100 Best Blogs for Learning About Africa

By Alisa Miller

The continent of Africa is the second-most populated in the world and has 53 countries within its bounds. With so many people and nationalities, it should be no surprise that the diversity found there is enormous. While poverty and war are a part of Africa, so is technology, bustling cities, and unique culture found nowhere else on Earth. These blogs bring together the richness and diversity that is Africa with voices covering specific countries, experiences across the borders, news, technology, art, and culture, which can be an immensely valuable resource for students working on an online bachelor’s in International Business or other international degree programs regardless of where they study – Delaware, South Dakota, Rhode Island – these resources can help people anywhere!

All About Africa

These blogs provide a glimpse into politics, human rights, technology, cool gadgets made specifically for Africa and more as the bloggers span across the continent.

  1. Africa Now!. This weekly radio show from Washington DC near Virginia posts topics from the show on their blog that cover issues affecting the entire continent.
  2. African Politics Portal. This student writing from Illinois and traveling in Africa posts news stories and more about the political climate in Africa.
  3. Africa Works. Written by G. Pascal Zachary, a teacher at Arizona State University, this blog covers a wide range of issues about Africa including politics, international relations, technology, culture, and more.
  4. George Ngwane. This political activist and writer blogs about politics, art, and culture as they pertain to the freedom and evolution of the African people.
  5. Travelling Pundit. While this African blogger travels frequently around the world and does infuse his blog with those experiences, he also offers an insight to the African people and culture that is well worth reading.
  6. AfriGadget. This blog features ways in which everyday problems in Africa are solved with ingenious solutions.
  7. Africa Can…End Poverty. Finance, hunger, government, and the people are all focuses of this blog about ending poverty in Africa.
  8. My heart’s in Accra. Human rights, technology, politics, poverty, and more feature in this blog written by Ethan Zuckerman, who currently lives in Lanesboro, MA.
  9. Black Looks. This blog examines several aspects of life in Africa, but especially focuses on women and human rights.
  10. under the baobab tree. With posts on such topics as a donkey mobile library in Ethiopia, a documentary about the fishing fleets in Senegal, and Gnawa home songs, readers are sure to feel they have been given a lovely glimpse of African life and culture.


The current government and a currency shortage has turned Zimbabwe upside down. These bloggers lend their voices to effect change for the country they love.

  1. The Bearded Man. This blogger focuses on politics in Zimbabwe with a special emphasis on the current dictatorship and its impact on the people.
  2. Kubatana. This collaborative blog is written by a group of activists all speaking out about Zimbabwe. The voices here are frequently lyrical, subtle, and always moving.
  3. Harare diary. “Esther” writes anonymously on this BBC diary about the conditions in the capital city of Zimbabwe.
  4. Denford Magora’s Zimbabwe Blog. The thought-provoking posts at this blog touch on politics, economy, and the people of Zimbabwe in an effort to give hope and a voice to the people.
  5. Living Zimbabwe. From hunger to corrupt leadership to the Red Cross in Zimbabwe, the posts here aim to bring recognition to all that is occurring in the country.
  6. New Zimbabwe Blogs. This collaborative blog features well-written posts by a number of writers focusing on many aspects of the political climate in Zimbabwe.
  7. Mandebvhu Talks Zimbabwe. From hunger strikes to collapsed negotiations, this blog focuses on the politics of the region.
  8. Zimbabwe Absurdity. As this blogger anticipates the loss of his business in Zimbabwe, he writes about the dollarization, a nation of traders trying to survive, and shares insight on the culture and past glory of the nation.
  9. Zimbabwe’s Heroes and Villains. This blog profiles the people behind (and in front of) the scenes in Zimbabwe’s political culture.
  10. Zimbabwe Republic Police. Written by a member of the police force, this blogger provides insight, and hope for the future, into how the once-reputable police force has become horribly corrupt.


