Genderfork: If you enjoy photography, give this blog a look. You’ll find loads of beautiful photos that explore androgyny and gender variance.
  4. Warren Throckmorton: This college psychology professor from Pennsylvania writes in his blog about topics like public policy, religion, mental health and sexual identity.
  5. To a T: Gender Journies: Here you can read about the experiences of transgendered individuals.
  6. Gender ID Blog: This blogger shares her experiences as a post-op transsexual on this site.
  7. Not Another Aiden: From dealing with parents to defining your gender identity after deciding to live as a transsexual, this blog covers a range of issues.
  8. Trans Group Blog: Find support and understanding from this group of transgendered bloggers.
  9. eTransgender: Enjoy open and honest discussions of gender on this online forum and blog.
  10. Transadvocacy: This blog is home of the Connecticut TransAdvocacy Coalition, working to protect the rights of transgendered individuals in Connecticut beyond.
  11. Femulate: Check out this site for commentary from a transgendered man.

Queer Studies

Read these blogs for commentary on sexuality and preference and how it intersects with gender.

  1. DC Queer Studies: These bloggers are faculty from schools in the DC area who meet and discuss issues related to the gay community.
  2. Queer Geek Theory and Related Wanderings: This blogger explores queer issues from a scholarly perspective.
  3. Center of Gravitas: Check out this site for insightful posts from a professor on issues pertinent to the gay community and just for fun as well.
  4. The Bilerico Project: This blog is a must visit site for those looking for scholarly discussions of gay and transgender issues.
  5. Queer & A: Here you’ll find a great discussion of queer theory, women’s issues, academia and activism.
  6. Damn Straight: Blogger Abigail Garner provides regular posts about “queer news and views” on this site.
  7. Queer Theory and Contemporary Ceramics: This blogger asks the question if there is a unique queer aesthetic when it comes to the ceramic arts.
  8. Gay Book Blog: Looking for good reading material to explore issues of sexual preference? This blog can provide you with numerous recommendations.
  9. The Geographical Imagination: Jen Gieseking, Ph.D. candidate in environmental psychology, discusses her research on the development of queer women’s spaces in NYC.
  10. Blog O’ Queer: Check out this site to find loads of gay-focused news.
  11. Good As You: These bloggers are fighting for equal rights for gays, lesbians and transsexual individuals.
  12. Invert(e): This multiple-contributor blog addresses issues of class, race, sex, age, gender, identity, body image and more.

Politics and Law

Learn about the legal and political ramifications of gender studies from these blogs. These resources can also benefit students getting an online bachelor’s in Human Resource Management.

  1. Reproductive Justice and Gender: Find out about the myriad of legal issues that are related to gender, sexuality and reproduction from this law-focused blog.
  2. Feminist Law Professors: Want to read about legal issues from a scholarly and feminist point of view? Then this blog can meet all your needs.
  3. La Politique Avec Peu Ryan: Check out blogger Ryan’s page for some discussions about gender and how it fits into the political sphere.
  4. No Borders and Binaries: This blogger addresses issues of immigration as well as opposing diametric distinctions between race and gender.
  5. Gender and Sexuality Law Blog: Columbia Law School maintains this blog and can be a great resource for learning about the laws that protect gender and sexuality.
  6. Hunter of Justice: Nan Hunter, Professor at Georgetown Law in Washington, DC, blogs about issues of gender, law and culture.
  7. Beyond (Straight and Gay) Marriage: Nancy Polikoff uses her blog to explore legal issues related to gay marriage and family law.
  8. Family Law Prof: Many troubling issues revolve around family law for gay and lesbian couples and this blog attempts to address a number of them through commentary and news.
  9. Leonard Link: New York Law School Professor Arthur S. Leonard covers a wide range of topics in this blog but focuses on sexuality and the law.
  10. Sexual Orientation and the Law Blog: Check out this blog to learn more about how to defend your rights regardless of your sexual preferences.

Women’s Studies

Learn about issues important to women from these informative blogs.

