100 Leaders You Can Learn From on Twitter

You can find just about anyone on Twitter, and leaders are no exception. Whether you’re looking for motivational speakers, New York Best Selling authors, social media experts, or politicians, you can find quite a few interesting personalities. Read on to learn about 100 leaders on Twitter that you can learn from.


These speakers and experts offer inspiration and learning.

  1. @johncmaxwell: John Maxwell is a bestselling author from Florida and speaker on leadership.
  2. @RickM: Check out Rick Myers, founder and CEO of Talent Zoo.
  3. @angiechaplin: Angie is a leadership presenter, practitioner and professor.
  4. @MachenMacDonald: Follow Machen to learn from a #1 bestselling author, coach, and speaker.
  5. @AndrewWindham: This professional speaker and entrepreneur from Atlanta, Georgia can help coach you in your business.
  6. @tonyrobbins: Tony Robbins offers loads of inspiration.
  7. @KevinEikenberry: Kevin is a leadership expert, speaker, consultant, and more.

Business & Entrepreneurship

Getting an online bachelor’s in Business? Learn about business from these entrepreneurs and other business experts on Twitter.

  1. @raedsam: @raedsam is a businessman, leader, and humanitarian.
  2. @cpoizat: @cpoizat is the Founder and President of International Network of Social Entrepreneurs.
  3. @ramit: Follow Ramit Sethi to find loads of entrepreneurial knowledge.
  4. @SDEntrepreneur: Follow James Hickey, an entrepreneur in Internet marketing and direct marketing.
  5. @guykawasaki: You can learn about business and venture capital from Guy Kawasaki who lives in Silicon Valley.
  6. @StartupGuru: Follow Brian Tsuchiya to find loads of information about startups.
  7. @mariaandros: Maria A. Andros empowers and teaches passionate entrepreneurs around the world.
  8. @darrenmonroe: Darren Monroe can teach you about leadership and web marketing.
  9. @EntMagazineAmy: Follow Amy Cosper, the editor in chief of Entrepreneur Magazine.
  10. @LIW3: LIW3 is a global leadership consultancy supporting leaders around the world.
  11. @el_maloush: Stephan Krause is a young entrepreneur, marketing expert, and opinion leader.
  12. @JohnChow: Follow John Chow to learn about making money online.
  13. @kevincottrell: Kevin Cottrell is a real estate media and economic expert who likes to share news and information about real estate and markets.
  14. @charleneli: Charlene is the co-author of Groundswell and a thought leader on emerging technologies.


Learn from these religious leaders on Twitter or use their wisdom and expertise to supplement your bachelor’s in Christian Studies.

  1. @millerisms56: Here you can follow the founder of Godtube.
  2. @TerryStorch: Follow Terry Storch to learn from a digerati pastor.
  3. @bradpowell: Brad is a leader at NorthRidge Church in Michigan.

Social Media

These leaders can help teach you about social media.

  1. @DannyBrown: Check out Danny Brown, who provides business branding and social media consultancy services.
  2. @problogger: Darren Rowse is a goldmine of information for bloggers.
  3. @skydiver: Follow Peter Shakman, a social media CEO adventurist and founder of Help A Reporter Out.
  4. @ScottAllen: Follow Scott Allen for insight into social media and entrepreneurship.
  5. @JasonCalcanis: Jason Calcanis can teach you about social media, online entrepreneurship, and more.
  6. @copyblogger: Follow Brian Clark to learn about new media.
  7. @wbaustin: Bill Austin is a social media expert.
  8. @leeodden: Lee Odden is an SEO and social media marketer as well as a CEO of an Internet marketing agency.
  9. @chrisbrogan: Check out Chris Brogan, a social media icon.


Learn from senators, representatives and more.

  1. @BarackObama: He’s the President of the United States.
  2. SenJohnMcCain: Follow former presidential candidate and senator from Arizona John McCain.
  3. @GOPLeader: John Boehner is the Republican Leader of the US House of Representatives.
  4. @MarkWarner: Follow @MarkWarner from the US Senator and his staff.
  5. @timryan: Tim Ryan serves Ohio‘s 17th District in Congress.
  6. @Schwarzenegger: Arnold Schwarzenegger is California’s Governor.
  7. @DrRandPaul: Dr. Paul is a Senate hopeful and the son of former presidential candidate Dr. Ron Paul.
  8. @TomCoburn: Tom Coburn is a Senator from Oklahoma.
  9. @ChiefDeputyWhip: Kevin McCarthy serves as the US House of Representatives Chief Deputy Republican Whip.
  10. @ChuckGrassley: Chuck Grassley is a US Senator from New Hartford, Iowa.
  11. @SenChrisDodd: Follow the Senate office of Senator Chris Dodd.
  12. @RepMaryFallin: Mary Fallin represents the Fifth District of Oklahoma.
  13. @SenBillNelson: Bill Nelson is the senior Senator from Florida.
  14. @jaredpolis: Jared Polis is a member of Congress from Colorado’s 2nd District.
  15. @keithellison: Follow Rep. Keith Ellison from Minnesota’s Fifth Congressional District.