Arguably one of the most beautiful places in the world, Kenya is not without its problems. Conservation and politics feature highly in these blogs from Kenya. For this reason, students pursuing a bachelor’s in Entomology may be especially interested in these resources.

  1. Kenyan Analyst. With a strong Christian influence, the posts on this blog cover politics in Kenya, and frequently, how they relate to the world at large.
  2. KenyaImagine. A community-based effort, this blog focuses analysis of current issues in Kenya.
  3. Kenyan Pundit. Written by a lawyer and political activist in Kenya, this blog focuses mostly on Kenya, but sometimes includes other topics as well.
  4. Rants, Raves & Reviews. Using news pieces as a springboard, this blogger writes about Kenyan politics.
  5. Wandia Njoya’s blog. A part of The Zeleza Post, this blog features posts about academia, politics, and Kenya.
  6. Green Dreams Organic Farming in East Africa. This blog features the successes of small, rural farmers in Kenya as well as some politics that can’t help but touch their lives.
  7. Lion Guardians. This blog is written by Antony Kasanga, the assistant director for the Lion Guardians program. This program recruits Maasai warriors to help protect the lions they once speared, and Antony writes interesting posts not only about the program, but about life in Kenya as well.
  8. David Ngala. The conservation officer at Friends of Arabuko Sokoke Forest, David Ngala tells about his work to protect from poachers and deforesters the “largest piece of indigenous coastal forest remaining in Kenya,” which is the sole home to many animals and a stunning example of biodiversity with three forest types located in its bounds.
  9. Camel Book Drive. Kenya’s mobile library project blog updates readers on progress as well as offering a glimpse into life in Africa.
  10. Kenyan Ramblings. The luxurious writings in these posts not only open up the world of a woman in modern-day Kenya, but provide a decadent break from the day to revel in a bit of literature.


The rich history and current growth of Nigeria’s economy provides plenty for these bloggers to write about.

  1. Akin. Touching on topics including women’s rights and using African people as guinea pigs in the research of anti-malarial medications, this blog covers African issues with a focus on Nigeria.
  2. Omoluwabi Okebadan. Writing about politics around the world, this Nigerian blogger also brings a strong focus on how it relates to Nigerian politics as well as posting about specifically Nigerian issues.
  3. Max Siollun’s Website. This blog provides in-depth coverage of Nigerian politics with recent stories including results of British colonialism, the anniversary of the first military coup, and a speech about the economic progress of Nigeria.
  4. Mo Lo. Politics, economy, and Nigeria’s relationship in international issues feature highly in this blog.
  5. StockMarketNigeria. For anyone interested in the financial aspect of Nigeria, this blog brings the latest news on markets, financials, and related information.
  6. Grandiose Parlor. Focusing on “sociopolitical and economic issues” in Africa, but specifically Nigeria, the posts here cover a range of topics including American politics as they pertain to Africa and news posts from other sources.
  7. I am thinking about Nigeria. The posts here offer a very real sense of what it’s like to live as a Nigerian with topics including politics, life, culture, and economy.
  8. The Long Harmattan Season. Written by Uche Nworah, the author of the book that shares the same name as this blog, the posts here cover topics affecting Nigeria.
  9. Nigerian Village Square. Smart editorials about Nigerian politics, economy, and more are on this blog.
  10. Thy Glory O Nigeria…!. Taking a hard look at government, politics, and more, this blog covers Nigerian issues.
  11. Nigerian Curiosity. Nigerian politics are the focus of this popular blog.


Politics feature at the forefront of many of these blogs that describe the country’s connections to world powers and its struggle to find peace and unity.

