100 Best Blogs for Journalism Students

Today’s journalism students are entering an industry that’s facing a crossroads. These days, newspapers and media in general are adapting and growing at a rapid pace, and it’s essential that students keep up, or they’ll be left in the dust. By reading these blogs, you can keep an ear to the ground on the latest developments that matter the most to journalism students.


These blogs offer general information to journalism students.

  1. PoynterOnline: Read news and tips about writing, reporting, and more.
  2. Common Sense Journalism: Doug Fisher, an author based in South Carolina, blogs a view of common sense journalism in new and old media.
  3. The Editorialiste: From New York City, NY, Andrew Nusca offers his writing about media issues.
  4. Lost Remote: Lost Remote discusses the future of TV and the business of journalism.
  5. Institute for Analytic Journalism: This institute researches and develops non-traditional analytic methods and tools for journalism.
  6. Innovation Journalism: Read this blog to learn about journalism, information, public affairs, and more on Innovation Journalism.
  7. JOUR M02 Writing and Reporting for the Media: This class blog will help you learn about interviewing, gathering information, and more for writing and reporting.This can be helpful for students pursuing a future in Communications as well.
  8. Tony’s Journalism Blog: Read Tony’s blog to see the latest news stories in journalism. Tony Rogers received a B.A. in journalism from a prominent school in Wisconsin and a M.S. in journalism from Columbia University located in New York.


Read these blogs to hear from journalism professors and other educators.

  1. The Innovation Journalism Blog: David Nordfors leads the Innovation Journalism program at Stanford in California.
  2. Bob Stepno: Read Bob Stepno’s to find explorations of personal and community journalism. Stepno teaches at Radford University in Virginia.
  3. PressThink: Jay Rosen teaches journalism at NYU and writes the PressThink blog.
  4. Columbia Journalism Review: This blog supports strong press and strong democracy.
  5. Teaching Online Journalism: Read this blog to learn about teaching and learning online journalism.
  6. Neiman Journalism Lab: The Neiman Journalism Lab is a blog about quality journalism in the Internet age from Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
  7. Public Journalism Network: Leonard Witt is the Robert D. Fowler Distinguished Chair in Communication at Kennesaw State University.
  8. Campfire Journalism: Campfire Journalism shares tutorials and knowledge for teaching interactive storytelling.
  9. Andy Dickinson: Read what Andy Dickinson has to say about online journalism, newspaper, video, and digital media.
  10. JACC Blog: JACC Blog offers a discussion from the Journalism Association of Community Colleges.
  11. WJEA Blog: The WJEA blog is a tool of the Washington Journalism Education Association.


Check out these blogs to read the thoughts of other journalism students.

  1. The Spectrum: This blog from NYU’s Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute Urban Journalism Workshop shares views from urban teems.
  2. Journo Student: Thoughts and Exploits: Find a discussion of magazines and more in this journalism student’s blog.
  3. Online Journalism Lab: This blog is written by students at Whitworth University in Spokane, WA studying the changing world of online journalism.
  4. Innovation in College Media: Read this blog for a group discussion on the future of social media.
  5. Online Journalism Review: Read this blog, the work of OJR readers and journalism students from the University of Southern California’s Annenberg School of Journalism.
  6. Jschool Student Blog: This blog is maintained by journalism students at Jschool: Journalism Education & Training, Australia.

New Media

Many blogs that are important to journalism students today reflect what’s happening in new media.

  1. Journalism 2.0: Mark Briggs’ blog writes about journalism in the digital age.
  2. Journalistopia: This blog is written for online journalists.
  3. Contentious: Contentious shares Amy Gahran’s discussion on communication in the online age.
  4. Mashable: Mashable offers a readable guide to social media.
  5. Socialmedia.biz: Get social strategies and social news from this blog.
  6. Online Journalism Blog: Read the Online Journalism Blog to get a look into the future of journalism.
  7. MediaShift: MediaShift is a guide to the digital media revolution.
  8. Ricochet: Here you’ll find a home for ideas on online news.
  9. paidContent: This blog writes about the economic evolution of digital content.
  10. New Media Bytes: Read New Media Bytes to learn about online journalism, web production, and more.
  11. Publishing 2.0: Publishing 2.0 covers the revolution of media.
  12. Reportr: Reportr offers a blog to help make sense of how media, society, and technology work together.
  13. BeatBlogging: BeatBlogging works to push the practice of beat reporting.
  14. Online Journalism Review: Online Journalism Review works to support good journalism and help journalists thrive in the Digital Now.
  15. Technolo-J: With Technolo-J, you can get in touch with your technical side.
  16. Eat Sleep Publish: Read thoughts on publishing’s future on Eat Sleep Publish.
  17. Journerdism: Journerdism discusses online journalism, multimedia, social media, and more.
  18. E-Media Tidbits: In this group blog, you’ll learn about the intersection of news and technology.
  19. MediaMemo: Find news, analysis, and opinion about the digital revolution in this blog.
  20. 10,000 Words: 10,000 Words is a blog at the intersection of journalism and technology.
  21. Center for Citizen Media: This blog encourages grassroots and citizen journalism.
  22. Advancing the Story: Advancing the Story examines broadcast journalism as it relates to the multimedia world.
  23. MediaShift Idea Lab: Read Idea Lab to learn about community news for the digital age.
  24. CyberJournalist: Follow this blog for tips, news and commentary on using the Internet as a reporting tool.
  25. The Journalism Iconoclast: The Journalism Iconoclast discusses new media journalism.
  26. Interactive Narratives: Interactive Narratives showcases some of the best in multimedia journalism and storytelling.
  27. MediaFile: MediaFile is a blog that shares the meeting of media and technology.


