100 Awesome Blogs for Your Business Education

Whether you are in a business school in Texas or are a self-learner trying to gather the most information you can about business, blogs are an excellent way to stay on top of the latest news, information, and trends. These blogs come from such influential voices as business school professors, successful entrepreneurs, and other authorities on a wide range of topics relevant to your business education. Whether you want to learn about marketing, business in a global community, finance, economics, management, leadership, or sustainable business practices, you will find information among these blogs.


Advertising, Internet marketing, personal branding, and responsible marketing are some of the topics covered in these blogs.

  1. Brand New Day. This blog from BusinessWeek takes a look at advertising, marketing, and media.
  2. John Quelch Marketing KnowHow. This professor from Harvard Business School and leader in the business world discusses marketing.
  3. Marketing Practice. This marketing professor blogs about marketing in Indian.
  4. The Responsible Marketing Blog. The posts here take a hard look at marketing and whether corporations are being responsible in their manner of marketing.
  5. Dr. Neil Hair. This New York professor writes about marketing and the Internet on his blog, including topics such as personal branding, social media, and marketing to the consumers.
  6. eStrategy Internet Marketing Blog. David Erickson examines several aspects of Internet marketing on his blog.
  7. Cyberstrat. Written in French, this blog by Professor Jean-Claude Morand features marketing with a focus on Internet and technology.
  8. Ping!. Yuping Liu from Norfolk, Virginia discusses how marketing, technology, and consumer psychology work together in her fascinating blog.
  9. Social Media Marketing. Tom Chapman writes about best practices in the world of social media in his blog.
  10. Marketing Profs Daily Fix. This collaborative blog of marketing professionals discusses topics that range from social media to consumerism.

Global Business

These blogs offer a sampling of business from Japan, India, and Latin America.

  1. Yoko Ishikura’s Blog. This b-school professor in Japan writes about business in the global community. Her blog is available in both English and Japanese.
  2. Made in India. Navi Radjou writes about global business and innovation on his blog.
  3. B V Krishnamurthy Bangalore Calling. This distinguished professor from India discusses international business with an emphasis on India and the U.S.
  4. Santiago Iniguez. The dean at the international IE Business School blogs about the school and business education in his blog. Posts are in both English and Spanish.

Human Resources

Understanding human resources is an important part of any business, so keep in the know with these blogs.

  1. Perfect Labor Storm 2.0. Learn about the trends that affect employers and their business practices with this blog that focuses on a variety of topics.
  2. Performance and Talent Management Blog. This blog focuses on how companies can make the most of their employees, with special attention paid to strategic HR techniques.
  3. Work-Related Blogs and News. This lecturer at Heriot-Watt’s School of Management and Languages writes about issues surrounding business and the workplace. He also includes an impressive list of workplace blogs organized by profession.
  4. Beyond HR. Striving to go further, this blog highlights typical HR issues and offers innovative solutions.
  5. Slow Leadership. The idea behind this organization is that management should slow down and think through decisions rather than reacting to situations and their blog includes topics to help accomplish this mission.
  6. HR Lawyers Blog. Writing about the legal issues surrounding HR, this blog offers news and advice for those interested in the legal side of business.
  7. Strategic HR Lawyer. This blog from an HR lawyer provides news, information, and links to additional information that pertains to HR and the law.
  8. Past Five. Get advice about workplace and career development with this blog that takes you beyond just the 9 to 5.
  9. Gruntled Employees. Prevent your employees from becoming disgruntled with the posts on this blog that are focused on keeping a happy workforce.
  10. Work Smarter. Find tips for productivity, personal management, and managing others on this blog written by Gina Trapani.


Economics are the focus of these blogs written by professors and other leading authorities.

  1. Carpe Diem. Mark J. Perry, professor of economics and finance, writes on a variety of topics at his popular blog.
  2. The Wages of Wins Journal. These three professors of economics look at the economics of sports in their blog.
  3. Grasping Reality with Both Hands: The Semi-Daily Journal Economist Brad DeLong. This popular blog, written by economy professor J Bradford DeLong from U.C. Berkeley, features posts on economics, and often, its relationship to politics.
  4. Division of Labour. This collaborative blog is focuses on US and global economics.
  5. Organizations and Markets. Four professors from America and Europe collaborate on this blog which touches on various aspects of global economics.
  6. CoreEconomics. Written by Joshua Gans and Mark Crosby, this blog looks at economics and strategy.
  7. Economist’s View. Mark Thoma writes such topics as economic growth, financial markets, and more on his blog.
  8. The Borjas Blog. Professor George Borjas specializes in labor economics and blogs about global issues surrounding immigration and labor.
  9. The Transportationist. David Levinson and the Nexus Research Group on Networks, Economics, and Urban Systems write about urban traffic economics.


