Learning Gone Wild: 100 Most Hilarious (But Informative) DIY Guides on the Web


The Internet is full of great resources for learning, many of them serious, but some of them are just downright funny. Whether you want to find out how to booby trap a chair or create a banana phone wireless headset, there’s something out there for you. Here we’ll take a look at 100 of the most hilarious DIY guides available online.

Costumes and Clothing

Make some fun accessories or a costume that will have your friends cracking up with the help of these guides.

  1. How to Make Ethernet Cuff Links: In this guide, you’ll see how to make cuff links out of ethernet plugs.
  2. Multiple Stab Wound Costume: Create a cheap and funny costume with this guide.
  3. How to Make a Grown Up Cabbage Patch Costume: Read this guide to find a costume that’s sort of cute, and really kind of scary.


Pull off these pranks on April Fool’s or any day of the year for hilarity.

  1. Inside Programmable Road Signs: Have you seen the news about the "Zombies Ahead" road sign in Austin? Make your very own with the help of this guide.
  2. Egg Gun Revealed: Create this egg gun to take your vandalism to the next level.
  3. Virus Prank: Trick your friends into thinking they’ve got a computer virus with this DIY prank.
  4. HP Printer Prank: This prank will show you a funny way to change the LCD display message on an HP printer.
  5. How to Booby Trap a Chair: Get someone to jump right out of their chair with this booby trap prank.
  6. How to Make Someone Laugh with Only a Desk and a Cupcake: Lean how to prank with a desk and a cupcake from this guide.
  7. Evil KFC Bucket of Goodness: Put some horns on your KFC bucket for a funny prank.
  8. Tazer Glove: Create a tazer glove out of some simple parts using this tutorial.
  9. Mentos and Diet Coke Booby Trap: Booby trap a refrigerator with Mentos and diet Coke.
  10. Condom + Water Bottle = Funny Prank: Use a condom and water bottle to leave your victims wet.
  11. How to Make a Funny Sign: This guide offers a look at how you can alter photographs to make funny signs.
  12. How to Outstrength Any Man: See how a frail looking girl can overpower a grown man through this guide.
  13. DIY Toilet Paper Cannon: Take your TP launching to the next level with this cannon.
  14. The Singing Keyboard Prank: Make a keyboard sing any time a specific button is pressed using this hack.
  15. The Living Severed Hand!: Create the illusion that you’re holding a severed hand with the help of this guide.
  16. DIY Taser: With this guide, you can make a DIY taser.
  17. Booby Trap a Mop: In this video, you’ll learn how to turn a mop into a funny prank.
  18. Ketchup Prank: Have fun with this prank that involves a ketchup bottle.
  19. How to Prank Somebody with a Computer Keyboard: Find out some of the funny things you can do with computer keyboards from this guide.
  20. DIY Web-Based Telepresence Robot: Create this robot to build your own telepresence.
  21. How to Execute the Exploding Envelope Prank: In this video, you’ll see how to fuel off an exploding envelope.
  22. Ye Olde Aprile Fools Prankes: Here you’ll find some fun pranks from olden times.
  23. Pull Off the Greatest Cup Prank Ever: Use a cup, straw, and lid to prank someone.
  24. How to Build a Taser for Free!: Build a shocking camera by following this guide.


Although funny, some of these DIY guides are just plain weird.

  1. Killer Flashlight Will Burn Your House Down: Create an extreme flashlight that can catch fire using this guide.
  2. DIY Gas Mask: Learn how to make a gas mask with the help of this DIY guide.
  3. iPod Cigarette Holder: Check out this guide to see how you can turn your broken iPod into a cigarette holder.
  4. DIY Microwave Heat Ray Weapon: Want to ruin your chances of conception and/or encourage cancer? Be sure to check out this microwave heat ray weapon guide.
  5. DIY Flame Thrower: Learn how to create a flame thrower with the help of this video.


Following these funny guides will provide you with hours of entertainment.

  1. Extreme Personal Video Recorder: In this guide, you’ll see how you can create an extreme form of TiVo.
  2. How to Dance Like a Hobo: This video will show you how to dance like a homeless man.
  3. How to Make Videos: In this video, you’ll learn how to make your videos more watchable, and also hilarious.
  4. The Lucid Dream Machine: Check out this guide to see how you can create a machine that gives you lucid dreams.
  5. Hacking the Esquire E-Ink Cover: A How-To: This guide will show you how to bend an electronic magazine cover to your will.
  6. Rumble Mouse: Turn your simple mouse into one that offers rumble vibration feedback using this guide.


Check out these guides to make some of the most fun toys and gadgets possible.