  1. ethiopundit. This blog discusses the politics in Ethiopia especially as they relate to other world powers–including the US and Great Britain.
  2. Addis Voice. Mostly a news aggregators, this blog features everything Ethiopian in respect to politics and international connections. Be sure to read about the Obama cafe in Ethiopia, the first opened in the world.
  3. Ewenet Means Truth in Ethiopia. Read about politics and culture in Ethiopia, especially as it relates to the Muslim community there.
  4. The Other Side. Learn about Ethiopian political and social issues from a foreign resident’s perspective on this blog.
  5. Friends of Ethiopia. This blog is a news aggregator with a particular focus on eco-friendly news stories that relate to Ethiopian politics and economy.
  6. Kinijit. This group is dedicated to bringing peace, unity, and prosperity to the people of Ethiopia through a democratic process.
  7. Ethio-Zagol Post: The State of Ethiopia. While not being updated so frequently right now, this blog provides plenty of insight into the reality of politics in Ethiopia.
  8. Enset. With posts ranging from the arrest of the first woman leader in a major political party in Ethiopia to the election of Obama to the importance of the respect of elders in Ethiopia, the politics in this blog cover all the bases.
  9. Addis Journal. Combining photographs with written blog posts, the articles here are infused with a distinct sense of humanism that makes the political atrocities that much more haunting.
  10. Abesha Bunna Bet. This blogger takes a close look at the people behind the politics as he shares his views on his homeland.


Dictatorship and the genocide in Darfur are such a large part of what defines Sudan today, and these blogs cover the news, politics, and human rights violations occurring.

  1. Meskel Square. Named after a place in Ethiopia, this blog is actually about Sudanese politics and issues written by a journalist based in Khartoum.
  2. Memoirs of a Sudanese Breath. Part political blog and part poetry blog, the esoteric nature of the posts here are sure to move you.
  3. Black Kush. This blogger provides editorials on political issues and news stories occurring in Sudan.
  4. JohnAkecSouthSudan. From South Sudan, but living in the UK, this blogger writes about the economic and political environment in Sudan.
  5. Making Sense of Darfur. This blog covers politics and socioeconomic issues in an attempt to make sense of the upheaval, political unrest, and human rights violations occurring in Darfur.
  6. Sudan: The Passion of the Present. This blog’s purpose is as a place for people to share ideas and inspiration on stopping the genocide in Darfur.
  7. Sudan Watch. Get the latest news as it relates to the politics taking place in Sudan.

Perspectives from Many African Countries

These blogs offer a glimpse into life in various countries throughout Africa from Zambia to Ghana to Tanzania.

  1. Zambian Economist. Learn about the economic state of Zambia minus the politics in this blog.
  2. Palapye.com News Blog. With a focus on Botswana, this blog brings news of politics, business, culture, and more.
  3. Under the Acacias. Written by a missionary, this blog shares life among the Fulani in Burkina Faso.
  4. GhanaConscious blogs. These blogs are a part of the GhanaConscious community that gives voice to the people of Ghana.
  5. The Trials & Tribulations of a Freshly-Arrived Denizen…of Ghana. Despite the title, this blogger has been writing about his life in Accra for four years now and offers insight through the written word and photos.
  6. Reluctant Memsahib. Written by a third-generation Celt in Tanzania, this woman’s lyrical posts share life in Africa, as a mother, and as a part of the universe.
  7. Scarlett Lion: Liberia. With stunning photos and an outsider’s eye, this blogger shares her experiences in Liberia.
  8. Koranteng’s Toli. With an intriguing blend of culture, politics, and editorial, this blog brings a unique vision of Ghana to readers.
  9. louder than swahili. Written by a Danish woman living in Tanzania, this blog provides a glimpse into life there. She also includes some beautiful photographs of the people and the region.
  10. Oluniyi David Ajao. Born in Nigeria and living in Ghana, this blogger shares his experiences and his voice to help others recognize Africa as the majestic continent it is.
  11. Mama Junkyard’s. This woman’s posts cover being Kenyan, living in Nigeria, being a woman, travel, living abroad, and all the bits about life she has collected along the way.


Stay on top of the news coming out of Africa with these blogs that post on a variety of topics across many different countries.

