Keeping in Touch with Friends and Family While at College

When you go away to college, it can be difficult to remain in close contact with your loved ones. You are in a new environment where you are undoubtedly meeting tons of new people everyday. Your lifestyle changes tremendously when you leave home and go to school. You are juggling a rigorous course load and you have a number of things tugging at your time (new friends, studying, and, quite simply, living the college life). However, it is important for you to remember your family and friends as you can be sure that they are thinking of you as you embark on this exciting, new challenge.

Whether you are the first person in your family to go away to college or you come from a big family that has sent many brothers or sisters away to school before you, you need to maintain your relationships with your family. For many reasons already stated, this can be a challenge as time really does seem to fly by in college. For your parents, it is a huge deal for them to all of a sudden have one of their children away from home. Even if they are the most confident parents in the world, they still have fears about you being gone and they will worry about you on a daily basis. Make a schedule to call home every Sunday evening or to send an email to your parents every other day. Whatever schedule you set up, stick to it. These do not have to be long emails or calls, but be aware that any sort of checking in will be most welcomed and appreciated.

Your going away to school is a big deal for younger and older siblings, alike. Your younger brothers and sisters look up to you in some fashion. Try to send them a text message or email when you are thinking of them. Check in with them to make sure things are going well back home. They will feel empowered to relay any information back to you. Your older siblings will look to your accomplishments with pride. Remember that they have been in your shoes before, and they can impart some wisdom to you when you need help with your studies, friends, or life in general.

Keeping in touch with your friends can actually be the most difficult. They are probably experiencing a whirlwind of changes just like you. Shoot them an email or an instant message when you have a free chance. It is important to keep up these friendships as they are the people that know you the best and can help you through whatever tough times you encounter. They will also feel good knowing that they can turn to you when they need help.