Check out these blogs that cover the news of covering the news.

  1. Mediabistro: Mediabistro offers news, career, and community for media professionals.
  2. A Capital Idea: Nicole Stockdale writes this copy editing blog about grammar and newspapers.
  3. Journalism.org: This website will help you better understand news in the information age.
  4. Editor & Publisher: Editor & Publisher is America’s oldest journal covering the newspaper industry.
  5. Rhetorica: Read Rhetorica to find analysis and commentary about journalism, politics, and more.
  6. Sans Serif: Get news, views, and more about the printing industry from Sans Serif.
  7. Media Matters for America: Stay up to date on happenings in the media from Media Matters.
  8. The Newspaper Guild: If you’re a communication worker, be sure to check out this blog.
  9. Media Guardian: Find media news, commentary, and analysis from the UK on Media Guardian.
  10. The Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press: This nonprofit shares developments in freedom of the press on this blog.
  11. Mediaweek: Mediaweek is an official media news magazine.
  12. Newspaper Death Watch: Newspaper Death Watch will keep you up to date on the decline of newspapers.
  13. Topix Journalism: Topix updates journalism news from thousands of online sources.
  14. Romenesko: Follow Jim Romenesko’s blog to get a daily dose of media industry news, commentary, and more.
  15. Evolving Newsroom: This blog shares links and observations on news and journalism.
  16. I Want Media: Find media news and resources from I Want Media.


Get your news straight from the journalists on these blogs.

  1. Howard Owens: Here you can read the personal blog of Howard Owens.
  2. Mediascaper: Anthony Salveggi is a Tampa Bay area journalist who is interested in online communication and press issues.
  3. Invisible Inkling: Ryan Sholin writes about work as a Director of News Innovation, and how the news business is changing.
  4. Buzz Machine: Jeff Jarvis, associate professor and director of interactive journalism at CUNY Graduate School of Journalism, and author of What Would Google Do?, writes this blog about media and news.
  5. Rob Curley: This Internet newsman writes about local news and the evolution of traditional media.
  6. Abbey Anne: Abbey Anne’s blog discusses news, reviews, travels, and food.
  7. DigiDave: DigiDave approaches journalism as a process, not a product.
  8. Kelly Roche: Kelly Roche’s blog offers a look into the life of a journalist and producer.
  9. Reflections of a Newsosaur: Read Alan Mutter’s blog to read the musings and warnings of a veteran media executive.
  10. Steve Outing: Steve Outing shares musings on news in the Internet era.
  11. One Man and His Blog: Adam Tinworth writes about bloggers, journalists, and “other media reptiles.”
  12. yelvington: On this blog, Steve Yelvington is a lifelong journalist and media company strategist.
  13. Adrian Monck: Adrian Monck writes this blog about how we inform ourselves and why we do it.
  14. Lucas Grindley: Lucas Grindley’s blog explores the new way for journalism.
  15. The Linchpen: Greg Linch shares his thoughts about online journalism and journalism education.
  16. Jon Slattery: Jon Slattery is a freelance journalist from London, England.
  17. Charlie Beckett: POLIS director Charlie Beckett offers comments on international journalism, media, and society on this blog.
  18. Mastering Multimedia: Read musings from Colin Mulvany, a multimedia producer on this blog.
  19. Meranda Writes: Meranda Watling is a young reporter who writes about K-12 education.
  20. John Welsh’s These Digital Times: John Welsh’s blog helps explain digital media times.
  21. Martin Stabe: Martin Stabe takes a UK-centric look at new media and online journalism.
  22. Mathew Ingram: Mathew Ingram’s blog shares the intersection of media, technology, business, and the web.
  23. Sean Blanda: Sean Blanda’s blog is all about what it’s like to be a young journalist, discussing all kinds of media.


Read these blogs to see the unique perspective of photojournalists.

  1. Multimedia Evangelist: In this blog, you’ll learn about changes in photography and photojournalism today.
  2. Multimedia and Video Journalism: Find out what Robb Montgomery has to say about video journalism and multimedia.
  3. Multimedia Shooter: Multimedia Shooter keeps track of important news for photojournalists so you don’t have to.
  4. VideoJournalism: Cyndy Green’s blog asks you to think visually.
  5. Photojournalism From a Student’s Eye: Learn about photojournalism by reading the blog of this photojournalism student.

Investigative Journalism

These blogs focus on investigative journalism.

  1. The Centre for Investigative Journalism News Blog: Get the latest in investigative journalism from this blog.
  2. Depth Reporting: Mark Schaver writes about computer-assisted and investigative reporting on Depth Reporting. Students with a background or online bachelor’s in Criminal Justice may also be interested in this resource.
  3. The Scoop: In The Scoop, you’ll learn about investigative and computer-assisted reporting from Derek Willis.
  4. Help Me Investigate: Follow this blog to learn more about investigative journalism.