A Guide to College Freebies

If you’re a college student, you surely know already that school is expensive. You may even be privy to some of the perks that are given to college students. But you probably don’t know all of the great freebies that come along with being a student in college. Check out our guide to find free stuff and discounts to get you through the college years.

Tuition discounts exist. You may be surprised to find out that some colleges will offer students a discount on sticker-price tuition. You may be eligible due to a family or employment association, or the school wants to give you a special incentive to attend their college. Talk to your school to find out if you are eligible to receive a discount on your tuition bill.

Retail establishments often have an unmentioned student discount. Stores like J. Crew, Pier 1, and Top Shop offer up to 15% off every day, just for showing your student ID. You may also find that your school has deals with companies such as Apple or cell phone providers that can give you a special rate.

Entertainment also comes a little bit cheaper for students. Several national movie chains have a special student price, and even fine art institutions like the ballet, museums and Broadway extend a discount to those with a student ID. You may also be able to find student rush tickets to certain shows. Finally, some sports teams have special student days and discounts for those with ID.

Almost every school has partnerships with software providers. Talk to your school to find out what exists, and you can get student software at a fraction of the price. Adobe, for example, has student editions of their Creative Suite for up to 80% off of regular rates.

If you’d like to spend a summer abroad, you may find that it’s a bit cheaper to do while you’re still in school. You can find discount airfare, hotel stays, and activities for students all around the world. You may also be able to take advantage of student tours, so you’ll experience travel with people your age and get to take advantage of group discounts as well.

College can be expensive, so that means you should take advantage of discounts whenever you can. Keep an eye out for opportunities to get the best price, and you’ll find life as a college student just a bit easier.