Stay Healthy by Getting a Bachelors Degree Online

Tis the flu season of 2009.  The infamous debut of the H1N1 virus months ago added another worry to the list in traditional classrooms.  The close proximity of classmates has always produced confined quarters and a perfect environment for germs to worm their way into every students’ immune system.  However, online education has moved past this worry and developed a way to stay healthy throughout the process of getting a bachelors degree.

More than ever, this year has proved to us the importance of a clean bill of health.  The flu virus has stricken all of us, but never in the way that H1N1 appeared to strike: seemingly out of nowhere and targeting a younger population than ever before.  However, while many college students around the country came down with Swine Flu, online education prevailed in a way that was never foreseen: it produced the best way for protecting its students against the flu virus.  While critics maintain that a lack of classroom interaction is detrimental in learning course material, online classes have protected students this year by keeping them away from students who may be coughing all over them in a traditional setting.  This is a unique advantage for those students who have weak immune systems or are prone to catching the flu in a regular season.

While online education offers many advantages across the board, this is one that is extremely vital during flu and cold season as more and more students are forced to miss classes and even withdraw due to a nasty bout of the flu.  Online students do not have to worry about this disturbance and will only have to worry about catching a virus from coworkers or family members.  Schools have always been known for their ability to produce viruses because of students’ close proximity to each other, but online schools have changed this perception entirely and offer many students a healthy alternative this flu season.  Getting a bachelors degree online comes with a wide variety of advantages and possibilities, and discovering that there are hidden benefits is a clear indication that the online education industry has come at the right time in society.