Here you’ll find lots of CEOs on Twitter.

  1. @ev: Evan Williams is best known as the CEO of Twitter.
  2. @timoreilly: Tim O’Reilly is the founder and CEO of O’Reilly media, supporting alpha geeks everywhere.
  3. @randfish: Follow Rand Fishkin to learn about search optimization and Internet marketing.
  4. @LIVESTRONGCEO: Doug Ulman is the President and CEO of the Lance Armstrong Foundation.
  5. @zappos: Tony Hseih sets the standard for customer service everywhere.
  6. @richardbranson: Richard Branson is a highly successful entrepreneur.
  7. @tonyhawk: Tony Hawk is a professional skateboarder, CEO, and doting dad.
  8. @kmesiab: Follow Kevin, the CEO of Mesiab Labs that is a voracious consumer of information.
  9. @RickM: Rick Myers is the founder and CEO of Talent Zoo and Offset Media.
  10. @kevinrose: Kevin Rose is the founder of Digg.
  11. @sorenmacbeth: Follow this co-founder and CEO of Stocktwits to learn about currency markets and hedge funds.


You can learn from these authors on Twitter.

  1. @neilhimself: Check out Neil Gaiman, a very popular author.
  2. @penelopetrunk: This author can help you with your career.
  3. @missrogue: Tara Hunt is the author of The Whuffie Factor and supporter of good karma.
  4. @tferriss: Get inspired by Tim Ferris, author of The 4-Hour Work Week.
  5. @shoemoney: Jeremy Schoemaker is an author, blogger, and managing partner of ShoeMoney Capital.
  6. @stevenbjohnson: Steven Johnson is a writer of six books including Invention of Air.
  7. @Ann_Sieg: Ann Sieg is the author of The Renegade Network Marketer.
  8. @paulocoelho: Paulo Coelho is a writer and warrior of light.

Journalists & Reporters

Check out these journalists and reporters you can learn from on Twitter.

  1. @JimMacMillan: Jim is a Pulitzer-winning visual journalist, university educator, and new media consultant.
  2. @JohnAByrne: John is the Editor-in-Chief of BusinessWeek.com and a digital journalism advocate.
  3. @AnnCurry: Ann Curry is most commonly known from her work at NBC.
  4. @geoffkeighley: Geoff Keighley is a videogame journalist and host of Spike TV’s GTTV.
  5. @Gladwell: Malcolm Gladwell is a bestselling author and journalist.
  6. @sarahcuda: Follow Sarah Lacy, a reporter and author in Silicon Valley.
  7. @chrishansen: Chris Hansen is a TV journalist and author, known for segments on Dateline NBC.
  8. @SuzeOrmanShow: Suze Orman offers a wealth of knowledge about personal finance.
  9. @NikkiFinke: Nikki Finke is a showbiz journalist.
  10. @rolandslakis: Follow Rolands Lakis, a TV director, producer, photographer, and more.
  11. @ambermac: Amber is a Tech TV journalist, web content strategist, and more.
  12. @alexismadrigal: Alexis is a Wired.com staff writer in science and energy, and is writing a book about the history of green tech in America.
  13. @McCainBlogette: John McCain’s daughter Meghan McCain is a columnist for The Daily Beast.
  14. @jdlasica: Follow JD Lasica, an author, blogger, and journalist.


Check out these educational leaders that you can learn from.

  1. @drkent: Dr. Kent is a radio host, composer, writer, musician, and professor.
  2. @jmilles: Check out James Milles, a law professor at SUNY.
  3. @hermida: Alfred Hermida can teach you a thing or two about digital news.
  4. @jayrosen_nyu: Jay Rosen teaches journalism at NYU, writes PressThink, and more.
  5. @lauranicosia: Follow Laura Nicosia’s tweets to see the thoughts behind a Director of English Education.
  6. @PatrickStrother: Patrick teaches advertising and PR at University of Minnesota.
  7. @barbaranixon: Learn about public relations from Barbara Nixon of Georgia Southern University.
  8. @rmack: Rebecca MacKinnon is a new media professor, journalist, and blogger.
  9. @therefore: Dean Terry is the Director of Emerging Media at UT Dallas.
  10. @MarketingProfs Read what Ann Handley has to say about marketing education.
  11. @courosa: Alec Couros is a professor of educational technology and media.
  12. heyjudeonline: Check out Judy O’Connell, a librarian working to transform education and libraries.
  13. @jonbecker: Jonathan Becker is the professor of educational leadership at Virginia Commonwealth University.
  14. @mweller: Martin Weller is a professor with Open University.
  15. @paulbradshaw: Paul is a senior lecturer in online journalism and web design.
  16. @berniedodge: Bernie Dodge can teach you about educational technology.
  17. @stevekatz: Steve Kats is a Director of Educational Technology and an author.
  18. @billgx: Bill Genereux is a computer and digital media professor.
  19. @doctorius: Matthew Gilbert is a business, communication, English, and IT teacher.