100 Best Blogs for Fashion and Design Majors

By Tiffany Davis

The Internet is full of great blogs devoted to design, whether it’s for the web or the runway. You can use these blogs to find lots of information that will help you stay well informed, and possess working knowledge of your industry before you even graduate, whether you want to become a designer in Los Angeles, California or just start your own business. Read on to find out some of the best blogs in your field of study.

General Design

These blogs celebrate design in any form.

  1. Design*Sponge: Run by Brooklyn-based writer Grace Bonney, Design*Sponge is committed to sharing all of the best designs out there, including mini trends and guides.
  2. Design Observer: Design Observer keeps track of design everywhere-in architecture, graphic design, advertising, and more.
  3. Dezeen: Dezeen offers a magazine full of architecture and design.
  4. Sub-Studio Design: This blog highlights products, architecture, artists and other items they appreciate.
  5. Design Crack: Design Crack will give you your fill of clever and beautiful design.
  6. we make money not art: These bloggers report on the arts scene and share what they find on this blog.

Modern Design

If you’re a fan or student of modern design, be sure to check out these blogs.

  1. 2Modern Design Talk: Check out 2Modern to find modern furniture and more.
  2. MoCo Loco: This blog celebrates everything that’s designed in a modern and contemporary way.


These blogs report on the design of functional living.

  1. The Design Blog: This blog is a guide to livable spaces.
  2. Apartment Therapy: Apartment Therapy is a great resource for living design, with house tours, shopping, and more.
  3. Small Space Living: Learn how to make living in a small space stylish with the help of this blog.
  4. Inhabitat: Inhabitat is full of future-forward design goodies for habitation.
  5. ohdeedoh: The ohdeedoh blog is all about design for kids and nurseries.
  6. Elle Decoration: Check out this blog to find all of the Elle living details that didn’t make it into the magazine.
  7. Green Garden Design: This blog has lots of great ideas for awesome garden designs.
  8. Trendir: In this magazine, you’ll find lots of home decorating trends and design.
  9. The Kitchn: Get a look into “nourishing homes” with this blog.
  10. decor8: Holly Becker writes about fresh, hip finds for decoration.
  11. Core77: Check out Core77 to get a look at industrial and functional design.
  12. Better Living Through Design: Read Better Living Through Design to learn about design in furnishing and beyond.
  13. re-nest: Follow this blog to learn about green design projects for the home.
  14. Unplggd: Unplggd offers tours of tech-savvy homes.

Fashion News & Trends

Stay on top of the most important fashion news and trends with the help of these blogs.

  1. Fashion Design Blog: This blog highlights fashion trends and design.
  2. Fashion Saved My Life: Laura Milligan reports on the latest trends in fashion and style.
  3. Daily Candy: Daily Candy will keep you updated on the latest and greatest in fashion.
  4. Hint Blog: Hint delivers with haute fashion trends and news.
  5. Fashionista: Check out this blog for trends, shopping style, and more.
  6. StyleHive: This community of stylish bloggers is full of great ideas for fashion and design.
  7. I Heart That: For commentary on fun fashion and trends, check out this blog.
  8. Fashion Incubator: Designers and those that aspire to become designers can learn a lot from this blog about the clothing industry.
  9. Trend Central: Trend Central will help you stay on top of the latest and greatest trends.
  10. i am a fashion designer. gee: Elaine Perlov discusses life as a fashion designer, seeking art, appreciating design, and more.
  11. ELLE News Blog: Get your fashion news direct from ELLE Magazine.
  12. Fashion Wire Daily: This blog features regular news on the fashion industry.
  13. SeamSters: Get inspired by the fashion and textile design featured on the SeamSters blog.
  14. Coquette: The Coquette blog offers a look at fashion as well as a roundup of fashion blogs for the week.
  15. Papierdoll: Visit Papierdoll to find fashion updates, deals, and more.
  16. Style Bubble: Read Susie Bubble’s blog for musings on fashion and style.
  17. The Pretty Pear: This blogger highlights beautiful clothing, shoes, and accessories for plus size women.

Green Fashion & Design

If you’re interested in design and fashion that’s easy on the earth, you’ll enjoy reading these blogs.

  1. GreenHomeGuide: The GreenHomeGuide highlights resources and information about green home design.
  2. Style Will Save Us: Check out this online magazine for green home design, beauty, fashion, and more.
  3. Re-Nest: Re-Nest highlights smart design for green homes.
  4. fabulously green: This blog highlights modern fashion and design for those who respect the planet.

Shopping & Creations

Check out these bloggers to find out what influential people online are searching for.

  1. Oh Joy!: Oh Joy! highlights items that exhibit unique and interesting design.
  2. Shop It To Me: Check out Shop It To Me for fashion and shopping news and advice.
  3. Daddy Likey: This blogger from Portland, Oregon offers shopping finds with the details you need to pick up her finds at full price, or in the budget section.
  4. Bloesem: Bloesem features beautiful handmade items, bits and pieces, and design inspiration.
  5. StyleMaven: StyleMaven keeps an ear to the ground for shopping and design inspiration.
  6. SheFinds: SheFinds is like an “easy” button to finding the best items and trends available for sale online.