  1. Sociolingo’s Africa. Posting a collection of news, images, and various other details pertaining to Africa, this blog covers a wide range not contained to just one geographic region.
  2. Africa News. This news aggregate reports from over 125 African news sources as well as many other sources to provide news events all across Africa.
  3. AfricanLoft. With politics, culture, lifestyle, opinion, and more, this blog provides a purely African perspective to the news.
  4. Jewels in the Jungle. Find news from around the world as it pertains to issues, culture, and more in Africa.
  5. Africa Matters. From maps to economy to business, find plenty of news about Africa at this blog.
  6. Addax. Get bilingual (English and French) news stories from all around Africa.
  7. FaridNet. African news is mixed with other world news in this blog written by Farid Omar.
  8. AllAfrica.com.: Blog. Get news updates that range from film reviews to the US presidential inauguration to media in Africa.

Technology and Entrepreneurship

Technology and business is growing quickly across Africa and these blogs document the trend with topics for those interested in technology, entrepreneurship, banking, sustainable development, and more.

  1. Timbuktu Chronicles. Written by Emeka Okafor, an entrepreneur in New York and also the TED Africa Director, this blog covers technology, science, and entrepreneurship as it affects Africa.
  2. Africa Unchained. Also written by Emeka Okafor, this blog focuses on issues raised by George Ayittey’s book Africa Unchained.
  3. Apprica. Get your daily dose of African IT industry news and culture from this blog.
  4. Startups Nigeria. Learn about technology and web startups with this blog.
  5. Startup Africa. With a similar focus to Startups Nigeria, this blog focuses more on social media and seems to have a strong South African presence.
  6. Nigerian Entrepreneur. Get a feel for what the entrepreneurs working in Nigeria experience with the important information and tips available in this blog.
  7. Nubian Cheetah. Written by Nii Simmonds, this blog focuses on technology, entrepreneurship, sustainable development and more in Africa.
  8. e-Luminations. A blog formed as a part of the Khanya project, which brought technology to teachers in South Africa, provides technology updates.
  9. Afromusing. Technology, innovation, renewable energy, and other random topics that catch the attention of this blogger are the focus here.
  10. Bankelele. Banking and business are at the forefront of this blog written by a Nairobi banker.
  11. White African. This excellent blog features tech topics with an African viewpoint and covers topics such as coworking space, African technology used worldwide, and Google in Africa.

Art and Culture

The art and culture in Africa is stunning and unique and these blogs attempt to capture it for the reader who is not lucky enough to be there in person to experience it first-hand.

  1. Africa is a Country. Written by a South African living in New York, this blog covers music, films, art, books, politics, and more as they pertain to Africa, but especially the country of South Africa.
  2. SA Rocks. A response to the negative press about South Africa, this blog presents some of the positive aspects of the country and includes posts about music, travel, restaurants, and other cultural topics.
  3. halftribe. With a heavy emphasis on the written word, this blog shares art, literature, and more that reflect the current African culture.
  4. Kwani Trust. Promoting Kenyan culture, this blog features literature, photos, cultural events, and more from the country.
  5. African Travel Guide. Whether you plan to travel around Africa or just enjoy doing so from your computer, this blog includes the latest news on African travel.
  6. laspapi. This blog offers bits of arts and culture through photographs, posts from other sources, and more.
  7. SAYMAMA. This Nigerian blogger includes cultural events, poetry, fashion, and even a bit of politics in her blog.
  8. A Romanian in Africa. This student is traveling through Africa as a part of his education and posts about African culture and more. He also writes African Politics Portal about politics in Africa.
  9. The Face of AfriKa. This blog focuses on the positive aspects of Africa not often shown in the world news and includes inspirational posts, information about events, fashion, and more.
  10. BetumiBlog. Writing from the US, this blogger shares an amazing amount of information about African foods, their history, and more.
  11. African Architecture and Design. With a focus on eco-building, sustainability, and local materials, this blog brings the finest examples of modern architecture and design.
  12. Poefrika. The posts here are African-inspired writings, including poetry as well as prose and includes a quote and poem of the day.