Top 50 Ancient History Blogs

By Meredith Walker

Whether you’re interested in archaeology degree from Vermont State University, ancient Roman times, or forbidden religious texts, there’s a blog out there for you. Many history blogs offer specific subjects, including those on ancient history. Check out this list to find a number of excellent blogs written about ancient times and related subjects.

General Ancient History

These blogs offer a variety of subjects in ancient history.

  1. The History Blog: This blog covers all of history, but particularly European ancient and medieval.
  2. Ancient History Ramblings: Learn a bit about ancient history from this rambling blog.
  3. The Gordian Knot: The Gordian Knot focuses on ancient history, anthropology, and modernity.
  4. Horothesia: The Horothesia blog, run by Tom Elliott from Huntsville, AL, offers thoughts and comments on ancient history, epigraphy, geography, and more.
  5. Muhlberger’s Early History: This Nipissing University professor writes about ancient world history, including chivalry in the middle ages.
  6. Memorabilia Antonia: Here you’ll find writings about Greek and Roman history, the ancient Near East, classical literature, and more.
  7. MuseumGuru: This blog is devoted to online museums, particularly strange and obscure ones.
  8. The Cultivated Classicist: This student from Milwaukee, WI enjoys ancient art history and beyond.
  9. Ancient World Bloggers Group: This group blog offers a wide swath of ancient history.
  10. Thoughts on Antiquity: Read this blog to get musings on ancient history and beyond.
  11. The New Antiquarium: This old coot from Ohio with older interests reports on anything and everything that happened before the year 80.
  12. Antiquitopia: Jared Calaway writes about antiquity, religion, and other phenomena and ephemera.
  13. Ancient Tides: This blog about ancient times makes the world feel a little bit smaller.
  14. Rogue Classicalism: Here you’ll find listings that include “This Day in Ancient History,” as well as classical words of the day.
  15. Awilum: Check out this blog that’s about the Bible and ancient Near East.
  16. Mike Anderson’s Ancient History Blog: Read Mike Anderson’s blog to relate history to the present day. Anderson blogs from Toledo, Ohio.

Ancient Items & Archaeology

If you’re interested in archaeology and ancient findings, be sure to check out these blogs.

  1. Antiquarian’s Attic: Check out this blogger’s collection for ancient items and more.
  2. Archaeoporn: This blog serves up a tittilating collection of archaeology.
  3. Floyd’s Ancient Wonders: Find out what Floyd has to offer from antiquity.
  4. Think Archaeology: Think Archaeology discusses archaeology, ancient art, and ancient history.
  5. A Very Remote Period Indeed: This blog reviews achaeological publications on Paleolithic archaeology, paleoanthropology, archaeological theory, and more.
  6. Looting Matters: This blog will help you understand the ethics surrounding the collection of antiquities.


Learn how modern technology is influencing ancient studies through these blogs.

  1. Electric Archaeology: This blogger explores digital media in history and archaeology.
  2. Digging Digitally: Explore digitally enabled research through this blog.
  3. The Digital Classicist: This blog discusses how advanced digital methods can be used in the study of the ancient world.
  4. The Stoa Consortium: Stoa offers news, projects and links for digital classicists.


These blogs write about ancient times in specific locations and civilizations.

  1. Ancient Japan: Nagaeyari, an amateur historian, offers this blog of early Japanese history.
  2. Ancient Mediterranean Musings: Here you’ll read about Jews and Christians in the Greco-Roman World.
  3. Ancient Greece & Rome: This blog offers lots of great information about ancient Greece and Rome.
  4. Ancient Egypt: This blog is full of ancient Egyptian history.
  5. Egyptology News: If you’re interested in ancient Egypt, be sure to check out this blog.
  6. Archaeology in Europe: Learn about the latest developments in European archaeology through this blog.
  7. African History: Check out this blog to learn about ancient and more recent history in Africa.
  8. The Archaeology of the Mediterranean World: Check out this blog to learn more about Mediterranean archaeology.


Much has been written about ancient religion, as you’ll see in these blogs.

  1. Earliest Christian History: James Crossley seeks to find ancient Christian origins, as well as early Judaism.
  2. Religions of the Ancient Mediterranean: Phil Harland’s blog highlights the religious life among those in the ancient Roman empire.
  3. Apocryphicity: This blog is dedicated to the study of Christian Apocrypha, also known as non-canonical Christian literature.
  4. PaleoJudica: Check out PaleoJudica to learn about ancient Judaism and its context.
  5. Iconoclasm: Visit this blog to see early Christian iconoclasm, late antiquity, and more.
  6. Codex: This biblical studies blog offers insights into the Dead Sea Scrolls, biblical Hebrew, and more.
  7. The Forbidden Gospels Blog: April DeConick discusses the Nag Hammadi collection, Tchacos Codex, and more.


Check out these blogs if you’re interested in a specific ancient period.

  1. Viking Archaeology Blog: Learn more about Viking period archaeology through this blog.
  2. Anglo-Saxon Archaeology Blog: In this blog, you’ll find news reports about Anglo-Saxon archaeology findings.
  3. In the Middle: Check out this medieval studies group blog to try to see this ancient period of history in the middle.

Ancient Life & Language

Get a look into the way ancient people lived with the help of these blogs.

  1. Ancient Transportation: Read this blog to learn how ancient civilizations got around.
  2. Current Epigraphy: Read this blog to get the latest news about Greek and Latin epigraphy.
  3. Paleoglot: Check out this blog, and you’ll find posts on ancient languages, cultures, and civilizations.
  4. What’s New in Papyrology: Gregg Schwender shares his finds on news and resources about papyri and ostraca.
  5. Merope Atlantis: Ancient Inscriptions: Learn about ancient inscriptions and more through this blog.
  6. Archaeoastronomy: Archaeoastronomy considers ancient science and the science of ancient things.