  1. Our Bodies, Our Blog: Inspired by the well-known book, this blog addresses a number of issues that are important to women, from physical health to mental health to social well-being and fulfillment.
  2. PodCat Black: This blog addresses a number of gender issues, focusing on the topic of skepticism and superstition.
  3. Black Women Doing Women’s Studies: Check out this blog to learn more about black women who are engaged in scholarly research or teaching in the field of women’s studies.
  4. NWS Action Blog: The National Women’s Studies Association maintains this blog that provides information about their conferences and important yearly issues.
  5. Bitch Ph.D.: This academic blogger and her cohorts address a variety of gender issues (and more) from a feminist perspective.
  6. Global News, Women’s Voices: Here you can get information about issues that matter to women around the world, and stories told in their own words.
  7. Mama PhD: For moms who are also academics and scholars, this blog provides helpful information and advice.
  8. Bitch Magazine Blog: Check out this site for female-oriented commentary, articles and more.
  9. The Y Files: Freelance journalist Cathy Young posts on a number of issues, but many of her posts are related to issues of sexuality, gender and identity.
  10. NOW: The National Organization for Women provides updates on their latest projects and successes on this site.
  11. Ultrasound Technician School: Post-feminist new mothers are often pulled in so many directions they need a forum to share their thoughts and emotions. This blog provides the place.
  12. Sciencewomen: Women are often discouraged from going into the sciences, but this blogger proves that women can be successful scientists and engineers.

Men’s Studies

Here you’ll find discussions of topics that are particularly important and relevant to men and their rights.

  1. Danny’s Men’s Studies: Here you’ll get commentary from blogger Danny on how to raise boys, what it means to be a man and how men should live.
  2. Male Matters: This blog is a great place to find reporting that deals with men’s issues that are sometimes ignored by the mainstream media.
  3. M is for Malevolent: Are men inherently evil? This blogger feels that they are being treated as such and new laws and restrictions have caused them to become the disenfranchised sex.
  4. Khankrum the Bulgar: This blogger explores a range of men’s issues and the culture war that often takes place between men and women.
  5. Gender War: Give this blog a read to find out how men are often put down and demonized in popular Western culture.
  6. Heretical Sex: This blog is staunchly anti-feminist, allowing readers to get a different perspective on the topic of gender.
  7. Fathers and Families: Learn how fathers can play a big role in the health and well-being of their children from this blogger.
  8. Davout: This blogger is opposed to feminism because he believes its detrimental to both sexes. Check out his alternative viewpoint on this site.
  9. The Rights of Man: Check out this UK blog that addresses gender discrimination issues there, focusing on how they affect men.
  10. The Man on the Street: This blog is all about the men’s movement and issues that are important to men.
  11. Marty Nemko: Blogger Marty is a contributing editor for career issues at U.S. News & World Report and co-president of the National Organization for Men posts about how men and boys can get treated fairly in schools, colleges and the workplaces.
  12. Why Boys Fail: Here you’ll find information and views on why boys often don’t do well in school and what can be done to rectify the situation.

Gender and the Workplace

Learn how gender affects pay, interactions and more in the workplace.

  1. Women and Work: Morra Aarons-Mele discusses how women function in the workplace and use technology.
  2. Where Women’s Studies Meets Economics: This feminist economist discusses policy questions and how economic issues affect women and their families.
  3. Workplace Prof Blog: Learn all about issues of policy and law in the workplace, many of which relate to gender and sexuality issues.
  4. Transgender Workplace Diversity: Visit this blog written by Dr. Jillian T. Weiss to learn about how transgendered individuals can protect their rights in the workplace and get equality.
  5. Today’s Workplace: This blog is dedicated to exploring issues of workplace fairness from gender to race.
  6. Advancing Women Career and Business Blog: Get some tips and information on how women can and have advanced their careers.


These blogs cover a variety of gender issues.

  1. It’s Different for Girls: Blogger Linda Sherman discusses issues that women face all over the world in both personal and professional aspects of life.
  2. A Blog of Our Own: These women’s studies students post on a variety of gender-related topics.
  3. Digital Narratives: This blogger shares her thoughts on digital narratives as well as differences between the way men and women interact with technology.
  4. Don’t Ya Wish Your Girlfriend Was Smart Like Me?: Here you’ll find intelligent commentary on gender and sexuality issues and much more.
  5. Gender and Pop Culture Blog: Learn how gender is displayed in pop culture, for better or worse, in this blog.
  6. Faith and Gender: A Necessary Conversation: Here you’ll find discussions of how gender and faith intersect and sometimes conflict by writer Kimberly George.
  7. Sugarbutch Chronicles: This blogger is open about sexuality and gender issues and shares her thoughts and advice on a range of issues.