100 Best Blogs for Earth Science Scholars

Those who study Earth science devote their entire lives to learning about the unique make-up of the Earth and all the components of it, whether they are archaeologists in Nebraska or geologists in Iceland. Finding other scientists who have also spent so much of their lives in this field and have taken the time to write about their experiences can be an excellent way to both continue your studies and cyber-connect with other like-minded individuals. Whether you are interested in geology, climatology, paleontology, volcanology, geo-hazards, mineralogy, or more other-worldly explorations of planetary science, you will find blogs here that address your interests.


These blogs represent a wide range of topics in the field of geology and often include humor, beautiful photos, and plenty of scholarly research.

  1. Green Gabbro. This blogger writes geology posts that are accessible and fun like geopuzzles, thinking about how a coffee grinder is similar to geology, and more.
  2. All of My Faults Are Stress-Related. Follow the adventures of this geology professor from Colorado as she explores the rocks she loves.
  3. Lounge of the Lab Lemming. With beer, women, and facial hair peeking through the posts about geology, this blog is a fun read.
  4. Highly Allochthonous. This blog has lots of maps and photos of rocks to accompany the informative posts about geology.
  5. Apparent Dip. Filled with gorgeous photos and information about geology, this blog also keeps its finger on the pulse of politics, academia, and culture.
  6. Clastic Detritus. With plenty of great photos and lots of posts about field work, this blog is not to be missed.
  7. Geotripper. This geology instructor blogs about his field trips with photos and well-written pieces about each trip. Though he has traveled overseas on occasion, the blogger’s home base is the Sierra Nevada, the Great Valley, and the Coast Ranges of California.
  8. The Musings of a Life-Long Scholar. With posts on geology, research tips, and advice for life in academia, this blog is especially good for those scientists in academia.
  9. Looking for Detachment. With everything from fjords in Norway to ice crystallization, this blog provides a wide variety of geology topics.
  10. Arctic and Alpine. Land formations in cold regions is the subject of this blog.
  11. Geologic Froth. This geologist from Flagstaff, Arizona loves his technology and posts about all sorts of fun gadgets that help get the job done.
  12. The Lost Geologist. Mapping Jurassic carbonate rocks, this blogger posts photos and writes about his experiences.
  13. Ron Schott’s Geology Home Companion Blog. With lots of gigapan images as well as various posts on the field of geology, this blog is a favorite in the blog community.
  14. Geology Happens. This teacher, more interested in teaching and learning than academia, shares photos and field trips on this blog.


Focusing specifically on the science of volcanoes, these blogs bring the news and research on volcanoes around the world.

  1. Eruptions. This blog documents volcanoes and their mechanics in an attempt to counterbalance the sensationalist news reports that frequently accompany these occurrences.
  2. Magma Cum Laude. Another volcano blog, this one documents the blogger’s visit to volcanoes with wonderful photos and written descriptions. The author lives in .
  3. Volcanista: a magmalicious blog. While volcanoes are the topic of this blog, there is also plenty of information on academia, feminism, and social justice.
  4. The Volcanism Blog. This blog is an attempt to keep those interested in volcanology up-to-date on news as well as provide a little education.
  5. Three months on the Long Island. This blogger documents three months spent studying volcanoes in Hawaii
  6. Volcano World. Find news stories on volcanic activity around the world as well as interviews and more at this blog.

Climate Science

The hot topic of climate science lends itself to interesting blog reading. These blogs offer different perspectives rooted in science.

  1. Stoat. Climate economics, climate science, and a few other random topics are standard fare at this blog.
  2. RealClimate. Described as “climate science by climate scientists,” this blog provides the commentary often missing from climate science news reports.
  3. DeSmogBlog. Working to debunk the PR myths perpetuated against global warming, this group blogs about climate science.
  4. Climate Science. This British blogger offers an anti-global warming perspective with news reports and more to support his claims.
  5. ClimateEthics.org. This blog explores the ethics involved in climate science and policy.
  6. SolveClimate. Get daily news stories about the climate as well as editorial pieces at this blog.
  7. ClimatePolicy. The scientists here write about climate change and how certain aspects affect public policy.
  8. Rabett Run. This professor provides editorial information about climate with posts on topics such as the impact of the automobile industry and clean coal (or lack thereof) in his blog.
  9. maribo. A professor of geography, this blogger discusses the effects of climate change and land use change on the environment with topics such as fishing, clean coal, and reporting about climate change.
  10. It’s Getting Hot In Here. This group of Canadian youth have plenty to say when it comes to global warming and climate science on this blog.


From landslides to floods and every other geo-hazard in between, these blogs cover it all. Students with a degree in Environmental Management may find these resources of particular interest.