  1. Boo! Bug Bot: In this guide, you’ll find out how to make a robot that gets agitated at light.
  2. Enterbell: Follow this guide to learn how to make an Enter key doorbell.
  3. The DIY Chainsaw: See how to create a DIY chainsaw from this video.
  4. Grad Gown LED VU Meter: Have fun hacking your graduation gown with this guide.
  5. DIY Infrared Goggles: In this guide, you’ll learn how to create your own infrared goggles.
  6. RC Controlled Propeller Powered Skateboard: This guide will show you how to make a skateboard on crack.
  7. NESBlinky: Check out this guide to find out how to make a Nintendo controller bike flasher.
  8. When Lightsaber Meets Nunchucks: Create your own lightsaber nunchucks using this guide.
  9. The Best Damn Pen Shooter Period: Learn how to make a cheap but very effective pen shooter from this guide.
  10. Thing-a-ma-kit: Check out these instructions to see how you can make your own annoying noise maker.
  11. PlayStation Wizard: This guide will show you how to make a LEGO PlayStation.
  12. DIY Ping Pong Gun: Learn how to launch ping pong balls with this gun’s guide.
  13. Giant SNES Controller: Those with extremely big hands may want to check out these instructions for a giant SNES controller.
  14. Bluetooth Banana Phone Wireless Handset: Create a banana phone with the help of this guide.
  15. Cigarette Packet Flash Diffuser: Create a flash diffuser for your camera using an empty pack of cigarettes.
  16. Magnetic Money Clip Using a Dollar Bill: Create a cool looking money clip from a dollar bill using this guide.
  17. Book to iPod Cozy: Look just a little bit more studious by putting your iPod inside of a book.
  18. Hamster Powered Generator: Use a hamster to create power with this handy little generator.
  19. Laser Flashlight Hack: Make use of this guide to create a powerful DVD laser pointer.
  20. Scrabble Keyboard: Here you can learn how to make a keyboard out of Scrabble tiles.
  21. Adrian Monk Disneytopian Blinking Hand of Righteousness: Here you’ll learn a fun way to make a turn signal glove.
  22. Bluetooth Pistol Mouse: This guide will help you learn how o turn our mouse into a pistol.
  23. DIY In-Car Laptop Desk: Can’t bear to leave your laptop long enough to sit in traffic? This guide will solve your problem.
  24. How to Make an Emergency Kazoo: Turn a few simple objects into a noisemaker using this guide.
  25. Build a Net Gun: If you’ve ever wanted to play Spiderman, be sure to check out this guide to creating a net gun.


Use these guides to have a little more fun at the office.

  1. Dot Matrix Business Card: Make an incredibly expensive but entertaining business card with this guide.
  2. How to Have Email Etiquette: You’ll learn how to use good email manners from this guide.
  3. Email Clock: In this clock, the more email you get, the more it will tick.
  4. Nintendo Pen Cup: Use this guide to make 8 bit sleeves to hold your pens and other assorted tools.
  5. DIY Laptop Stand for the Bed: The truly lazy can work from bed with the help of this DIY laptop stand.
  6. Extreme Business Cards: Learn how to make business cards that are truly remarkable, including one that dials itself.


Check out these guides to have some fun in your home.

  1. SNES Alarm Clock: Follow this guide to find out how you can make an alarm clock out of a broken Super Nintendo console.
  2. How to Pill a Cat: This guide will teach you how to give a pill to a cat.
  3. Duck Hunt NES Zapper Lamp: Follow this guide to create a hilarious lamp based on the NES Duck Hunt lamp.
  4. The Student Way to Defrost Your Freezer: Learn an alternative way to Auto Defrost from this video.
  5. Fire Alarm Bell Alarm Clock: Make an alarm clock that’s sure to get you up with the help of this guide.
  6. Insta-Cool Beer Chiller: Using this hack, you can cool down your beer in a hurry.
  7. RFID Beer Cooler Lockdown: Keep your beer safe from brew snatchers with the help of this guide.
  8. Catproof Remote Control: Check out this guide to learn how to keep control of the remote.
  9. Stash Valuables in a Full Soda Bottle: Outsmart would-be thieves with the help of this guide.
  10. BUMS Project: Take control of your bathroom with this Bathroom Utilities Management System.
  11. How to Stop Your Dog or Cat From Un-rolling the Toilet Paper: Find out how to cut out the path of destruction with this guide.
  12. Indestructable Binary Alarm Clock: Do you have a problem with beating your alarm clocks to death? It might be a good idea to look into this guide.
  13. Hard Drive Clock: Make this simple but cool clock out of a hard drive.
  14. Poor Man’s DIY Flat Panel TV: Don’t have a flat panel TV? No worries, just knock out a wall!
  15. Quick Fix: This video will show you how to patch a leaky roof while dealing with a crazy cat.
  16. Computer Aquariums: Create a fish aquarium out of your old computer.
  17. DIY "Cat Jet": Get rid of the litter box smell with the help of this ventilator guide.
  18. Phaser Blasted Alarm Clock: Create an alarm clock that you can shoot with this guide.
  19. Mamebook Cocktail: This hacker turned his broken laptop into an arcade cocktail cabinet.


These guides approach food with a tongue in cheek attitude.

  1. Deflate Your Mate: Here you’ll learn how to make a zesty chick pea stew designed to help your girlfriend lose weight, and perhaps help you lose your girlfriend.
  2. Rehab Ravioli: Cook up an intervention with this ravioli.
  3. Finger Food: Make hot dogs that look like severed fingers with the help of this guide.
  4. Get Famous Frittata: This frittata and a three step program with help you get famous.
  5. One Night Stand Breakfast: Cure hangovers and awkward conversations with this breakfast.
  6. Bloody Fudge Hands: Create these hands for a gooey, creepy treat.
  7. Impress the Inlaws: Make these creamy gorgonzola farfalle portabello mushrooms, and you’ll have your inlaws eating out of your hands.
  8. Bag ‘Em Tag ‘Em French Toast: Lock your lover down with this delicious french toast.

Personal Development

Don’t take yourself so seriously-follow these guides for fun in personal development.

  1. Do It Yourself Anger Management: Check out this video to learn how to control your anger in a hilarious way.
  2. How to Make Everyday Life Hilarious: This guide will show you how to make life more funny.
  3. How to Dance Sexy: Find out how to attract the opposite sex with dancing from this video.
  4. How to Relate to Goats: In this guide, you’ll learn all about connecting with goats.