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Why Online Degrees?

Get your degree online.

The job market is competitive. To ensure that you remain a step ahead of other job applicants and workers, consider earning your bachelors degree online, as a higher education can lead to greater job opportunities.

And with an online program, getting a higher education can fit seamlessly into your already hectic schedule.

Online bachelors degree programs typically offer great flexibility through asynchronous courses, where students can sign in and “attend” class at any time and from any place with a strong Internet connection. This means you can view lectures and complete course work during the pockets of downtime you may have throughout your day, like during lunch or late at night, instead of committing to a strict schedule.

In addition, students enrolled in online bachelors degree programs enjoy the same high-quality instruction as traditional students. In fact, many schools have the same instructors teaching online courses as they do teaching in the classroom.

With that in mind, start planning for your future and earn your college degree.

Most Popular Bachelors Degrees

DegreeSubjectPopular Career PathsSalary Range
Art & DesignGraphic DesignGraphic Designers, Art Directors, Advertising and Marketing Managers, Multimedia Artists and Animators, Photographer$40k – $100k+
Art & DesignInterior DesignResidential Interior Designer, Commercial Interior Designers, Furniture and Industrial Designers, Graphic Designers, Architects$50k – $80k
EngineeringCivil EngineeringCivil Engineer, Civil Engineering Technician, Surveyor, Construction Manager, Engineering Manager$45k – $130k
EngineeringComputer EngineeringComputer Hardware Engineer, Software Developer, Electronics Engineer, Network and Computer Systems Administrator, Computer and Information Systems Managers$70k – $130k
EngineeringEngineeringCivil Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Chemical Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Engineering Manager$80k – $130k
BusinessAccountingAccountants and Auditors, Budget Analysts, Financial Analysts, Tax Examiners, Tax Collectors, and Revenue Agents, Financial Examiners$45k – $80k
BusinessBusiness AdministrationAccountants and Auditors, Management Analysts, Industrial Production Managers, Sales Managers, Securities, Commodities, and Financial Services Sales Agents$70k – $120k
BusinessInternational BusinessForeign Market Analysts, Financial Analysts, Wholesale and Manufacturing Sales Representatives, Financial Examiners, Securities, Commodities, and Financial Services Sales Agents$70k – $100k
BusinessCommunicationPublic Relations Specialist, Writer or author, Editor, Technical Writer, Journalist$40k – $70k
BusinessFinanceFinancial Planner, Financial Consultant, Investment Analyst, Stockbroker, Budget Officer, Bank Examiner$40k – $75k
BusinessMarketingMarketing Managers, Market Research Analysts, Sales Manager, Public Relations Managers, Marketing Executives$70k – $120k
HealthDieteticsDietician, Health Educator, Food Service Manager, Food Scientist or Technologist, Food Science Technician$35k – $65k
HealthHealth Care ManagementNursing Home Administrator, Medical Insurance Specialist, Assistant Hospital Administrator, Social and Community Service Managers, Management Analysts$35k – $100k
HealthHealth SciencePhysician Assistant, Dental Hygienist, Respiratory Therapist, Nutritionist, Athletic Trainer$45k – $90k
HealthNursingRegistered Nurses, Physician Assistants, Health Educator, Physical Therapists$50k – $90k
HealthPublic HealthMedical and Health Services Managers, Social and Community Service Managers, Health Educators$50k – $100k
Criminal JusticeCriminal JusticePolice or Detective, Private Detective or Investigator, Probation Officer, Correctional Officer or Jailor, Social Worker$40k – $60k
Criminal JusticeHomeland SecurityBorder Patrol Agents, Emergency Management Directors, Military Officers, Information Security Analysts, Law Enforcement Officers and Agents$35k – $85k
Criminal JusticeParalegal StudiesParalegal, Claims Adjuster, Legal Secretary$35k – $50k
Criminal JusticePublic Safety AdministrationParalegal, Claims Adjuster, Legal Secretary$30k – $60k
Information TechnologyComputer ScienceNetwork and Computer Systems Administrator, Computer and Information Systems Manager, Computer Systems Analyst, Database Administrator, Operations Research Analyst$70k – $130k
Information TechnologyComputer NetworkingNetwork and Computer Systems Administrator, Computer Network Architect, Information Security Analyst, Computer or Information Systems Manager, Computer Systems Analyst$70k – $130k
Information TechnologyInformation TechnologySoftware Engineer, Network Administrators, Management Analysts, Computer Systems Analysts, Computer and Information Systems Managers$70k – $120k
EducationEarly Childhood EducationPreschool Teacher, Preschool or Childcare Center Director, Special Education Teacher$30k – $60k
EducationElementary EducationElementary School Teacher, Kindergarten Teacher, Special Education Teacher, Elementary School Principal$55k – $90k
EducationSpecial EducationSpecial Education Teacher, Early Intervention Specialist, Personal Care Assistant & Tutor$20k – $60k
Liberal Arts and ScienceEnglishHigh School English Teacher, Author or Writer, Technical Writer, Editor, Reporters, Correspondents, and Broadcast News Analysts$40k – $80k
Liberal Arts and ScienceEnvironmental SciencesEnvironmental Scientist or Specialist, Conservation Scientist, Forester, Climate Change Analyst, Natural Sciences Manager$55k – $130k
Liberal Arts and SciencePolitical SciencePolitical Scientist, Economist, Survey Researcher$35k – $110k
Liberal Arts and SciencePsychologyClinical Psychologist, School Psychologist, Industrial-organizational Psychologist$60k – $120k
Liberal Arts and ScienceSocial ScienceSociologist, Social Workers, Anthropologist$35k – $120k

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