  1. Landslide Blog. This geography professor documents landslides that occur around the world including photos and the mechanics behind the landslides.
  2. Landslides under Microscope. Learn about landslides, their causes, and the politics sometimes surrounding these events.
  3. Geomorphic Hazards. Read about and see photos of all types of geomorphic hazards, including landslides, floods, calving ice, and more.
  4. StrikeSlip. Glacial earthquakes, earthquakes, tropical storms, climate change, and more feature at this blog about the cataclysmic events that occur on Earth.
  5. Ontario-geofish. This retired geophysics engineer blogs about earthquakes as well as other issues such as solar power and nuclear power.


These geography blogs include everything from maps to high-tech geography to geography in pop culture.

  1. The Geo Factor. Learn about maps of all kinds, including computer-animated, 3D, satellite images, and much more.
  2. Earth Sciences and Maps. The UC Berkeley Library in Berkeley, California offers a blog full of maps, especially with a focus on the American west.
  3. Cultural Geography Blog. Geography and popular culture meet on this blog.
  4. Free Geography Tools. From web geocoders to imbedded images to web tools, this blog provides great tools for the geographer–professional or amateur.
  5. VerySpatial. This blog is an extension of the weekly podcast, A Very Spatial Podcast, which provides information on geography and geospatial technologies.
  6. Matt’s Geography Blog. From About.com, this blog features news, information, and more that revolve around geography.
  7. Urban Earth Urban Adventure. These folks are walking across major urban cities and documenting with photographs taken every eight steps. Find out the latest on their blog.
  8. Digital Geography. From Google Earth tour to virtual marching to web tools, this blog covers everything related to digital geography and some things not so related.


From storm chasers to scientists analyzing hurricanes, these meteorology blogs have the weather covered.

  1. Carlson Chasers Blog. These three storm chasers will update their blog in real-time while chasing a storm. Out of season, you can read about other weather phenomenon.
  2. Storm Chaser Journal. The photos and updates on this blog are from the “first, full-time professional storm chaser.”
  3. Storm Chasing Mikey. Beautiful weather photos are posted alongside weather updates and forecasts at this blog.
  4. HamWx. Another chaser blog, this one includes maps and personal photos of things both weather and not-weather related.
  5. Big Sky Convection. With a Montana influence, this blog features posts about weather systems with maps, radar images, and more.
  6. Dr. Jeff Master’s WunderBlog. From unusual snow storms to active hurricane seasons, this blog covers weather systems, trends, and more–but mostly hurricanes.
  7. perilous planet. This photojournalist posts photos of drought, hurricanes, lightening, and many other weather-related situations.
  8. High Plains Drifter. Surface maps, photos, and more feature on this blog that is all about storms on the plains.
  9. Stormpulse Blog. The blog of Stormpulse.com, you can find information on the in-depth hurricane analyses happening here.
  10. MADWEATHER. From forecasting to reviewing after the fact, this blog takes a serious look at weather.
  11. Offload. Looking at the science of wind, this blog explores tornadoes, wind sheers, and other windy topics.


Read these blogs to find all you could want to know about the field of paleontology with topics like dinosaurs, sedimentary fossils, and the politics of academia.

  1. The Ethical Paleontologist. This British blogger is working on her PhD and blogging about fun paleontology topics.
  2. Palaeoblog. This popular blog frequently uses a fun anachronistic trick of using paleontological images along with pieces of pop culture to discuss the various topics.
  3. Ask Doctor Vector. This paleontologist blogs about dinosaurs, plus plenty of other interesting science tidbits.
  4. Bio/Rocks. Despite the name, this blog really is about paleontology. In addition to posts about digs and bones, there are also interesting photos of living wildlife too.
  5. Chinleana. Find abstracts for papers on paleontology as well as some discussion on late triassic paleontology.
  6. Dave Hone’s Archosaur Musings. Bones, dinosaurs, and academia feature highly in this blog.
  7. Paleo Errata. Vertebrate paleontology is the subject of the posts on this blog by Jeffrey Martz.
  8. Dinochick Blogs. Paleo trips, work in Antarctica, and field work videos are some of the recent posts on Dinochick’s blog.
  9. Paleo Dude. Paleo Dude shares plenty of photos from his surveys in Utah.
  10. Dracovenator. With field trip photos, information on research papers, and much more about dinosaurs, this blog offers plenty of interesting information.
  11. NOLOGIC. This blog includes plenty of information about fossils, especially as they pertain to sedimentary environments.
  12. Ediacaran. Fossils mingle with the CSI television show, PalaeoPorn, and politics at this blog.
  13. Diagenesis. This new paleontology blog includes discussions from passages in science books, photos of fossils, and the latest in science news.
  14. The Life of Madygen. Field work photos are peppered among scientific abstracts and scientific musings in this blog.