Creativity & Inspiration

Check out these blogs to see design that’s creative, inspiring, or a little bit of both.

  1. Fly: The Fly girls love to highlight everything that’s fabulously creative out there.
  2. inchmark: This blogger is a former art director for Martha Stewart, and a book designer.
  3. Logo Design Blog: This blog is devoted to checking out logo designs, including those from fashion designers.
  4. Abduzeedo: In this blog, you’ll find design inspiration and tutorials.
  5. Designflavr: DesignFlavr regularly features inspiration for visual art and design.
  6. port2port press: port2port features letterpress work on this blog.
  7. Inspiration Bit: This blogger offers design inspiration for art and photography as well as web design and development.
  8. Dezinerfolio: This blog offers design inspiration, freebies, and more.
  9. COLOURlovers Check out this color and design community to snap up some creative inspiration.
  10. Access Fashion: Access Fashion is all about handmade textiles, including knitting and needlework.

Makeup, Hair & Accessories

Get the word on all of the important finishing touches for fashion through these blogs.

  1. The Bag Blog: This blog is all about bags, from pocketbooks to purses.
  2. The Jewelry Blog: Read Cluny Grey’s blog to learn about designing and creating jewelry.
  3. Shoewawa: Shoewawa is, naturally, all about shoes.
  4. e-Stylist: Visit this blog to pull all of your accessory ideas together.
  5. 15 Minute Beauty Fanatic: Learn how to cut your beauty ritual down to a simple 15 minutes with the help of this blog.
  6. Beauty Addict: Kristen Kelly shares her obsession for makeup in this blog.
  7. Shoe Blog: This shoe blog has got everything a shoe lover could want.
  8. Makeup Bag: You’ll find beauty products for adult women and teens alike on this blog.

Vintage & Thrift Store Finds

Prepare to be amazed by these bloggers when you find out what they can do with vintage, thrift, or bargain buys.

  1. Vintage Fashion Guild: Get a good look at awesome vintage fashion finds from this blog.
  2. Righteous (re)Style: Check out this blog to find recycled and repurposed fashion and design.
  3. The Happy Hippie: Have fun with this hippie blog’s retro style.
  4. Lizzie’s Vintage Travel Journal: Lizzie offers up some truly awesome vintage finds on this journal.
  5. I Spy, Thrift Eye: This blogger writes all about thrift store finds that emulate celebrity fashion.
  6. The Thrifty Fashionista: Check out this blogger’s incredible bargain buys.
  7. Style Bytes: On this blog, you’ll find vintage steals modeled by the blogger herself.
  8. The Vintage Society: Visit this blog to learn how to carry off a vintage outfit with style.
  9. The Budget Fashionista: Check out this blog that will help you save money and be fashionable at the same time.
  10. DC Goodwill Fashion Blog: This blog gives readers great ideas for turning Goodwill finds into fashion.
  11. Zuburbia: Learn how to stay stylish and within budget from this blog.
  12. The Art of the Steal: Check out Amanda Failing’s blog for ingenious ways to save money on fashion.

Fashion Crimes & Critics

These bloggers are not afraid to call out the fashion-challenged.

  1. The Fashionator: This fashion blog fights fashion crime, including toxic trends, wild designers, and celebrity fashion victims.
  2. The Sartorialist: This blogger offers criticism of fashion found on the streets.
  3. Tcritic: Karl Long offers criticism and commentary on t-shirts every day.
  4. Go Fug Yourself: The girls at Go Fug Yourself poke fun at fugly celebrities.

Illustration, Web & Graphic Design

Get ideas, inspiration, and resources for illustration, web, and graphic design with the help of these blogs.

  1. CrazyLeaf Design Blog: CrazyLeaf examines web and graphic design on this blog.
  2. Just Creative Design: Jacob Cass shares useful articles and highlights creative graphic and web design.
  3. Creative Curio: In this blog, you can learn, discuss, and explore the realm of graphic design.
  4. Outlaw Design Blog: Outlaw celebrates graphic and web design that’s offbeat and original.
  5. Smiley Cat Web Design: This web design blog offers tips, resources, and information on design.
  6. Drawn!: Drawn! celebrates the best of cartooning and illustration.
  7. The Design Cubicle: The Design Cubicle is all about typography, graphic design, web design, print, and more.
  8. Bad Ass Ideas: Samantha Warren shares inspiring web design on this blog.
  9. Blog Design Blog: This blog offers a good look at well designed blogs, as well as ideas and resources for creating your own well designed blog.
  10. I Love Typography: I Love Typography is a celebration of fonts, typefaces, and all things typographical.
  11. Inspiredology: Inspiredology loves to share inspiring graphic design, web design, and more.
  12. SpoonGraphics: Chris Spooner shares tutorials, resources, articles and more on this digital playground.
  13. Logo Design Love: If you’re looking for logo design inspiration, be sure to check out this blog.
  14. Vandelay Design: Vandelay’s blog is all about web design and development.
  15. You the Designer: You the Designer celebrates all sorts of graphic design.
  16. Smashing Magazine: This weblog is dedicated to web developers and designers.
  17. Noupe: Noupe is a curious blog that is always looking for something new and better.