How to Find a Great College Job

College jobs are often expected to be grueling, low pay and high effort positions. Typical settings for college student employment opportunities are restaurants and retail establishments. Many students find success this way, while others take a different route. Pursue a higher quality of college careers, and you may find better pay, experience, and references that will help you way beyond the college years.

Check out your school for opportunities. Just about every school has positions that are available to students. These positions include library assistants, TAs, admissions clerks, tour guides, and various administration positions. These are some of the best jobs to have as a college student, as they can be set up through a work-study program that can help you with your tuition, and you can avoid paying most taxes through this arrangement. Paid internships are a great option as well. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about transportation, as you’ll already be on campus for school.

Check your school’s paper for opportunities. Companies that are looking for college talent will often advertise in the school’s daily or weekly newspaper. Take a look at the paper to find out if there’s a job that’s right for you, but be careful. Some companies that target college students are scams, so you have to be vigilant and willing to walk away if anything sounds fishy.

Temp agencies are also a great resource for college students. Often, temporary staffing companies are in search of skilled workers with a high school diplomas and a flexible schedule. Talk to your local temp agency about any part time positions that they may have available to someone with your credentials.

Think outside the big box. You may be tempted to work tables or the cash register, but there are better options out there. Look into becoming an administrative assistant with part time hours, work at a gym as an instructor or trainer, or take on a job at a local bank. All of these opportunities offer more engaging work and higher pay than your typical college job, and you can take your experience from these jobs beyond the college experience. You may even start a career while you’re at it!

With the right attitude, resume, and willingness to work, your college job possibilities are endless. Consider what we’ve shared with you in this guide, and use it to find a college job that’s perfect for you.