Hydrology and Oceanography

From glaciers to oceanology, these blogs cover hydrology, geology, and oceanography.

  1. Pools and Riffles. Maps of the poles and glaciers figure prominently at this blog written by a hydrologist working in Nevada.
  2. Hydro-Logic. Read about hydrology-related news stories in this blog.
  3. Riparian Rap. River geomorphology and river conservation are the focus of this blog.
  4. Ordinary High Water Mark. This woman blogs about her experiences as a geoscientist and a woman in the world of science.
  5. cryology and co.. Focusing primarily on hydrology in the high mountains, this blogger covers geology, hydrology, and cryology.
  6. British Oceanographic Data Centre. This organization preserves and distributes marine data and shares recent news on this blog.
  7. Project Oceanology. This blog documents some of the work going on with Project Oceanology, which takes 5th through 12th grade students into the field to teach them about oceanography.


With an emphasis on seismology, these blogs touch on this area of geophysics as well as surveys, volcanoes, and academia.

  1. Hypo-theses. Dr. Ian G. Stimpson writes about seismology, geology, and gadgetry at his blog.
  2. Sismordia. This blogger studies seismology in Antarctica, so his blog posts are sometimes not updated as frequently, but you can learn about all sorts of fun seismology gadgets here.
  3. Adventures in the world of Geology. This geophysics student working in Alaska blogs about her work and her adventures in academia.
  4. Harmonic Tremors. This student studying seismology shares her experiences as she learns.
  5. Walter Kessinger’s Industry Seismology and Stuff. This exploration geophysicist writes about the business of oil and gas and seismology.
  6. Applied Geophysics and Introduction Geophysics. Covering the latest news in the field of geophysics, this blog includes job information, volcano and earthquake facts, and much more.
  7. Terrestrial Geophysics. From magnometry to geophysical surveys, this new blog is off to a good start.

Rock and Minerals

These blogs discuss different types of rocks and minerals, from stones used in buildings to magma and crystallization.

  1. Mineralogy. Oscar Garcia Shelly shares “pictures, chemical formulas, name origin, and general narrative” about all things mineralogy at this blog.
  2. Stories in Stone. Learn about the relation between rocks and humans, especially as stones have been used in building structures through history.
  3. Crystallizations. Magma mixing and crystal size is the primary academic interest of this student who shares lots of photos as well as descriptions on her blog.

Planetary Science

Technically still considered an Earth science, these blogs actually look a little further out than just planet Earth.

  1. The Planetary Society Blog. Follow the latest developments of research and news items that pertain to “space science, space exploration, and space advocacy” in this blog.
  2. Women in Planetary Science. This blog, written by women in the industry, explores all things planetary.
  3. Adventures in Earth and Space. An arm of the education and outreach program at NASA Earth and Space Science Missions, this blog offers posts with satellite images of the Earth, public events sponsored by NASA, and more.
  4. Second Sight. With posts ranging from the observable universe to conducting an astronomy talk in Second Life to the renaming of theories, this blog covers a wide range of topics.
  5. Cosmic Variance. This collaborative blog touches on topics such as the Hubble telescope and science at the White House with some fun posts like bacon martinis included as well.

Miscellaneous Earth Science Blogs

These blogs cover a wide range of topics from Earth science photos of the day to plate tectonics to GeoEcology.

  1. Earth Science Picture of the Day. Get a new photo each day showing a beautiful representation of Earth science at this blog.
  2. NOVA Geoblog. This photo and video blog provides plenty of beautiful pictures that range from rocks to land formations to aerial views.
  3. olelog – by Ole Nielsen. Plate tectonics and climate, carbon cycle, sedimentology, oceanography are just a sampling of the topics covered in this blog.
  4. Active Margin. Blogging about “Earth, the sky, politics and education,” this professor of Earth Science touches on it all.
  5. The Dynamic Earth. Earth sciences figure into this blog, as does politics, animals in the field, and more.
  6. The Accretionary Wedge. This blog carnival posts monthly with a different geoscience theme each time.
  7. GeoEcology. Geology and ecology meet in this blog that celebrates these two branches of science.
  8. Earth Insight Cache. This blog provides photos of interesting and unusual geological land formations and the accompanying locations to be able to view them in Google Earth.
  9. Geo/Arch/Sci Blog. This blog focuses on geoarchaeology with posts on such topics as obsidian, the rate of the Sahara going from lush green to desert, and hypotheses on ancient extinction.
  10. AAPG GEO-DC Blog. Find out what is happening in the world of petroleum geologists with this blog.