From the importance of understanding finance to investing trends, these blogs will help keep you informed about the world of finance.

  1. Financial Literacy and Ignorance. Striving to educate, Annamaria Lusardi writes about personal finance and how much, and how little, people know about it.
  2. ProfessorVC. This professor of entrepreneurial finance blogs about business and other interests.
  3. Financial Intelligence. Karen Berman and Joe Knight strive to teach how financial success is measured and its impact on business. This blog is an extension of that goal.
  4. Investing Insights. Investing trends and information for large and small investors alike appear on this blog.


Technology and business are the focus of these blogs.

  1. Harga-Blog. Andrew Hargadon writes about technology innovation and management with an emphasis on sustainable technology.
  2. Having IT Your Way. This blog from Susan Cramm offers technology business leadership and innovation information.
  3. The Impact of Information Technology (IT) on Businesses and their Leaders. Written by Andrew McAfee, a professor at Harvard Business School, this blog takes a look at the business impacts of technology.
  4. billso.com. Read about the intersection of technology and business in this blog by Bill Sodeman.
  5. Technology and Organizations. Terri Griffith, from Santa Clara University, takes a look at technology and its impact on organizations in her blog.
  6. Eric Goldman. This law professor writes about technology and marketing, including plenty of law suits shaping the future of this field.
  7. Open IT Strategies. Joel West writes about IT and business with topics touching on marketing, strategy, economics, and more.
  8. The Big Shift. This collaborative blog provides insight and experience from three leaders in the field of business and technology.
  9. The Tech Beat. Follow established tech businesses and learn about new, promising ones–plus much more–in this blog.


Learn how to be a powerful and successful manager with the information found within the blogs listed here.

  1. Random Rantings. Freek Vermeulen, from London Business School, writes on corporate strategy and management.
  2. Robert Salomon. This professor from Stern School of Business features posts specifically on strategy and economics, as well as other business topics.
  3. Managerial Economics: a problem solving approach. This blog is co-written by two professors and posts include information to support their book, Managerial Economics, 2nd Edition.
  4. Tom Davenport The Next Big Thing. A professor at Babson College, Tom Davenport blogs about management innovations and productivity.
  5. John Sviokla The Near Futurist. Management, innovation, and technology feature highly in this blog by a professor from the Kellogg School of Management.
  6. The Change Master. Named one of the 50 most powerful women in the world by The Times of London, Rosabeth Moss Kanter shares her ideas on business and management.
  7. Management IQ. Raise your management intelligence by keeping up with the posts on this blog from BusinessWeek.
  8. Getting Ahead. Get tons of tips and advice for managing others, managing yourself, and communicating effectively in the business world with Daisy Wademan Dowling’s blog.
  9. Upstarts and Titans. Anthony Tjan provides a wealth of advice on topics ranging from managing during a recession to running shorter and more effective meetings.
  10. Across the Ages. Read topics touching on almost any imaginable perspective when it comes to managing in a business with Tammy Erickson’s blog.
  11. Make Your Case. Sharpen your critical thinking skills as a manager with the case studies here that ask you to problem solve tough situations.
  12. Management Essentials. The advice found in this blog offers opportunities for growth no matter if you are a veteran manager or a newbie.


Make sure you have the tools and knowledge you need to become a strong leader by following these blogs.

  1. Bob Sutton: Work Matters. This writer and professor blogs about management and leadership here.
  2. Letter from London. Gill Corkindale offers her insight and experience on leadership and management on her blog.
  3. Stew Friedman Better Leader, Richer Life. Leadership and management are the main topics on this University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School professor’s blog.
  4. Ed Batista. This leadership coach at Stanford’s Graduate School of Business writes about leadership and interpersonal skills.
  5. Michael Watkins The Leading Edge. From IMD in Switzerland, this professor looks at leadership, especially at the beginning stages, here.
  6. Professor Michael Roberto’s Blog. This professor from Bryant University in Rhode Island focuses on leadership and strategic management in his blog.
  7. Leadership at Work. Leadership consultant John Baldoni writes about ways leaders can build their presence and effectiveness in the workplace.
  8. Inverted Wisdom. Management and leadership with a bit of technology are the topics among these blog posts by Vineet Nayar.
  9. How We Work. Peter Bregman blogs about leadership, failure for success, changing corporate culture for the better, and more.
  10. Redesigning Leadership. With a focus on creative leadership in business, John Maeda and Becky Bermont offer their experience and insight.
  11. Frontline Leadership. Discover what business leaders can learn from the military with this blog that explores leadership in both camps.
  12. Ask the Coach. An authority on leadership coaching, Marshall Goldsmith shares his advice on this blog.

Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Strategy

These blogs examine issues important to entrepreneurs as well as business people interested in innovation and strategy for growing successfully.

  1. Rita McGrath Dynamic Strategies. This professor from Columbia Business School looks at innovation and entrepreneurship with a focus on taking the risk out of both on her blog.
  2. Innovation Insights. Scott Anthony blogs about innovation, strategy, and technology in his blog.
  3. Experience Matters. Peter Merholz communicates his thoughts and experience with experience strategy on his blog.
  4. Edge Economy. Umair Haque shares his thoughts on innovation and strategy for the new world of business here.
  5. On Innovation. Headed by an entrepreneur and business professor with contributions from two business leaders, this blog focuses on problem-solving through innovation.
  6. Free the Nonprofits. Dan Pallotta blogs about his specialty–innovation in the non-profit industry.
  7. Top Shelf Reading Picks: Book and blog reviews for savvy entrepreneurs. Diane K. Danielson reviews books and blogs that may be of interest to entrepreneurs in her blog.
  8. I Quit–Now What?. Leadership, HR, entrepreneurship, and innovation all make an appearance in this blog by Steven DeMaio.
  9. Practically Radical. Bill Taylor examines the radical shifts occurring in business with the current economic downturn and what practical solutions may succeed.

Women in Business

Business has traditionally been seen as a man’s world. Not only is this no longer true, there are many phenomenal women making their mark on the business world. These blogs offers a sampling of issues surrounding women in business.

  1. Winning the Talent War. Sylvia Ann Hewlett and her contributors write about women in business and the issues surrounding them.
  2. News You Can Use: Observations from the editor’s desk. These news tidbits offer interesting trends and practices, frequently focusing on women in business.
  3. Women’s Leadership. This blog from Babson takes a look at many topics relevant to women in leadership roles.
  4. Lip-Sticking. The posts on this blog are written by women and examine women in business, marketing to women, and more.
  5. Women on Business. The women writers here discuss a wide range of business topics–all with a woman’s perspective, but not all pertaining just to women.
  6. After 55: At the top of our game. The posts here not only focus on women in business, but more specifically, older women in business.
  7. Seriously Social: The busy businesswoman’s answer to social media. The fast-paced and ever-evolving world of social media is captured in this blog so you can stay on top of what’s happening without sacrificing too much of your time.
  8. Woman at Work. Aliza Sherman blogs about issues important to women entrepreneurs such as hiring an assistant, balancing personal and professional life, and utilizing social media.

Green Business

Sustainability and going green aren’t just buzz words. These blogs illustrate how many are making a positive impact on the environment while maintaining and growing their businesses.

  1. sustainable business design. Written by N.E. Landrum, this blog demonstrates how sustainable business makes good sense economically and socially.
  2. Leading Green. This blog takes a look at ways to lead your business into a greener, sustainable, and successful business.
  3. Green Advantage. Andrew Winston discusses ideas, trends, and practices supporting green business in his blog.
  4. GreenBiz.com Blogs. Green marketing, solar incentives, and sustainable innovation are just a few of the topics covered on the blogs found here.
  5. Green Inc.. This blog at the New York Times examines sustainable business practices around the world.


From tips for CEOs to ideas behind recent events in the business world to research from business schools, these blogs cover quite a range of topics.

  1. Memo to the CEO. This blog from Harvard Business Review is temporarily focusing on strategies and techniques to help CEOs better manage during an economic downturn.
  2. HBR Editors’ Blog. The editors from HBR offer their opinions, insight, and news from the world of business.
  3. Words at Work. Communication in the business world is the focus of David Silverman’s blog.
  4. The Monitor Talent Group Blog. An excellent place to keep up with the latest trends and possibilities for the future of business, this blog offers cutting edge insight.
  5. Conversation Starter. Take a look at some of the ideas (good and bad) behind recent events and trends in the business world.
  6. Public Offering: The Columbia Business School Blog. This blog covers a wide range of news and information that will be of interest to those in business school as well as those keeping up with the latest news in the business world.
  7. Kellogg Insight. This blog features the results of the latest research from the professors at Kellogg School of Management.
  8. BizDeans Talk. Posts here come from several deans of business schools and focus topics surrounding business school education.